Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #13 | Zyce - Live Set 2011

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Zyce is a largely underrated Progressive Psytrance project from Serbia that is still one of my favorites to listen to, especially his incredible live set from 2011 (which is marvellous considering how many new sets come out every year.)

His music is characterized by colorful leads, heavy and clean bass work and a constant groove that makes the hour-long set a liberating experience to move the body to. If you have chores to do around the home, want to go for a run or have places to be, this music might give you an extra nudge of drive and willingness to push through what's ahead of you, just as much as warmup to get you into a celebration state of mind before you go out.

If you are new to this genre, this set might just make you fall in love with progressive psy.

Zyce is the label manager of TesseracT Studios in Serbia and has been playing the mainfloors around the world in increasing fashion over the last years. Yet he is still somewhat of an underdog compared to the bigger names and I love to draw attention to his music whenever I talk to progressive psy lovers.

This entry to the progressive genre is about as good as it will get <3

If you dig the music, you can check out Tesseract's full catalogue of releases on their bandcamp site

Remember: This music was made for psychedelics, but works really well in a sober state of mind as well - at the risk of getting you high on life ;)

Enjoy <3


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well done bro. very nice

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