Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #21 | Organic Dreamers - The Timeless Machine

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A modern and marvellous compilation of graphic chillout tracks that touch the soul. Sweet arpeggios, dreamy atmospheres and mellow beats make this album a high calibre journey to a place of solace and freedom. Organic dreamers paints a picture in sound that is both boundless and yet intimate, even to those usually not familiar with downtempo genres.

The infusions of tribal instruments, ancient choires and thick pad sections in the background make for a dreamy and utterly satisfying listening experience. Many of these tracks would work wonderfully to get the day started in an open-minded and receptive manner, the album could also help greatly with studies, meditations or simply finding back to a more solid inner strength that seems sometimes lost in our fast-moving times.

Come lay down for an hour and listen, it will be a grand experience!

As always, if you want to support the artist(s) you can buy the album in high quality off their bandcamp page

This album has become dear to my heart as we had it running a lot the last three summers in our camp at psy festivals, and it always manages to spread a sense of tranquility and serenity that has often invited other people to stop by and sit with us to talk before going on their journey for the day. True tribal glue in sound that is simply an invitation, and the right people will find themselves around it quite automatically.

Whether you are with your tribe or by yourself: Please enjoy this marvellous piece of music <3


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Thanks for stopping by <3


Mmm thanks for sharing such an abundance of music. I'm listening to the 'featured' one atm. Here's a single that I'd like to offer you 🔆

...and one which may fit in generally with what you have shared:

Hello my friend,

Can't ( wait to ) listen to this careful collection of yours. A handful of days and I will finally have internet installed in my new place. By that time, I also hope to have new headphones and my record player and record collection :>)

Um abraço desde Portugal!

Aye, on headphones this music can literally take you to other planes of existence, it comes so easy to me to dive in and be gone for an hour these days. Really hope you enjoy the selection, check out the latest entry of this series, I had to think a lot of you in particular when I wrote the post for some reason, maybe it's a cosmic intuitive hint ;)

Have a great sunday Vince <3

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