Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #10 | Chronos - Animo

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A mature and colorful donwtempo- psydub- & glitch-excursion through starkly contrasting musical environments of humanly inspired craftmanship, Chronos' compilation "Animo" brings forth new experiences in the realm of experiential sound exploration.

The album is a collaboration by many artists with Chronos delivering us a high caliber ride into unheard realms and grooves as we get sucked into the charismatic and at times outlandish soundscapes and stories, enriched with futuristic synth lines, glitchy beats and a dose of guitars, strings and percussive instruments where they help underline the tracks' characteristics.

The whole album has been released under Creative Commons and is freely downloadable from


The themes and edges of the tracks vary gretaly and I want to share my favorite off of the album, Chronos vs. Acidkit - Broken Song, a deep and captivating groove expedition.

The album is also available on youtube in full if you want to go for the whole journey in one go:


@paradigmprospect please forgive me commenting here but I am not on Discord and from what I see of your posts I think you may appreciate what I have shared on the tragic situation in my country. I do not seek votes on this but sharing the truth

I have read many great posts from you and due to my involvement in the psy scene SA is dear to my heart. Will gladly read up on the situation by someone who actually lives there, thanks <3

Thank you for the compliment @paradigmprospect. And for your support. SA is a beautiful country and it's such a tragedy what the leaders are doing (and encouraging the rabble to do)

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