Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #16 | Ajja - Spira Mirabilis

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Spira Mirabilis is a slow and deep trip into Ajja's melodic microcosm of organic ambient-style psychedelic music with a mild character. Infused with mighty basslines and singing guitars this album is a blend of his work with the Alien Jams and his usual psychedelic nighttime sound that rocks the floors worldwide.

The tracks on the album are marvellous openers for psy sets, but stand just as easily on their own, delivering a warm and mysterious atmosphere through gentleness in sound design and dedication to fine detail.

Needless to say, if you have a guitar player background, if you dig deep and breathing music with an edge or if you want to let yourself fall into the mightiness of the moment, this album will be a great tool to help you achieve it.

I also want to mention that this music works naturally well with any type of psychedelic, prepare to be marvelled at the places it will take you and the things you'll discover. Spira Mirabilis was long-awaited and became an instant classic through its strong and firm character of adding to the scene what seemed to have been missing for the longest time.

The level to which he creates palpable atmospheres and visionary images in sound keeps me baffled everytime i listen, hope you feel the same way ;)

For an optimal listening experience,, please make sure to set the quality to at least 720p for best possible audio.

You can also buy Ajja's album straight off the Tip records page if you want to enjoy the music in its original highest quality - in both digital format or as physical record.

Enjoy <3


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Thanks for stopping by <3


Good PsyTrance, thanks a lot for sharing.

Everything Ajja makes is awesome. I have listened to his stuff way to much...

He's been playing great sets this summer for sure.

Haha this remimds me of a a group of friends I had. They were really into this type of stuff and they would play it when we tripped. That was years ago now though.

Probably hugged both of them already somewhere in the last 8 years ;)
This music was made for trips.

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