Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #43 | Zen Baboon - Collected

A gentle and atmospheric excursion into ancient human territories of the East, Zen Baboon's "Collected" is pure balm for the soul, a mellow and relaxing dive into organic downtempo vibes and layers upon layers of background'ish sensations, tingles of awareness while never quite overwhelming the listener with hard-to-digest passages.

As such it is a beautiful record to put on when you are doing other tasks like studying, writing, working or housecleaning. It fills one's home with a non-invasive atmosphere, casually reminds oneself of his organic connection to the Earth, the cosmos and the human family and is a well-presented introduction to the psychedelic realms of downtempo, psybient and ambient music.

The album ranges in its delivery of beat emphasis - some tracks feel like a soft pillow, others more like a peek into exciting sonic adventures with a touch of Asian influence, yet always laced with human instruments through and through. Synth patterns that never become too demanding and a mystical vibe to many of the tracks make this album a superb experience no matter the level of willing attention given to it by the listener.

It's a perfect record for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere of voluntary intrigue, even for people who normally don't listen to psychedelic downtempo styles. It would also be an awesome record to make love to for its playful and non-serious vibe of letting go and relaxation into what is, not what should be ;)

When you come out the other side you will definitely have gotten a sense of what it means to go on a psychedelic journey, it will feel as if you've somehow been away but also have been here the whole time...

Give it a listen, especially when the sun is out or you feel you need to calm down a bit

If you wish to buy the album in high quality and support the artist directly you may do so via Zen Baboon's bandcamp page

Hope you dig it <3

043 - zenbaboon.jpg

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Thanks for stopping by <3


I'm always on mobile when I of these days I'll go back and listen to all of these!

Aye, this one is a great start when your mind needs a break from it all. Many others in the list, thanks dude

If you want listen my music :)

10x! :) Adding to playlist.
Still stuck onto latest releases...

Hahaha, I am really not up to date at all with latest releases, will be tweaking my next contest track today. Festival season is coming and I can't wait man!

I'm always ready, but already retired since... this:

Never heard of it.^^ 2012 is the year I really got started ;)

There won't be many dates for me this year in summer, but Antaris will be totally worth it. 25 year anniversary, last year before management change, and it was a totally surprising pleasure to revisit it last year - best festival last year I went to. Who would've thought^^

Let's meet there... and maybe @ MO:DEM near us in Croatia ;)

That would be awesome!
Experiencing Modem has been calling me for a while, though i am not sure I can make it down there this year as I am in a rather drastic transition phase in my life for where I am going, August will be somewhat busy here the way it looks right now.

That said, I will be totally free in 2020, will likely be "in that neighborhood" anyway and Modem would be a majorly awesome location to aim for on my travels. It would be a pleasure to come visit you for it.

I have very fond memories of my travels to Croatia in my first psy summer 2012, went to the lost theory afterparty near Split after Ozora before it got... "dissolved" ahahaha.

Just saw, Modem is sold out already <3 so good to see the tribe is alive

If you want listen my music :)

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