The final 16! IFC Tournament! Are you Ready?!

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Welcome to our Digital Castle.

Information Finding Championship

158 Steem Grand Prize!

Artwork credit - @yeszuzia on steemit and instagram

The sun is drawn like a magnet to the horizon. The eyelids of @iexplore's prodigy getting heavier with every candle light flicker. Doors and gates are closing in The Marketplace as night approaches and it's time to retire with the Sun.

What a few crazy months this has been thought @kryptocek as he opens a waiting letter:

Cryptopia has been booming ever since the dreamer @apolymask put ink to paper some months ago. And now the tickets are for sale for the final 16 tournament to crown the IFC Champion of Season 1! For the marathon is over and now the sprint to the top for the summoned 16 is upon us! You and the others are required to arrive at the Castle to face your first challenge! Good Luck to All!

Gathering at the Castle @apolymask and the council greet the lucky participants. A crowd is gathered as celebratory festivities begin with the IFC song playing in the background Click Here to Play Song:

Your Information Enlightens the World! And not just Cryptopia! The sprint will start this weekend and for the first round, your challenge will not occur in here in Cryptopia's world...

Apolymask tilts his head up to the hovering UFO and gives a gentle nod. A beam is sent down as a portal waves and glows in-front of the participants.

Head through this portal as you will find your first set of tasks.

Soon the competitors will find their first challenge in another world. The community of the IFC wish you the best of luck, but we can only crown one Champion and reward with 158 STEEM!

The finals are finally here!

Here are your respected finalists!

Bracket Designed by @artgirl

This is an awesome depiction of the finalists and I had to use it here. Artgirl did a fantastic job and you can view her post HERE and show some love if you would like. Just one edit jan23com has dropped out and given his place to kenneth1.

Summary of Players and their victories in Season 1:

1. @kryptocek WINS 6 - POINTS 53 - LEVEL 1

Winning Rounds:

Round 1 Tie Breaker - Top 3 reasons for using steemit
Round 4 - Funniest Content
Round 8 - Sponsor for the IFC
Round 10 - Bring more players to the IFC
Bonus Round Dancing Shoes
Round 15 - Help the Judges

2. @bashadow WINS 4 - POINTS 43 -LEVEL 1

Winning Rounds:

Round 3 - Best contest challenge idea
Round 5 - Help Beginners
Round 7 - Benevolent
Round 22 - Music

3. @plushzilla WINS 3 - POINTS 30 -LEVEL 0

Winning Rounds:

Round 13 - Shill for your rival
Round 18 - word challenge
Round 36 - Tie Breaker Image Post

4. @har5h WINS 2 - POINTS 59 - LEVEL 1

Winning Rounds:

Round 23 - Short Story
Round 28 - The Marketplace

5. @iexplore WINS 2 - POINTS 36 - LEVEL 0

Winning Rounds:

Round 16 - Occult
Bonus Round - Marketplace

6. @eaglespirit WINS 2 - POINTS 25 - LEVEL 0

Winning Rounds:

Round 33 - Random Act of Kindness
Round 40 - Help Steem

7. @mr-bike WINS 2 - POINTS 18 - LEVEL 0

Winning Rounds:

Round 30 - Most Important Issue
Round 39 - Memes

8. @youhavewings WINS 2 - POINTS 16 - LEVEL 0

Winning Rounds:

Round 35 - Creative Minds
Round 38 - Motivation

9. @kenneth1 WINS 1 - POINTS 09 - LEVEL 0

Winning Rounds:

Bonus Round - Slogan

10. WINS 1 - POINTS 14 - LEVEL 0

Winning Rounds:

Round 2 - Tiebreaker Earth

11. @jbreheny WINS 1 - POINTS 12 - LEVEL 0

Winning Rounds:

Round 34 - Time Travel

12. @artgirl WINS 1 - POINTS 11 - LEVEL 0

Winning Rounds:

Round 25 - Photo Challenge

13. @magicalmoonlight WINS 1 - POINTS 11 - LEVEL 0

Winning Rounds:

Round 37 - Fairy Tale Re-Write

14 @bengy WINS 1 - POINTS 10 - LEVEL 0

Winning Rounds:

Bonus Round - Scavenger Hunt Challenge

15 @swolesome WINS 1 - POINTS 09 - LEVEL 0

Winning Rounds:

Round 9 - Cryptocurrency information or artwork

16 @wholeself-in WINS 1 - POINTS 09 - LEVEL 0

Winning Rounds:

Round 20 - Power Spot

Again we wish you the best of luck! May your information find us enlightenment!

Special Thanks to @ifc sponsors!

First up is @ats-david who has helped greatly! If you appreciate this contest or just his efforts in general you may want to look into voting for him as a witness at @ats-witness, he does a lot of other cool things for the community as well!

Next is @timcliff who has similarly helped out the contest significantly and who is also a witness who does a lot for the community, so likewise if you appreciate the efforts you may want to vote for him as witness also!

I'd also like to thank @theguruasia who has pledged at least 20 steem to the second and third place prizes and he said he may even donate more.

And @nxtblg who has been regularly resteeming and upvoting our challenges which has been a big help!

Plus one other person who has been helping a lot who deserves some credit is @soundlegion who has also been upvoting the contests regularly.

And while not technically sponsors, we are working with @davemccoy and those at #newbiegames and #newbieresteemday and they do a great service to the community so definitely check them out if you appreciate that, or if you're new.

And a final thank you to our latest sponsor @underground for donating 10 Steem.

A giant THANK YOU to all the judges that helped this season!

We are currently looking for more judges for Season 2. If you are interested please contact @apolymask!
judges ifc.jpg
Artwork credit - @yeszuzia on steemit and instagram

The Marketplace is Open for Business! There are plenty of shops looking for buyers! Stop by and check them out! Keep a look out for our weekly flyer that has been making it's rounds. @bashadow has mentioned the following:

If there is anyone that would like to take over the Weekly Flyer post, I am getting a little bit busy, and I think that a change would be good, it would give it a fresh view from a different perspective.

Contact @apolymask and/or @bashadow if interested!

Artwork credit - @yeszuzia on steemit and instagram

Thank You!

To all the contestants that have participated this season! Enjoy the playoffs and we hope to see each one of you in Season 2, which will have epic challenges and surprises along the way!

Click to enter the Discord Chat room!

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Damn that's awesome!

Kryptocek reads the letter nervously, knowing it has been ages since he's won his last round which was 15. The competition has gotten tougher and the contestants have grown stronger. It's time to get ready for the epic duel between friends in the land of Cryptopia

Goodluck to all

what he said 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽🤣🤣🤣

You flipping me the birdddd!! Lol

i have a bad habit of that and had to look twice!! 🤣🤣🤣
i am part bird ya knowzzzzz

im safe, just the pointer this time

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt this time since you truly are part bird! ;)

🖕🏼 see the diff 🤣🤣🤣

🤣🤣🤣 Told HIM!!!

i love me some
krypto, all in fun UndyZzzzz


Agreed the competition has gotten tougher! We have such a creative community in Cryptopia! I'm sure that competition will be just as tough come the start of the tournament! Best of luck! Looking forward all the entries! This is going to be fun!

Here representing @underground

Thanks for the Mention! :-D

Thank You @underground for your donation!! Your kindness does not go unnoticed! :)

😮😮😮😮 thought you went 😴😴😴😴😂😂😂😂

Pulling for @eaglespirit!
We Sure Do LOVE our BurdieZ!!!!

yeah okay “sponsor” 🤣🤣🤣😛🤣🤣🤣🤣

thank you for the LOVE!! 😁😁😁 your own little way, you may have blindly stumbled us into something GREAT, General BurdieZ 😍 😘

blindly? NO, I have been working with this group for awhile now, and was my peace away from uhhmmm some otherrr groupsss ... sometimes i have to keep a little something for mahself! everytime i do networking everyone starts to all come together and i cant shake the same ppl, ask IFC i talk about it. anyhoo, people have slowly started to trickle in from seeing my posts and as they say "going down the rabbit hole." i tag this group on quite a bit of my posts along with me being a member and i think a Mod now for promoting the "marketplace." people sell their items and such in here. they are trying to promote it. what i love most about these people is their genius, quality of content, encouragement, they (we) all help each other, which is why many of them came over to help me with the steemmonsters contest. as you can see me being in the top 16 and i kind a came late to the game, i entered quite a few entries and was fortunate to land in the sweet 16. i'm just happy to have made it this far, i was gifted a beautiful photo and i will return with a gift of a reading tomorrow. that's how we do in the group. :)

Top SIX the way I read it, but then again you were never good with #'s that is why you have to keep me close to your side, under your Loving Wings

❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

@underground hmmm yeah welllll apoly loves to do things in groups so i'm just a part of the 16 not really 6, but yes there are other calculations that placed me there ... yet the new contest has us forced into getting the same "hunt" otherwise we are eliminated. its rough man. rough.

Bashadow received his letter in the middle of fixing Minnies maxi walker/running shoes, he had Minnie read him the letter, as she got to the part that said he made the finals he smashed his thumb with the tack hammer, and tried to take the letter from Minnie to finish reading it, (Minnie was having none of that, and pranced just out of his reach) admonishing him to finish her shoes so she could run and tell all her friends the good news. So he went back to work on her shoes hoping he would not smash his thumbs again as he was so happy to hear the news. When she finished the letter she asked "are you going to be able to clicky your camera, it sounded like you smashed your thumb real bad"? " Oh that Minnie means nothing I will get the pictures, even if I have to use my nose to take them", he smiled at her as he handed her her shoes. "And there ya go sweetie run and tell your friends the finals are starting soon", he said to her.

Looking forward to the rounds.

I'm sure the caring cobbler will be just fine and little Minnie will be jumping for joy in those shoes for you! You were the first announced winner in the IFC, lets see if you will be the last! Good luck dear friend! :)

thats friggen cuteawesome 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽

Alright! That's a fantastic roundup. Will edit the bracket in a bit then put it here as comment or I will also update in my post. 😊

Here's the updated one. Also updated it in my post. :) Tagging @apolymask too.
IFC 16 FINAL png.png

Thanks for the update @artgirl! This bracket is perfect! Love it!

Thanks. :) Oh I'm excited! Haha.

It looks great! Thanks! I just noticed something though. Maybe you can fix it? I think steem INC just made the steem logo copyrighted, you may want to take the steem logo parts out.

Oh no. Really? The blue logo? Thought only the green one was not allowed to be used... Didn't know abt it.

Yeah.. I'm pretty sure it just happened in the most recent update.

Oh... Thanks for letting me know. :)

You're welcome!

Actually.. Nevermind. I can just clone stamp it out myself. Should be no problem.

Ok here you go.
IFC 16 FINAL png artgirl.png

Awesome. I updated the post!

Woot!! Thank you!! :)

Welcome. :)

Uhm... ok... But I can remove it later too. :D

Can you do it for me then please? Cause I'm doing a terrible job, lol. It looks all smudgy and not professional at all.

Ehehe. :D Yeah that's what can happen when we use the stamp tool.

Doh! Hey.. Are you around? I just found out "sweet sixteen" is copyrighted, can you take that out of the bracket picture as well...? Maybe you can put.. "Finals" instead but.. Lemme see if that's copyrighted.. smfh

Nevermind! It looks like I was wrong. I think we're okay in regards to using sweet 16 since what we're doing is totally different than their basketball thing.

i’m kind of afraid, does that mean 8 people will be FIRED after this round coming up?
i just love the sweet 16 flyer, its super beautiful.
upvoted that day 1.

thank you for this awesome post!!

I'm not sure if "fired" is the right word, but.. Yes. Essentially. Half of the players will be eliminated each round until there's only 1 left. That will be our champion. :) Good luck friend! It won't be easy.
Also.. Agreed! The bracket thing is awesome! And you're welcome! Thank you for appreciating as well. :)

obliterated? hehe
and oh nooooozzzzz i like when we work in teamsss 😢
best wishes to all

VAPORIZED is more like it ;)

yeah vaporized and obliterated are really good words! LOL

You got this @eaglespirit! Only one can win the grand prize! Who will it be?! Good Luck!! :)

Awww thank you my sweet iexplore!! I keep thinking krypto and maybe that is because he has so many points. LOL
good luck to you too, just being in this group and making it this far for me was a blessing. you are all my inspiration. :)

Epic post! You really covered a lot! Great work! I love how you listed all the rounds the players won, that was really interesting to see! It sure is a tough contest! Wow.

Also loved this part and how you included the song!!

"A crowd is gathered as celebratory festivities begin with the IFC song playing in the background Click Here to Play Song:"

There was a typo in the "help steem" part, you put "help stem" instead, you may wanna fix that. But other than that and like one other small typo.. Wonderful job iexplore! I really enjoyed reading this and I hope it's helpful to others as well. :)

Oh and.. The bracket by @artgirl is awesome as well!! Love it.

Hearing great things about you @apolymask, I think we need a Dolphin Council... You would be an awesome addition I think :) Looks like you would be now if you powered up everything, close enough for me! ;)

Oh? That's cool to hear. :) Thanks for the info! A Dolphin Council..? I'm not sure what that is exactly but it sounds interesting. I'm definitely open to learning more! And also interested in networking and working with other groups more too when it works out. :D

This is the first time I have uttered (typed) those words... but the idea has been forming up for a little while. I have a widening circle of potential candidates that you just appeared in ;) It's all in my head at this point but it could come together rapidly. I think we would likely have a meeting place and/or structure we could join, or at least a virtual support structure already in existence. Or not, but there are several options open at this time. I have several long established Dolphin Friends, and we could include any (ssshhh) Orcas and Whales that might want to participate. But I think we need to REQUIRE a "Major Stake" for Voting Members, and anyone with the 10 Million Vests achieved most definitely has a "Major Stake"... As far as leadership? That would be voted on, I do not pretend to be capable of leading such a group... I thought I was the "Littlest Dolphin" then we collided ;)

😀 😁

Hmmm. I'm definitely potentially interested but I need to know more details. I have a considerable amount of my SP already delegated away and I have to keep my IFC contest going for a while so I'm not sure how much I could personally invest, but.. I am interested in branching out more in the ways I can that I feel are helpful and I am potentially open to working with you, I just need to know more information and it sounds like you're still coming up with the idea a bit yourself, but.. I'm still not totally sure what the group/thing is all about, is it like something where people upvote each other or something else? And like just how much of an investment is required? And perhaps a few other questions, though.. It sounds intriguing! And I appreciate the offer either way. Looking forward to learning more. :)

DOLPHIN COUNCIL... hmmm As of now it's a relatively new idea, but not an investment deal or voting group. What came to me was an idea that would be like a Liaison Group of Representatives that would gather data and ideas, coalesce them into logical growth patterns and solutions.
Seems to me that the Dolphins are still the most "connected" to our "minnow days", the Whales and Orcas are tending to other business, big things that are necessary, but some of the smaller important items get lost in the shuffle. Those dealing with the entire forest might be too busy to tend to individual trees.
DOLPHINS, on the other hand, would be the perfect critter for herding minnows, redfish and plankton. One GLARING need is member retention. Nearly 90% of all accounts are idled, and a tiny account with no posting volume and no voting activity is a drag on the system, IMO. I'm sure I could find any number of STINC-WHALES that agree with me, and could give many more ways that it muddies the waters. So that will be Job ONE for the "Dolphin Council"...
Why a Dolphin? Are there not thousands of minnows doing the same thing? Yes, I believe there are, but I see several factors in play that make me think Dolphin should be the criteria. That will be in the Post I am working on.
I do NOT want to lead this, that is not my aim nor my goal. I just think the time is right and it is the perfect balance of Invested in the System and Experience, along with "Connection to Minnows"... Minnows are all looking for a Whale to follow, have no idea that we have so few, and do not realize that to some whales, minnows and plankton are "just another micro-vote" and can get punished with flags quite easily. We lose many that way, they are caught up in the Flag Wars :P

Sorry for the super delayed response. I get a bit overwhelmed with messages on here sometimes and it's hard to keep up.

Just decided to check your page first and see if there was a post on this and it looks like there is. Reading now..

Kk.. I just read it. I agree with your goals and I'm interested in being a part. I recognize that you mentioned this here.

I will list off several members that I believe are already performing the duties as listed above, and these people will just simply have to accept the invitation to join.

Though I'm still wondering what if any obligations I have are. Or what I should be doing exactly other than just having another title.

I think maybe you're still figuring that out, and you're also looking for leadership as well, so I understand you're not quite there and it's a work in progress. No worries. Our whole IFC idea is similar. :)

So.. That reminds me of what seems to be one of the major problems in your post, "retention".. I think we can help with that. We already are. I've had a lot of people tell me that the IFC is basically the only reason they still post on steemit cause it helps them think of things to write about and challenges them to make posts regularly..

So.. We're helping with that and the other areas a little bit in regards to minnow education, we do that a little.. Not a lot.. But.. I think in the the future if the IFC becomes big like openmic, then.. We could be a major reason a lot of people keep posting on steemit. Hopefully in time the proper funding comes in to help, so far we've got a great amount of support from the community, though I personally think this idea could be a LOT bigger. And if steem continues to grow, some day I think it will be.

Anyways.. Umm.. If you wanna improve retention you may want to try to think of more ways to make steemit fun. Like games and contests and stuff that keeps bringing them back. :)

Do you have a discord room for this new dolphin idea yet?

yeah from me what the cheese!! hey hey dolphin council!!

moi 👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼

😍 😘 You are darn close, 25.698% of the way there!!! WOOOO!!!

you are hilarioussss ... how do you figure this stuff out? amazin

I thought it was a great way to round up the winners! I'm glad you like it. And Yes I was listening to The Home of the IFC while writing! ;)

I'll go back and make the edit, thanks! And I see artgirl edited her bracket...I'll update that too!

I'm excited, I'm sure you are too!

Thanks! 😊

Hey @apolymask, I also won round 19. My first win, back when it was just a small handful of us really going at it in the game. I bet you didn't expect it to get as big as it has. lol

Ahh. $#^@! Yes you did. I'm not sure why it's only showing you with 2 wins, I'm pretty sure you got all the XP you were suppose to.. But you should have another win. Wow.. That sucks and is annoying. That would have changed the rankings a bit. But I think it's kind of too late now as the next round is about to start in a number of hours. Sorry about that man! I'll try to make it up to you in the future somehow..
And no.. I never expected it to get this big. Though I did have dreams it would. :) Thanks for being a part of it!

Cool package in and out for the contest! Ok, seatbelt fastened...

Yes indeed @boladayl! Fasten those belts!! :) If season 1 is any indication of the finals this is going to be a crazy ride to the finish line!

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