Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #8 | Mystral - Infinite Echoes

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One of my favorite psydub EPs ever made, Mystral's "Infinite Echoes" is an instant teleport into modern lfo landscapes, memorable mind structures in sound-architecture laced with human spirit and anciently-recognizable instruments that paint an auditory picture that is mindblowingly fresh and at the same time oddly familiar.

It is one of those albums where everything was perfectly clear when I first heard it, this guy definitely speaks my musical language. I felt like I knew the tunes long before I had finished listening to them for the first time. If I were to guess from a musician's standpoint I would say Mystral tapped into a certain vein of the cosmos in bringing out his music that is rather familiar to me as a musician - or maybe I just dig what he has delivered here ;)

Either way, this album is a catchy and satisfying journey of movement and audiophile excellence that is sure to raise some eyebrows by those who first hear it or even bring forth ancient memories on your next psychedelic journey <3


Modern wobble synths and cinematically pristine sound fx are woven together into an almost palpable presentation of audio imagery that takes us to seldomly visited places in ourselves and nature.

Though this is far from it in the classical sense, I would recommend this album to anyone who digs dubstep and dub, as well as lower tempo electronic music with a head-noddy groove to it that speaks. When I showed this to some of my friends in Michigan they were definitely wow'ed.

The EP is riddled with human emotion and ancient instruments such as sitars, bells strings and many others. The fusion of the human side of life with a highly skilled technological approach to sound design and the utter catchiness of the tunes make this album a timeless voyage to go on, a journey where you could surely dare bringing people along who are normally "not into electronic music" - this is unconventional and many people would be stunned to discover what electronic music with a laidback and empathic feel can sound like.

So without further ado, here is the first track off the EP.


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