Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #28 | Entheogenic - Kykeon

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A pleasant and engulfing peek into psychedelic realms Entheogenic's Kykeon is a moving record that paints in sound how deep and profound a trip into the mind can be.

Entheogenic's music puts emphasis on a fusion of mellow beats and guitars, a diverse selection of instruments and gripping passages of sonic depth that inspire and propel the imagination. Synthscapes and at times trancy themes paint the backdrop for a soft and... human type of mind journey that is as relatable as it is novel.

As with any good journey, there will be a sense adventure, passages of hightened tension and many discoveries to be had.

Entheogenic has delivered many incredible albums so far but I think this has got to be my favorite in his discography.

Whether you are about to embark on a trip or want to dive into some deep relaxation, this record will surely take you by the hand and land you back safely.

You can take the trip here:

As always, if you wish to support Entheogenic, discover more of his music or get the full albums you can do so on his bandcamp page

Have a marvellous journey!


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Thanks for stopping by <3


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Another great recommendation which I am listening to with enjoyment atm. Thanks bro, you really are a PRO at finding 'conscious music' I've never heard of lol. I do know the Psychedelic Muse from PooTube and I've got one of their uploads 'Divine Architecture', which I had thought to have got from you but don't find anywhere on your list. I'm including it here just in case. I think you'll like it 🔆 .

PS I know you're a bit of a music buff and all, hence my observation:

At around 50-51 mins, there is a lyric mixed in from the song below. This has always been a powerful piece of music for me, the lyrics say more or less:

Death is a stranger to me, what can I do my life-force does not escape....May there be rest for my tormentor, my abuser....This fig-leaf of comfort/security that you are holding on to, hang it up.....give it away to the Tormenter, the Abuser.....give it to him and you will be free.

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