Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #6 | Imagika Om - Cosmic Sutras

A soft musical journey with deep pads, tribal rhythms and ancient vocal phrases, Cosmic Sutras creates a warm atmosphere of depth and serenity and takes the listener to aetherial heights.

The graphicness of the soundscapes is almost palpable and some tracks lend themselves to becoming powerful supporters in relaxing the mind and calming down from the daily hustle and bustle.

The album contains cinematic tracks that tell a grand story in sound and the level of auditory craftsmanship is of the highest order. Well part of the psychedelic label Merkaba Records, Cosmic Sutras carries less emphasis on psychedelic sounds and focusses more on delivering its charming atmosphere through slow and swelling dyanmic range and a gentle elaboration on its story.


This album makes for a great entry into the diverse genres of ambience, psybient and downtempo music and will be a welcome piece of background music for any occasion, even family gatherings or tea time.

And for your next meditation session of course ;)

The album was released for free under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) and is fully downloadable in both MP3 as well as high quality FLAC and WAV formats, off of

So without further ado - close your eyes, let yourself fall and enjoy this beautiful piece of music <3

If you dig the music and want to support the artist by your own volition you can also buy the album on Imagika Om's bandcamp website

I greatly appreciate this voluntary manner in which the listeners may decide the price of the music and to have the ability to listen to the whole labum in high quality before committing financially.

I think it's the future of music marketing and digital rights management. Or as ektoplazm puts it: "Free music for free people"


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Thanks for stopping by <3


This isn't bad. It reminds me of an "as seen on T.V." I had way back in the day when they still sold "as seen on T.V." music.

Aye, it is very soft and could be utilized for lots of settings and purposes.
I wonder, have you heard the Kalya Scintilla album yet? I was thinking of you so much when I wrote about it, because it REALLY is an incredible journey on certain states of mind and the depth that can be heard is just mindblowing.

For the THC and psychedelic headspace it is just majorly significant to me and I will try to catch him playing a live set somewhere this summer

Much love my friend

I don't believe I have I will go check it out though.

Haha yeah some music just fits with that state of mind.

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