Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #15 | Dessin Bizarre - Endless

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A charming and majestic downtempo and ambient excursion into space and natural cycles of inhalation and exhalation, Dessin Bizarre's "Endless" EP manages to capture vivid atmospheres, vibrant and steady movements and channels inner tranquility in a most gentle and relaxing manner.

If we are looking for a solid beat we won't really find one here, at least not a dominant one - it's all smooth sailing. The ep is more reminiscent of the rhythm waves make by the shore where the natural groove is less concrete and more subjective, subliminal and powerfully radiant. There are not many solids to be found on this Ep, which is a reason why I like it so much: Its dedication to its own character and message that feels like a cold breeze on a warm evening by the ocean.

The EP is a meditative tool that can help support an inner journey through its warm pads and slow moving lfo patterns that paint a living picture of something intangible. This music would make for some great background soundtrack or could simply be put on to relax the troubles of the mind and become still for a while.

If you are still looking for a soundtrack to let go of the past week, this might be a great candidate for finding back to your center.

Naturally, this release would also be perfect to ride the low after a party high, or for hanging out with friends after a mighty festival tour <3

If you dig the music, you can support Dessin Bizarre directly on bandcamp

Enjoy <3


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Thanks for stopping by <3


Mind blowing music my friend.

Yay it's a big fluffy cloud <3

I always like to put this type of mellow stuff on in the background while I write.

Great to hear that the selections are useful and welcome. Will definitely let you know the next time we visit downtempo and chillout, there's a lot of amazing artists with way too few ears

Music has his own world, which is also endless..
In this u don't even find itself after entering ..just flow with the rythems. Dance with the beat
. And following the emotion. Thats all is music..

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