INVITATION: Collaborative Art Journey..."DEPTHS OF ETERNITY" No. 36 --- This is your invitation to Collaborate! Whatever your expression, BRING IT ON!

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It's been a little while since we have taken a journey together.

Check out our lastest FINALE "Stretched Thin".

Already 157 ArtiSTeemians have participated in making over 712 masterpieces.

It's so amazing how many unique pieces of art
can come from one single image each round.
We're now on our 36th round!!
I know there are some artists who are chomping at the bit
to get in on this again,
and since I've had some beautiful special requests,
I see no reason to wait any longer.

Let's do it!!!





DEADLINE  Sunday, May 6,  2018 at Midnight CST to be included in the FINALE post.

*~*~*~*~*~ DETAILS ON HOW TO PLAY! ~*~*~*~*~*~

Everyone please give special attention to No. 7!

1.  PERMISSION GRANTED:  Important!   --  If you play you are automatically granting permission to have your art used in some other way (perhaps a show, in print, as a gift, or otherwise at my discretion).
2.  USE MY OFFERING  as the base for the collaborative piece.
3.  TRANSFORM IT as many times as you wish! - Print the image or do whatever it is you do to add to/or alter it, (i.e., including but not limited to painting, drawing, adding other photographs, collaging, altering it digitally or however you wish . . .or perhaps even adding a tune, poetry, a story, a gif, a video, a book, or other imaginative play).  If you use anyone else's art (photographs, poetry, sound, etc.)  in your artwork, you must give credit to the artist or your contribution will be excluded from the finale and exhibition opportunities.
4.  MAKE A POST ABOUT IT and share your process (not required but of course preferred).
5.  MAKE THE FIRST TAG OF YOUR POST  #CollaborativeArtJourney
6.  SHARE YOUR LINK and IMAGE/WORK in a comment below.
7.  SUBMIT YOUR ART for possible inclusion in a Steemit Art Exhibit (probably ArtAtSteemFest3). To avoid last minute submissions, only CAJ art submitted via this form will be considered for this special opportunity.  (Read about the importance filling out this form here.)
8. POST IN THE CHATROOM  "Art-Collaborations-Links-and-Creative-Inspirations" if you want.  Other collaborative works are also welcome there.  Please use this chatroom ONLY for collaborative work.  No individual posts please.
9. INVITE others/COMMENT/UPVOTE/RESTEEM this post and others too - but only if you want to!
10.  PAYING IT FORWARD  - I will be donating rewards from this post to our cutting-edge community @gardenofeden where I am a full-time volunteer. I encourage you to get a taste of the GOE vortex here.


Please be certain to submit your forms
for the year-end finale (see step 7 above)...and...

stop by in support  of Artists In Bloom,
where we are creating an art gallery for our Steemit children.
Spread the love to our budding artists,
or submit a child's art to our Gallery No. 10.



Print  exhibit at ArtAtSteemfest in Lisboa.
Video of our 473 masterpieces shown at ArtAtSteemfest
Steemian Collaborative Art Journey - What the Heck Are We Building?

Finale of Stretched Thin- 20 artists and 22 masterpieces
Finale Take Action - 39 artists and 50 masterpieces
Finale of Dream Weaver - 25 artists and 29 masterpieces
Finale of Wrinkles in Time - 22 artists and 25 masterpieces
Finale of Angles of Light - 23 artists and 24 masterpieces
Finale of Aspects of Existence - 27 artists and 31 masterpieces
Finale of Slice of Forever - 23 artists and 30 masterpieces
Finale of Spot On - 22 artists and 24 masterpieces
Finale of Frozen in Time - 15 artists and 23 masterpieces
Finale of Division of Unity - 11 artists and 17 masterpieces
Finale of Expansion - 14 artists and 16 masterpieces
Finale of Ribbon of Hope - 17 artists and 18 masterpieces
Finale of Reflections of a Blessings - 15 artists and 23 masterpieces
Finale of Tangled Webs We Weave  - 23 artists and 27 masterpieces
Finale of Power Spirit   - 23 artists and 26 masterpieces
Finale of Life Stands Still   - 18 artists and 29 masterpieces
Finale of Ingrained - 18 artists and 17 masterpieces
Finale of Beyond the Veil - 18 artists and 19 masterpieces
Finale of Sliver's Edge - 12 artists and 14 masterpieces
Finale of Shadow Mandala - 19 artist and 28 masterpieces
Finale of Ethereal Presence - 17 artists and 19 masterpieces
Finale of On the Ball - 9 artists and 10 masterpieces
Finale of Wisdom of the Ancients- 17 artists creating 36 masterpieces
Finale of Rejuvenation- 20 artists creating 27 masterpieces
Finale of Do You See What I See - 14 artists creating 19 masterpieces
Finale of Shattered Rainbows - 17 artists creating 31 masterpieces
Finale of All Fired Up - 18 artists creating 19 masterpieces
Finale of No Strings Attached - 17 artists creating 29 masterpieces
Finale of Artist's Eye - 16 artists creating 21 masterpieces
Finale of Midnight Sky - 7 artists  creating 8 masterpieces
Zentangle Art Collaboration - 4 artists creating 3 masterpieces
Building community through Art Collaboration - 2 artists creating 1 masterpiece
Collaboration using Ned's Head - 5 artists creating 4 masterpieces
Collaborating with @opheliafu:  Madam Kali - 2 artists creating 1 masterpiece
Collaborating with @opheliafu: Bird on a Wing - 2 artists creating 1 masterpiece



Here is an open invitation for YOU that, if any of you choose to accept it,
will likely be an experience in community you will never forget.
Great opportunity is knocking at the @gardenofeden,
and this is YOUR chance to get in on the action.
Feel what it's like to co-create with like-minded, powerful people.
Get a taste of what life could really be like
when we base our foundation on love.

You've likely noticed that the specific dates are yet to be announced.  
That's because there is an


Internationally renowned award winning
documentary film director Alex Voss
is going to do a documentary on the Garden of Eden,
and he wants to include our epic event EDEN METAMORPHOSIS! 

EDEN METAMORPHOSIS will be the last epic event held
at the Garden of Eden in Arlington,
as we are now selling our property to leverage the assets
for bigger and better projects!
It will feature:

- Live Music, fire dancing, magic shows, and more!
- World-renowned, fire-kissed Eden cuisine
- All you can eat, all day long, all included!
- Inspiring presentations & workshops
- Sustainable living & inspiration
- Crisp refreshing outdoor well showers
- Sleeping under the stars
- Jam sessions
- Daily yoga
- Campfires

Read all about it here!

See what else we've been up to at the @gardenofeden here!


Oooooo....@rigual. This feels like watery, flowy, factals. of planetary spirals of life. All of that in one image!! Love it @rigual. Thanks for the gift!

Not at all great friend, for that we are to contribute with the art the expression of life the feelings, is a range of actions in a single image as life full of many and varied surprises, greetings @everlove

Well expressed @rigual!

A dream for you friend. Your "Depths of Eternity" dreamed by google's deep learning ai in the style of my design.

Your home is lovely and it is now my dream to live there

Are you talking about the @gardenofeden?

Yep I was browsing the website

It is indeed a dream land. You better get on making that dream come true! We have the property up for sale---who knows how much longer it will exist in it's present form! Grateful you're tuned in...magic happens here.

Daaaanng!!! I love this ! The textures are amazing, and all the depths of color and contrast are super intriguing. I would love to see this big on a wall. Really awesome @dreamien. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

This is a really interesting composition and creates a unique visual universe. Beautiful!

This is my submission! Thanks for this opportunity! @everlove Glad to participate in this again. I had a real good time!! This was a fun one to get creative with.

Here is my post -

I made quite a few different versions which led to this one!

Wow I love this one!

Me tooooooo!

I hope everyone goes to your post to see all the incredible versions you churned out @havok777. What a truly fun way to spend some time, creating and re-creating magical images! So glad you got back on the journey. This is an amazing contribution.

Yes it sure was a blast, helping with the overall inspiration right now!


Me tooooooo!

YIHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! :)

here is my humble presentation dear friend @ everlove, I hope you find it to your liking.
I wish you a happy week

Oh @jlufer.....what a treat! Meerkats are of course what I was thinking of when I took this! I love your imagination, and how you put this together. I have lots of Steemian friends in Africa. I'm sure they'll also be delighted to see the meerkats headed their way, and getting up on those stairs!! Love it!

:D Ohhhhh amazing hehehehe

How cute meerkats! 😍

I love this interpretation. It's so fun to see all the different perspectives we come up with in our expressions. I especially love the movement of this piece. You captured the perfect part of my image to get those waves going!!! Thank you for the fine contribution @indimar.

You're welcome @everlove if I think you capture your artistic vision with this great piece, good that you like me, I hope the next contest for new ideas

Glad you're inspired to continue creation @indimar. Love that you also share on the Artists In Bloom initiative. It means a lot that you support the children.

I love the depths of this image...very fluid and organic-like, yet the sacred geometry brings good structure. Great combination...and I love that you kept the colors. Feels very dee and intriguing in there. Thank you for adding this to our repertoire. Great addition @angel50.

Thanks @everlove knew that you would like, I thought about including the sacred geometry because it gave that magical touch something striking and intriguing is as if it were part of the original image.

I love sacred geometry with everything!!!

I love the composition of this @douglasbig. I really love spirals and flow-y things. What a really fun image you have created. Thank you for being a part of this journey. I'm loving what flows through you.

My Entry for this cool Invitation of Collaborative Art Journey
THX to @everlove


Here is a little Animated GIF also :

WOAH!!!! This is awesome!!! What a great transformation you made with this @yoogyart!! The intensity of color and the flow of the image really brings this to life. I'm super stoked about this entry. Thank you so much for coming out to play and giving us such a vibrant gift!

Thank you very much - Gracias - glad you like it :-) :-)

Here is my submission: I added John William Waterhouse's mermaid to your image: mermaid.jpg

@kathleenscarboro....I LOVE this!! It's awesome how she is sitting on what a appears to be a rock, and how my image really lends itself to some mystery. Did you happen to make a post about this? I went to your profile but didn't see it. It's okay if you didn't, but I don't want to miss it if you did. Is the image of the woman one of your own? I love the combination. Thank you for taking the time to make such a fine contribution.

Dear @everlove, the mermaid is from a famous painting by the Pre-Raphaelite painter Waterhouse. No I didn't post it elsewhere, just did it to participate in your collaborative project.

I felt I had seen this image before--you made a very great choice for combination. Love the affect you achieved with these two images together. I'm excited that you're on this journey with us.

And I am glad to participate!

FISH!!! Yes!! This is indeed a perfect match. I love how you've interpreted my image. The greenish splotches feel like bubbles or seaweed floating. Great utilization of what is!

thanks @everlove for the initiative and I hope you like it, thank you for making this a reality and give us the knowledge we use to be part of the creation and to all of us who truly participate in
PROMOCIONAR collaborativeartjourney

Congratulations to all just by participating we are winners.

Hello my dear friend @everlove, once again I loved to participate in your new invitation, very grateful for your ideas of putting us to work the creativity, my art I did it with a lot of love, I did it, focusing at the bottom of the sea, I hope everyone likes it. Regards...

This is quite a fine interpretation of my image @marioberlese. It definitely has that under the sea feeling, a bit blurry, yet still some parts so clear. Thanks so much for your contribution once again. This is a fine addition to our repertoire.

Dear @everlove again is a pleasure to participate in your invitation to the Collaborative Art Journey, I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do, greetings !!

Here my Post!!

Marine Life

image (1).jpg

OH YEAH!!!! I used to have koi in my pond, and can really appreciate your artistic expression in this image. the lightness of the water over the fish really makes it me feel the movement. I love the way you incorporated the textures, and added lots of contrast with the water depth and your choice of this colored fish. Great contribution @graefelt. This is indeed a masterpiece!

@everlove I am flattered by your words, I am fascinated by the fact that you manage to capture everything I want to convey with this work.

I am very satisfied with the work I did, the koi are very beautiful fish, and I loved the contrast of your colors with the blue tones that simulate water. Just wanted that who sees the image can feel the movement of water.


I've had koi in my pond before and can really feel the depths of this image. So glad to feel your expression.

I love it when the interpretations are so unusual. The speckled parts and the brilliant white center are very intriguing in this piece. I love how you transformed my image and how the colors add a lot of depths and movement to this piece. Grateful to have you here on this journey @celenia.

Hello friend @everlove thanks for the opportunity to show our imagination through art. Here I leave my participation.

It's cool how the center of this image is more bold and striking than the top and bottom. It's almost like a window into the depths of the sea....with lightening fish---is there such a thing? Great movement too. Sweet expression @luiyanii! Grateful for your participation.

Welcome to my eternity :)


For more information abut this art work, please visit my blog:

What a super combination @beladro!!! These combinations really turned into a masterpiece! The colors and textures bring lots of interest. This is one of the images to look at for some time and enjoy all the little nuances imbedded there. Thank you for your fine contribution!

Thx you for your appreciate @everlove,hope I can always contribute to your another art work program :)

Your contribution would be well received @beladro.

I love that you have taken my image into the air!! Great idea and follow through on your theme. You additions are of the perfect tone for this background. I love birds and nature--so this one feels really good to me. I appreciate your joining us on this journey @anaaliendres87. Thanks for being here.

Well now, that was fun & inspiring! Here ya go!!

That was fun and inspiring! Thank you for sharing such a gift!!! I love that you used your own painting to transform my image, and that the message you shared is such a potent one. Blessed to have you here with us. Thanks for being you @pyrowngs.

I love the roundness of your entry @paomrp. It really does give the feel of an aquarium, almost like looking through a portal in a way! Fun interpretation! Thank you for sharing.

YES @ffelix26! This image has a LOT of depth. I love how intense you've made it with the contrast, textures and movement. The vibrancy of it really catches the eye, and that center spiral really draws me in. Awesome contribution! So grateful you came out to play! drew it! It's always fun when my image gets interpreted by hand. I love doing things with my hands, so I have great appreciation for your image. The colors are so light and airy...very uplifting. Thanks for sharing your creation @macodi1. I love what you did with this.

I'm glad you've decided to join the journey @mariam007. We haven't had a shark enter these waters yet, so we're blessed you've turned up the intensity. Grateful to have your contribution to our repertoire. Thanks for being here.

Just look at you!!! What a fun piece of art---so well interpreted and original! You're definitely kicking this art scene @reyareyes. Thanks so much for spending some of your creative energy here with me.

Thank you for your invitation to participate in the Collaborative Art Journey. Here is my entry. I hope you'll like my little poem. It was prompt. ;0)

Awe....thank you for the contribution @lymepoet! It's fun to see the part of my image you chose for transformation. We also haven't had any poetry in awhile, so I'm really glad to receive it. What a fun way to express yourself. It seem you have a lot to share! Grateful you're doing it with us!

It's my pleasure! ;0)

LOOOOOVE this!!! WoW! You really have such a magic touch with cration @juliakponsford. There is so much life in this image, as well as flow and constraint! I love how it bleeds off the edge, and yet some parts still contained. Great texture and color contrast!!! Awesome all over!! Thank you again for such a super fine contribution. I always love your work.


The World Turns!!! This is a serious spin--and a great twist of transformation! I love spirals and circular things, and the way that all the small bits are on one side feeling like they are getting sucked into the middle. Fun one @ojmg. Thanks for the gift.

You've really done it with this contribution @andreinamayo!!! You really made my image come to life and is likely helping to activate your dream come true! I love that you shared your dream in your art and your expression of it. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

Fireworks! Nothing like a little explosion to add some depth to this image. Grateful for your sharing of this inspiration with us @ofir87.

A very appropriately named piece of work @sonofgod87! I'm glad to see you utilize that contrast of light in the center of my image. I'd be interested to see what other images or combinations you made. Very deep and intriguing piece--thank you for sharing.

Thank you too fot this iniciative that let us to created art on your pictures.

Thanks for taking the opportunity!

"Deformed Cucko, Taenia Solium"

here is my submission ! :)

This is quite the piece of art @yusaymon!!! The intricacies of this really are so amazing to look at. Your art always has so many layers of intrigue, and this, of course, is no exception. Your art always blows my mind! This is a very interesting idea for art--who would have thought of the subject you used! Only you!

So very glad to have you here again. We are blessed.

Thanks for the reciprocity and your words dear @everlove you always inspire me from the beginning! the journey must continue.. blessings!

Music to my ears!!! And my heart!! <3 <3 <3

Hi @everlove! Here is my entry :)

The gif files take a bit to load so I didn't want to overwhelm your wall!

I hope everyone goes to see your post. You always do more than justice to the transformation of my image. Your perspective is always so unique. We're blessed to have your expression back on this journey. You bring great energy to this initiative. Thanks @voronoi!

Greece, I miss you! And @everlove))

enter image description here

This does look like what Greece feels like! Lots of depth in this piece, and a really fun interpretation--I especially love the fine touch of the fishes!!! Thanks for being you and for sharing your creative expression with us @aksinya.

@everlove this is my participation with respect to your great initiative, hoping that it will be to your liking...

What a beaut!!!! Super idea for transformation, great colors, and contrast of brilliant and subtle tones. I love this one! Thank you for the gift @paulacmayog!

good that returned the collaborative art, we missed him dearly love aamiga @everlove. thank you very much for this invitation
I wish you a beautiful week

So grateful it is again well received. Excited to see what you do with it @jlufer. You alway bring great surprises!

Yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! :3

Oh soooooo hoping to receive an inspired @yusaymon creation! <3

hello dear friend @everlove a pleasure for me to participate again in your collaborations, here I leave my work I hope you like...


I would never have though to look for those creatures in this image...except an elephant stands out to me right away. This image really lends itself to the ocean. It's fun how you chopped it up and gave it even more dimension. Thanks for the gift @luisveco88.

This looks to be a fun one. I'm not sure I can join in, but I'll put it in my journal and see. I can't wait to see the other entries though! Sharing is caring!

We would indeed be blessed by an entry from you @donnadavisart. I hope that works into your flow. I too think it's cool to see how others interpret this into being. Thanks for your support!


AWESOME to see you here @jsantana! <3

This is such a fantastic initiative/awesome idea. Love seeing how people collaborate and build upon each others creativity! We are a collective of artists on steemit, and have resteemed your post to share with our folks. <3 See you around! @thenewalchemists

Love your screen name!! Thanks for stopping by for a visit and for sharing these artistic expression around. It's great that we can appreciate and support each other in the arts, and that Steemit gives us the platform to amplify that even more.

Beautiful shadows, love the deep yellow!

great art and music......

Music? Your relevant comments would be appreciated @dinisha.

Count me in!!!! the inspiration is flowing through me ;-)

YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! That's what I want to hear....that's what I want to see!!! Give it to us @jyezie!!

Oh, nooo, I'm too late! 😟 I should see steemchat more frequently!

Well...don't let late stop you from creating!!! I'm not usually spot on the making of the finale, but need to have a pause to know when I can create it. I would totally accept a piece of art from you. If you make it before I do the finale--you're in!

@joyart and @adiathelen both need to see this. Yaaaaay!. Excited for them.

Well done @everlove. Thank you for being.

Oh yeah @olawalium.....keep spreading the love!

Thanks a lot. :). You are really kind.