Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #12 | Ott - Skylon

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Ott's Skylon is a marvellous downtempo album of warmth and positivity, infused with a healthy dose human spirit to make for a timeless record that probably remains my favorite Ott album to this day.

Hugely influential in the psychedelic scene through his constant presence on the festival circuit with his live band, Ott is a true master at what he does and where he manages to take us with his music. Skylon in particular is a record that most people will enjoy listening to, even if it's only playing in the background and they are otherwise not consciously aware fond of psychedelic music to relax to.

This album is fantastic to let the day come to an end, to kick back and to let go of the constant mode of thinking and rationalizing, especially if you find yourself in a lot of stress currently. Let the man take you on a ride of ease and tranquility through a marvellous selection of tracks and put your worldly worries on hold for a while to find the strength to tackle them anew again.

If you dig the music, you can buy Skylon off of Ott's official bandcamp site

Needless to say this music will also be hugely impactful under the influence of THC, at the risk that you may fall into sweet naps on your couch ;)

Enjoy <3


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Thanks for stopping by <3


I would be lying if I said this is my kind of music but I just wanted to let you know that I love this series that you started on conscious music and I just wanted to come over to say hello.

I hope you're well, buddy!


Hey MY friend,
just got back from NL and the psy tribe, so great to hear from you and that you dig the series and checking out some new music.
I am doing great, hiope life has been continuing to treat you well like the empathic explorer that you are.
Much love vince <3

You have a tribe in NL? :>)

Glad to hear that you're doing great and, to answer your question, I am doing very good myself. Thing are moving forward, onwards and upwards.

I am enjoying the process of immer changing life


I tried to tell Ott about Steemit on Facebook, and he thought I was spamming him :( He wasn't interested at all in hearing about it lol

And you would think he would listen more, after having financed his latest album via kickstarter....

Totally! lol Oh well, I remember people not wanting to join FB because they were well established on MySpace. They'll move eventually, earlier the better! lol

This reminds me of the type of stuff that one of my mushrooms friends would listen to back when I was in high school. It is too bad I lost touch with that guy, he knew a ton about music, was a very talented drummer, and a passable guitarist but he got arrested and went to jail for a year, then he moved to Colorado when he got out.

This is pretty interesting so I will check it out when I have some time to spend with it.

P.S. perhaps I should take back my words and actually listen to this as background music, while writing a post for instance. It would help to have some new headphones first though, haha! :>)

It's great for playing in the background, lots of people use it for learning, doing chores or getting into a state of mind that can flow freely.
Good headphones always help, this will sound marvellous on most headphones that are of decent quality.

I believe that...

and I second the headphone thing. I just wish they wouldn't make my head that warm. Do you know of any headphones with airco? ;>)

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