The Daily Curie (19th Sept - 20th Sept 2016) - Part 1

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Project Curie is a community project run by several Steemit authors. Its mission is to help reward content creators who are posting great original content, yet who have not yet become established. In the short time since Curie began, our writers group has partnered with @nextgencrypto and other whale accounts to bring rewards to these deserving authors. Writers, artists, chefs, photographers, videographers, and many others have been recognized by these rewards.

Each day, the members of our Project will publish this list of the posts that Project Curie has chosen to reward recently. We hope that this list will provide more positive exposure to the authors we have selected. Also, it is an effort for us to be more transparent about which posts are being rewarded. We hope that you will consider following not only this @curie account, but also many of the authors whose work is featured here each day. Please consider adding your comments on these posts also!

The following table is continued in Part 2.

Today's Brief Analysis

Today's list polls all posts curated between 19/09 17:00 UTC and 20/09 17:00 UTC. Project Curie voted on a total of 149 posts by 140 unique authors. SBD 7,036 has been generated for authors thus far, at an average of SBD 48 per post. The number of posts has declined slightly over the peaks of the last couple of days. However, the unique authors and total SBD generated remain flat. This results in a much higher average reward per post. This is the intended effect of re-focusing to better distribute rewards across unique authors. Going forward, we expect the total number of posts curated to decline slightly in the short term.

@lemouthLive from CERN - the magics behind the doubly-magic atomic nuclei [also in French: la magie des noyaux atomiques doublement magiques]368.624 SBD
@lpfaustSubcultures and Social Trends: The Transhumanists – The Singularity and Modern Cyborgs252.890 SBD
@matthewtiii@papa-pepper Hot Pepper Challenge228.406 SBD
@johnnyyash[Nervous about the upcoming financial crisis?] Why You Should Consider Purchasing Gold.221.764 SBD
@coinbitgoldMove over, 3D Printing! Because 4D Printing is now the coolest technology in town!176.782 SBD
@steemswede[MOVIE REVIEW] Au Hasard Balthazar (1966) - Robert Bresson172.314 SBD
@extie-dasilvaPioneers Of Astronomy150.312 SBD
@warrensteemRhino Poaching, and why it needs to be stopped in its tracks!86.312 SBD
@deviedev200 Million Down the Sinkhole Drain84.236 SBD
@renzoarg"Scientificism" - Social Obligations of Science83.630 SBD
@cristiTracking Down Pseudoscience - Part 375.409 SBD
@lanimalEcology really is in Our Blood: the Ecology of Nutrition and Host-Pathogen relationships74.483 SBD
@grandpereDIY - Discover a Powerful Way to Heat Your Home For Cheap with Wood Pellets and Without Electricity!73.355 SBD
@dresden[SPANISH/ENGLISH] "A ti / To You" [1er Premio Certamen Cartas de Amor/1st Prize Love's Letter Contest]72.747 SBD
@tee-emDecentralized Living- Part 1- Walking away from the centralized system70.421 SBD
@levycoreHot Chocolate Art - Trying Draw Leaf62.348 SBD
@bkkshadowThe Cons/Hustles/Scams in "Ocean's 11" - What do the names mean?59.407 SBD
@diana.catherineAdulthood is a scam. We should tell this to our children.56.928 SBD
@moonyBike Build Underway!56.091 SBD
@xiaofangMy macro photography Compound Eyes (Original for Steemit)56.884 SBD
@jaredcwillisThe Decline of Masculinity: What Happened to Manliness?55.665 SBD
@steemoktoPhotography - Impressions from the Royal gardens of Herrenhausen - Canon EOS 6D55.101 SBD
@pjheinzThe Curious Quantum World: Part 6 - Quantum Tunneling54.589 SBD
@prufarchyThe Cost is to be (Original)54.785 SBD
@fishborneHow are we all INFLUENCED ?52.146 SBD
@valenttinaWhy things have their color? / ¿Por qué las cosas tienen su color? [English/spanish]52.916 SBD
@mammasittaHuman Behaviour And The Human Mind - Just An Illusion? - Inspired By Awesome Bjoerk51.752 SBD
@sykochicaSTEEMIT TALK PODCAST 009 - 9/18/2016 - Project Curie vs Bots, Steemprentice Success Stories, Pretty Post Pics and Hate Chicken51.023 SBD
@pjheinzThe Curious Quantum World: Part 7 - Breaking Light Cones and The Information Paradox51.755 SBD
@anarchyhasnogodsLife on other planets, how likely are they compared to the chance I finish this post?49.029 SBD
@kryptikPineapple Basil Smoothie (I know what you're thinking but you HAVE to try this.)49.406 SBD
@krabgatTODAY in HISTORY (20 September): Saladin started the siege of Jerusalem in 118749.087 SBD
@mahekgStory: Love Happens…!48.295 SBD
@englishtchrivyA Different Coffee Experience Paid with Bitcoin in KALDI48.496 SBD
@lauralemonsParis, TX - Movie review47.386 SBD
@prufarchyOne (Original)47.741 SBD
@davidbroganSteem Talk - Your Daily Best of Steemit Newspaper - Monday Edition 1347.525 SBD
@sgnsteemsUna Receta de Pasta con Albondigas Super Fácil y Tan Solo por $0.18!! (Spanish version)47.896 SBD
@kszchopstixAmber City - Original Photograph47.901 SBD
@annesayaThat Kind of Love, a poem47.856 SBD
@jrcornelMy Daughter's First Day At The Park! (an original story)45.614 SBD
@summonerrkHow to draw a ...Heisenberg? (ORIGINAL ART)44.225 SBD
@nextgen622LIVING IN BETWEEN TWO WORLDS, My Memoir - PART 544.014 SBD
@dexter-kDouble exposure: Wedding photography (original work)44.505 SBD
@oecp85Almost the Steemit Precious Ring (English/Spanish) Casi el anillo Precioso de Steemit44.413 SBD
@lukeofkondorØ9: Never do a headstand to prove a point43.095 SBD
@funnymanRose Close Up[Original Photography]43.282 SBD
@avtzis.petrosThe girl with the balloon: Black and white collection ( original own work )43.824 SBD
@valenttina[Original poem / Poema original] Trench / Trinchera42.788 SBD
@mariandavpHabeas Corpus! The Memoirs of a Caryatid (episode 3) – original story by @mariandavp42.871 SBD
@burninA Primer on Stoner Rock42.404 SBD
@reaHelping Fund The NSPCC Through The Power of Color / 通过色彩的力量来帮助NSPCC筹款42.833 SBD
@elias15gSky (Ahe'ey)41.464 SBD
@futurefoodFuture Food Episode 01 - 2nd Week on 100% Joylent41.651 SBD
@juvyjabianGive Yourself A Break (An original Poem)41.635 SBD
@getonthetrainSecret Societies #7: Skoptsy - Castrators of Russia [One Bizarre Tale]40.738 SBD
@saramillerHow to Yoga: Crescent Lunge40.356 SBD
@anduwebHP Printer Owner? Have some hardware censoring: HP starts blocking non-HP ink cartridges40.287 SBD
@generation.easyCREEPY TALES from the Depths of Steemit #3 - Campers Delight39.955 SBD
@edgarsartWolf Charcoal Pencil Original Drawing By EdgarsArt39.193 SBD
@victoriartMy First Painting with Watercolor Pencils: Poppies/ Мой первый рисунок акварельными карандашами: Маки38.568 SBD
@mindfreakSimplicity (An Original Poem)38.426 SBD
@everittdmickeyTEOTWAWKI (An Original Novel - Part 5)38.250 SBD
@borishaifaThe Shortest Subway In The World Самое короткое метро в мире38.554 SBD
@fertottiFIght for your dreams (Spanish)38.421 SBD
@saritaRanch Rio Salao Rancho Rio Salao38.193 SBD
@jgcastrillo19HOMO HABILIS (Hombre constructor) Parte nueve37.559 SBD
@rubenalexanderReducing The Cost Of The Shrem Ring37.984 SBD
@customnatureDaily Nature Fix: A Swarm of Puffins! (Original Photos)37.655 SBD
@shredlordMACHINE GUN (An Original Poem)37.299 SBD
@ucephLucid Dreaming Journal - Day 4 - Heart Surgeon37.163 SBD

This table is continued in Part 2.

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@curie, There is some numbers mistake with @johnnyyash, He has earned 414$


The tables don't update in real-time. It's just the amount generated at the time of the post. You'll see how it's described "generated thus far". Many posts often go on to earn more as more upvotes flow in - I'm guessing people are watching The Daily Curie, finding content and upvoting them.


Cool!!! Good to see people are getting recognised for their good content

Can't believe I'm #2 this time. I appreciate everything Project Curie has been doing and has done for me. Thanks, it makes the long devotion to develop a single Subculture article worth it.

WTF ? how many posts are from the people behind Curie? This looks like an attempt to snowball their own content that's hidden within others.

Thank you for saving my post yesterday! Appreciated!

Can only up vote after reading this post. Hopefully everyone will as well. ^_^

Great @curie Thanks for the support. :-)



This looks like a cool project. Thanks for creating this.

I firmly believe that @curie and all the curators are the only ones keeping hundreds of promising content creators on steemit.

I salute everyone involved.

Thanks for making me part of this!

Thanks a lot for supporting me once again! :)

It's an honor to be here twice! and I love being able to scan these posts for anyone or anything I may have missed

Its been an honour to be part of this list.
Great job guys there are some great content in there

Just upvoted.

What an incredible amount of work and dedication to good work you are all putting into our environment, thank you! Namaste :)

Thanks for supporting good content, and for including my post!

I fully support rewarding authors for great content! Any way I can help?


You can help by curating posts yourself, submitting them in the #curie channel at We have a SBD 5 finder's fee as an incentive.

Thanks for including my post on #4dprinting !

I am so excited to be on your list ! what an amazing birthday present . Thank you very very much!
You do such an amazing job in helping many members.


Happy birthday and congrats! You deserve it for you great work!

hey thanks @curie :-)

Looks very much like my SteemTeem idea, but with whale backing. A much needed improvement to steemit. Hopefully more of this type of thinking can happen and bring a better marketcap to Steem

Thanks for this necessary Project for the entire community

This is wonrful! Happy to see this and that people are being recognized for their great work!

Wow, I like it! I have Up Vote this post