Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #39 | Globular - Digging & Building

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One of my favorite downtempo albums of all time, Globular's Digging and Building is a memorable and intricate journey in sound that fuses authentic percussive patterns, mellow basslines, world-music influences of many kinds and modern sounddesign hacks into one solid and marvellous record that is as awesome as it ever was.

Although this is an EP and not a full album (full length of about 30 minutes), the two tracks tell a seamless story and beg to be listened to in one straight session. If you are feeling trippy this soundtrack might be an exquisite accompanying soundtrack to your journey into your inner space. Will work well with meditation as well, at the risk that you actually forget to breathe because you are so focussed on the story Globular is telling you in sounds.

You can listen to the full EP here:

As with Globular's other amazing release I have already featured in this series you can download the whole EP in pristine quality for free off of for which I respect the dude so very highly.

"Digging and building" has been released under creative commons license CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

You can also support the artists and pay what you like via his bandcamp page

I have often seen him play his tracks live and the whole crowd is always totally and utterly amazed and stunned by what this man has produced here as it literally transports you somewhere else if you listen intently. Hope you'll feel the same way!

Have a marvellous journey <3


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Thanks for stopping by <3


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Great music again :) - thanks for pointing out!

Aye thanks for listening <3
He is at Psy-fi pretty much every year

Hey mister Dass!
This ted Talk got released not even 30 mins ago!
Thought of ya!💚🔮

That was a good talk, always great to see it spread to more people.I feel we need to study and explore everything from square one as language can only take us so far... Part of that is being with the others who want to explore and dive into what psychedelics mean and what life may turn out to be. Met the most incredible people on my journeys. And the insights oh wow... Here's one for ya <3

Thanks for posting this, it was a pleasant surprise <3

You're so cute omg!!! Thank you! You're making me discover a new world ;)
I will make sure to watch this video you sent me:)
It's funny cuz yesterday I hung out with one of my hippie friends and she spoke to me on LSD and I thought of you:P She said it was truly a life changing experience but the emphasis she put on made me go like 😍 😍 (still too scared to try LOL I've always be an anti drugs:$)

Take your time, no need to rush it.
When you're ready, come meet the tribe anywhere on Earth. <3

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