Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #35 | Atom Sessions - Rest for the Wicked

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Melodic and eerie, innovative and strangely familiar - Atom Session's music is as diverse as it is impactful, mixing several influences of Glitch, Downtempo and Psybient into one coherent journey that will make you marvel at times, and maybe despair at other times. You know, kind of how life is ;)

The "Rest for the Wicked" EP is one of my favorite releases he has done so far and it is fitting to times when the days are getting shorter and lights in windows and on the streets draw a stark contrast to nature's darkness that is slowly engulfing the Northern parts of the Earth in these weeks. Light cannot be appreciated without darkness, and the music - to me - manages to somehow capture this in audio, something that is definitely rare to listen to. One moment I feel I am lost, but the next I meet a glimmer of light on the horizon that moves me and makes me hopeful for the bigger meaning in the challenges we all face daily.

When I listened intently on elevated states of mind the EP really helped me let go of everything because the music is so painfully relevant to a heart in turmoil, torn between dreams, visions and the crazy state of our society we find ourselves in, maybe you will feel the same and find some solace in his music if you are having problems putting into words the heartache you may feel. Sometimes I need that auditory crutch to allow my mind to release everything it tends to clutch to on a daily basis, and in this sense the music is definitely healing to me. In its own odd way it is like a call by the universe to go and dare make the jump into the unknown abyss of a new way of life, a call to reinvent myself with nature, the exploration of the unfamiliar and many novel experiences of my own choosing.

I have created a video for one of Atom Session's tracks that I want to share with you here as a preview. I used different color modes and fades in order to capture the swaying moods in the track in image form, and it's one of my favorite tracks off the EP that can give you a great impression of his unique style.

If you dig what you hear, you can listen to the full EP via this youtube upload:

Last but not least, if you want to support the artist you can get the tracks in high quality via his bandcamp page and show him some love for the marvel he has produced here. A marvel that may not be for everyone, but certainly for someone out there who needed to hear it.


035 _ sky.jpg

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Thanks for stopping by <3


Another awesome find, my friend
and I see it's a Portuguese artist,
nice! :>)

Aye, good old Fernando. Thank you for listening brother, I really appreciate your ear. Hope you're doing well in these crazy times. <3

Nice to hear that someone appreciates my ear :>)

I used to be told that my ears were too big or wide and to be asked if I could fly. But, over the years, I got to appreciate my ears and everything that makes me unique

I am doing pretty alright. Just way more active on whaleshares as well as trying to have a life outside cryptos, haha

Here's some good vibes sent by me from The Netherlands...

Aye sounds healthy <3 living outside the crypto space and loving yourself, high five dude.
your ears never seemed "too big" to me, we all look different. you remind me so much of a good friend of mine that I used to live with for a few years, it's kind of funny actually. I love the dude but he would not want to come along for this crazy ride of my life and where I feel I am going, I moved and we don't hsee each other anymore because it's just not much resonance left apart from old stories.

And then I met vince and was like: woah, WTF^^

All the best to ya brother

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Anyway Take Car Paradigm & best of luck with your music & creative endeavors.

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