Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #36 | Mad Tribe - Amazing Tales From Outer Space

Psychedelic Trance has been a main focus of mine as of late, after a marvellously successful party we organized here for our larger friends' circle, dancing all night to different facets of the pumping and rolling soundtrack that I dig so much.

One of the more impactful albums that came my way recently is the marvellous record done by Mad Maxx and Space Tribe, delivering mighty and dyanmic psytrance of the finest sort. It's fast, it's edgy and it propels - so much so that I have a hard time sitting still when I hear their tracks and how effortlessly they hit home.

Mad Tribe's album is infused with ultra cheesy vocal samples back from the heyday of science-fiction popculture and while this album can be labelled as "spaceporn" without problem, the emphasis on grainy radio recordings of some excited pre-color-TV commentator or psychedelics-related trivia is a hilarious counterweight to the vastly modern and poignant sound of the crew.

If you have been curious what psychedelic trance can be, this album might make for a great introduction, especially if you can turn it up loud and see if your body wants to move. If you can't turn it up on your speakers do try out headphones ;)

The album is full of awesome tracks, the one I played during the end of my set on the party is what I want to share with you as a preview here:

If you want to go for the whole album you can listen via this link:

While there are countless ways to take the sound from here, Mad Tribe's Amazing Tales From Outer Space are my new quality bar to aim for because it passed the floor (& acid test) with flying colors this past weekend.

If you are fond of THC, LSD or Psilocybin, this soundtrack is capable of sending your spirit on a journey so exciting and graphic that I couldn't resist sharing this gem with you all.

If you dig this music you really may want to try and find the others out there on the psyfloors on Earth.

You can buy their album in pristine quality through their website

Please enjoy ;)

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Thanks for stopping by <3


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I saw mad tribe live once :)
Aaaaaawww thanks for reminding me if that awesome trip fully sober and dry!


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Had them twice at Ozora mainfloor, and man was that an amazing pastime ;)

Have you ever been in the solar unites natives in Hungary? Last year was awesome

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Sorry I keep missing replies ;)

Yeah I went to the first one after the Ozora split. I really loved the festival, though the tribe was not so resonant to me at the time (I feel I wasn't quite ready).

Been hearing mixed things about SUN in recent years but since I am on an indefinite Ozora break after 7 years of going, might as well check out SUN again. Especially if you recommend it. Been curious to see how it has evolved since 2013

Have you ever been in the solar unites natives in Hungary? Last year was awesome

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Very nice music indeed my friend!

Cool, glad you dig it. It's so powerful

The opening image is Crazy🤩!!!

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