The Best of @ahmadmanga in January 2019

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The best of my posts from the last month. Mostly are Gaming Posts/Short Stories. This monthly series is made to my organizing post for new people to see what I write about since I write for more than one niche.


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January In Few Lines

After being offline for most of December, January 2019 marked my return to posting on Steemit. While not as much as other months, I wrote about a post each two days. This month topics are all over the place.

I wrote some posts about Gaming & Gamedev. I helped to translate #eSteem Surfer app to Arabic and drew some illustations with pen. I also wrote some fiftywords stories.

Writing & Short Stories

My January 2019 Short Stories
A story in fifty words: A man watching a performance and reminiscent about his love.
A story in fifty words: Two years after leaving earth, with damaged ship they drift to their last chance.

Gaming & GameDev Posts:

I didn't write any #ThinkingWhileGaming post nor First impression on games this month. But I wrote a bit about Gaming and Game Development.

My January 2019 Gaming Posts
Here I talk about my difficulty in moving characters and the camera at the same time with a controller. I noticed this more in games like PS4 open world games.
Godot is a free Open Source game development engine I wanted to learn due to its power and the active community building it up.
Dino Crisis 2 uses the sound effects to help make the Dinosaurs more fearsome and help the player predict their next move.

Other Topics

I talk about my absence for most of December and the early part of January. My internet router stopped working and I could only access with my brother's so I didn't get online much.
I helped eSteem team translate the Surfer application to Arabic. I talk about my processn in this post.
My new favorite fan made abridged series, they took the original Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works and parody it.

My Drawings This Month:


~Thanks for Reading ~

This wasn't really the best month here on Steem blockchain, so I hope the next month to be more productive. If you enjoy my writing please tell me so in the comments so I can write more of what you enjoy!

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