Conscious Music you have probably never heard of | #17 | Cybernetika - Colossus

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An intense dive into a world of futuristic drum'n'bass, Cybernetika's Colossus is a fine blend of heavy beats and psychedelic onslaughts of cosmic caliber that take us on a journey through a living and - at times - challenging universe of sound and storytelling.

Released after many calls to fuse his unique drum'n'bass style with his psychedelic music, the album was released to the world for free and became an instant classic, a cutting edge fusion of styles to extend the horizon of what's possible.

The commonly high tempos of dnb as well as the devotion to detail and to the crafting of haunting atmospheres make this album a rewarding journey to embark on, checking out random corners of the universe and holding fast to something so we don't get flung off the ride accidentally.

Naturally, this music is priceless if you need to nudge yourself into motion or if you are doing sports and want some auditory support for longer and heavier workouts. For many people used to "clean" drum'n'bass, this fusion of styles may deliver a listening experience that is both unique and fierce.

To get a taste of Cybernetika's music try out the track "Devoid of Gravity" - it will give you a pretty good idea if this music is your thing. Disregard the panda in the video, it is the only high quality upload of the track available on youtube.

Colossus has been released under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 and is freely available in high quality to download for anyone at

The whole album can be found for a listen-through-session on youtube as well if you want to go for the whole journey in one go.

If you feel like exploring a bit, you can also check out some of Cybernetika's other music of various styles on his soundcloud page and his official website

If you feel brave enough: Enjoy the trip <3


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