I Overdosed in Hong Kong (AND it's A LOT CRAZIER than you think!)

in travel •  7 months ago

What would you do if you were in a new country and all of a sudden your body betrayed you?

me hong kong water.jpg

Your legs became weak, your heart rate increased to the point where it started to expel from your chest...

Your forehead filled with hot sweat, your hands shaking, your vision cloudy....


YA! I think so too... actually, I know so too.

Would it make a difference if it was in your own country, your own city or even your own neighborhood?

Before we go on, this is NOT your typical I got drugged in a bar story no, this is an unsuspecting, take over of my body that I genuinely was not prepared for and now, wish I had been more careful.

I know you all are thinking I ended up in some crazy situation like my days back in the DR I was telling you about but I assure you, this COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!

The story:

I was walking around Hong Kong, seeing the streets and the sights and I was whirled up in the business of the city. It's such a stark contrast to what I am used to in Bali so I was indulging to the fullest! I was at a shopping center, hiding out from the rain when my friend said:

"We should go get a cold brew!

I drink cold brew here and there when I'm at home in Bali but it's organic, local and small batch. Usually it gives me a boost and I'm buzzing my way around with an open heart and no problem.

That said, I joyfully accepted because I was pretty dang tired from all the travel.

"Where do we get some?"

"Follow me! I know a great place that's super cool."

So next thing you know, I'm on my way, excited to have a happy pick me up coming my way.

We walked in and it was a trendy place, filled with people from all over the world. That's when I noticed the unforgettable logo.

Look, I try never to openly judge companies negatively but the truth is, I prefer to support small, local, organic and sustainable initiatives opposed to giant corps.

That said, I was pretty surprised to find myself here but I thought, why not just let go of those thoughts and just enjoy the ride.

Next thing you know, I am belly up to the bar, ordering a cold brew infused with nitro.

What? They're doing that now?

cold brew1.jpg

That means they are taking coffee and adding nitrogen to it... that's kind of like adding redbull to vodka in a way of taking things to the next, next level! -_-

Drink, drink, drink. La, la, la. OK, WOAH! Everything was going pretty fast, pretty fast. I mean that kicked in hard in a hurry!

I decided half of that bad boy would be fine and I carried on my lovely day, somewhere between wired and drunk until 4am. I COULD NOT SLEEP!

Next day...

Since I could not sleep last night, the first thing on my mind was get another one. (EEK... addiction much?)

I went about my day for a couple of hours but I could not shake that horrible grogginess so I went on my way to get a re-up!

Meet my demise:


The Colombian brew tasted so sweet going down that I found myself enjoying the chocolatey notes until it was all gone!

I rushed to the bathroom and checked my pupils in the mirror. I felt like I was whacked out of my mind. My thoughts were so fast, I couldn't even think. My body was literally buzzing. I got myself stuck in a stall, staring into space wondering what the hell I just drank.

I recorded a video of myself talking to the camera in the bathroom saying I felt like I was on some sort of crazy drug.

playing in rain.png

I ran outside, was dancing in the rain, in the street hyped up on more energy than I could process.

Next thing you know, I was on the ground... my legs weren't working, my head was pounding, my heart was threatening to leave my body and my system was in chaos.

Cue anxiety and body breakdown.

I managed to lug myself to a park, I knew I needed somewhere to de-stress and connect to nature.


To be honest, I was afraid I was going to die and I was begging the natural energy around to help me.

People were staring at me as I clung to the tree, whispering to it like a deranged lunatic off of my rocker...

My body was doing things my body doesn't normally do. My eyes, my heart, my brain and my limbs had gone rogue.

I felt trapped in my body, hopeless in my heart and out of control of my mind.

I couldn't lift my head without falling over. I could barely make it to the public restroom where I sat by the base of the toilet with my face hanging over the water, begging anyone who would listen above, around or within to let me get through this.

My friends were freaking out, scouring the internet, trying to figure out what to do with my zombie-self.

Here's what we ended up finding out.


I know, I am the one who should know this and I do know this but how could I ever think that I would be displaying severe overdose symptoms from one cup that's meant for a normal person?

Well, first of all, caffeine builds tolerance so because I don't drink it very often, I am going to be more affected to it.

Second of all, nitro increases the level of caffeine available in your body and it goes into your body to be processed before you can get it out which means you could be taking a long trip.

Here's the stats:

What I drank: 280 mg.

Screenshot (11)_LI.jpg

Recommended Daily Dose:
Screenshot (12).png

Is it safe?

For this question, I am going to site Dr. Axe as my primary source but I researched link after link after link and what I learned was, it depends on your body, the dose and the source.
Screenshot (13).png
Screenshot (14)_LI.jpg

What I can tell you firsthand:

  • I barely could get from that tree to the train that I needed to take to get back home.
  • It took me about 3 hours of lying on that tree/on the floor of the toilet/drinking as much water as I could to get the strength to move slowly to the track.
  • I couldn't convince myself to eat anything, my stomach was rejecting everything I tried.
  • When I got back to my hotel, I put my hand on my heart and closed my eyes.
  • It was night when I woke up and I felt like I had the worst hangover of my life.
  • I wasted an entire day of my trip trying to stay awake and ended up sleeping all day!

Please be careful in this busy world we live in!

I forgot how fast this world moves, how much we can push and pull ourselves to make deadlines, get what we need to done but your body is your temple and you only get one! It serves you! Take care of it, without it, you are helpless!

Full disclaimer:

I am in no way, shape or form blaming this on any particular person or company involved... my goal in sharing this is to spread awareness to this high level addictive substance that we all whirl around consuming- we need to moderate our intake and consume with caution. Anything in excess can be dangerous. That said, remember your body is different than everyone else's body and my body for example, went into full on defense mode from 1 large cup.


I didn't feel myself again until the day after the following day (so I needed one full day rest after this to get right again.)

It was an incredible reminder to me to be impeccable with what I put in my body! Sometimes I let travel throw me off but this was a true lesson to show me that I need to respect my body and my health no matter where I am or what I am doing in the world!

There are a lot of companies, products and services out there that are fueled by making money, not necessarily making improvement to our lives, it's important to remember that and make an effort to support people who are really taking care of the health of not only people but the environment as well.

I hope this doesn't scare you, but reminds you to always be careful and trust your body!

I just did a huge cleanse when I got back to Bali and it's taken me some time to fully get back on track but I am back in action again so look out for me here! <3

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Never go whisky tasting alone in an East Asian country :))))
But one has funny stories to tell afterwards


Whiskey? I wish! This was coffee! It came as a complete surprise!

I've never heard of nitro in coffee. It's definitely something I would try, so I am glad I read your post before stumbling into it on my own. I don't drink a great deal of caffeine either, so it's likely I'd respond similarly.

Do they sell it here in the States anywhere?


It's superloaded and beyond anything I can explain. It's a wild ride and I honestly could never be convinced to chance it again after that BUT since you don't drink a lot, maybe go with half a serving of what they give you first. The nitro makes it much more powerful... I really don't know why it's needed but it's an adrenaline junkie kind of drink ;)

It's available all over the world now, I got it in Hong Kong but I know for certain they have it in the states, maybe just Google and I am sure you'll find exactly the same brand I had this experience with!

Tread lightly, this was not an experience I would wish upon anyone <3

Your stories are pretty addicting and lucky I dont think you can overdose on them . Glad to see your ok , I have just got a friend on to Steemit and recommended your page as you both on the same page in terms of nutrition and diet


Hahaha well don't tempt me to try something like that... written intoxication, I can try ;)

Aww thank you! I have a travel mind right now but I am always floating between that and food as you know <3

Everything in moderation, laughing at your antics, coffee for the morning only it definitely wakes you up, you got wacked @heart-to-heart

Sounds like jet-fuel, never heard of that concoction, will stay away if I do.....


Definitely, I mean this was only one cup remember, not like I had 5 or anything! The problem is the addition of the nitro which goes straight to the blood. Definitely not a fun time having no idea what's happening to the body, I am hoping this will give people a bit of an idea of what's going on in their drink before they go chugging it down. Not an experience I recommend! -_- Jet like fuel is right, almost flew out of my body!

The best way to "just being you" what else is better when you exploring the HK by your own...but for sure need to be controlled when outside....


Haha I am not sure I understand this comment my friend! I was explaining a story of when I was there with some friends who were lucky to be able to help me when I faced this crazy disaster!

oh shame girl. I am sorry you went through this. I drink a bit of coffee, and lightening volt strong at that. I know when I am eating clean and very healthy, caffeine really affects me, so I cannot even imagine this experience, as you firstly eat 100% more healthier than I do, and you're TEENY, and this coffee was ridiculously strong.

I'm glad you've recovered, and I always looks forward to your amazing posts xx

love x


PS - CLICKBAIT title much? xx Very creative x


Awesome- I am glad it's serving it's purpose and I hope it raises the fact that this is not just like "oh, I wasn't feeling well..." it was omg, should I go to a hospital, I cannot walk and I am lying on a nasty public toilet floor (funny now, not at all at the time for anyone!) I really don't want people poisoning themselves with this nightmare! (rant over) <3


It sounds like this would pop you off too dear! It was one of the craziest experiences I have ever had because I was so unsuspecting, I mean you take some drugs, you know you're going down a rabbit hole but some coffee? Crazy!

Thanks so much for your kindness! The best part was when it was over and I could feel what it's like to be in a healthy body again- we really need to avoid these high processed and crazy junk they're selling us- yikes! I can't believe I fell for it but I am better now, so now I get to tell everyone else to be careful ;) <3

That's mental! I haven't drunk coffee for 3 or 4 years now can't imagine what would happen if I had this crazy drink. I feel nausea reading your story! Glad to hear your better!

Wow!!! What a roller coaster ride. From tasty drink to our of control physically and emotionally. I have never been a fan of anything that makes me feel like I don't have control of myself. Sounds like it was scary. Thanks for sharing.


Yeah this isn't for you either then! It's one thing to drink something knowingly, you know maybe a few drinks, some shots, some beer whatever and then you expect for something to happen but for this, I was blindsighted, I never would have thought so I just wanted to let people know it can happen... it's crazy!

hahaha... When I read infused with "nitro", I thought... Nitroglycerine! ^^ I'm glad it was "only" nitrogen haha


Well while I am also glad it was not that, the nitrogen makes it like a needle to the blood stream and it is more intense than I know how to explain... I mean I don't make it a habit of lying around public toilets in strange countries! It's crazy to put that in there! -_-


hahaha i'll give it a pass then ^^


Definitely my suggestion! =D

Oh this sounds kind of scary!! I didn't know that could happen from this kind of drinks. Luckily I dont drink any alcohol or coffee, so I would probably never try this;) Happy you are well now my darling!!


Oh my goodness girl, then FOR SURE stay away from this. I only drink coffee rarely and I rarely ever drink alcohol anymore, I will occasionally but my body just could not process this and sent it into shut down! Keep your healthy body safe and away from this craziness ;) <3


I will do that my dear!! Stay safe you too, you are so precious!!

Really Sorry to hear all! Felt every word deeply, very scary situation to be honest! You faced life's challenge with huge awareness! Very inspiring and brave.. Hope you doing well at this moment.. Loads of love and light♡


Thank you so much @andabout, I really want people to know that something so normal, so part of our every day culture can have such wild effects on the body! Good thing I am so in touch with my body to turn everything around and am all back to normal now! Thank you <3 Love right back at you!

Cheez!!! Not funny but... You found a buzz drinking Kombucha... No doubt this would have a huge effect on you 😂
Glad you made it threw! 😉


Haha well that's fair ;) <3 This stuff is like drinking a bottle of tequila -_-

Oh my goodness! That is unbelievable, so scary!!! Thank goodness your friends were with you.You were seriously drugged! Wow, glad you're back home and recovered. You eat so clean you poisoned your body with caffeine, bless your heart! be well!


Thank you for the love @birdsinparadise <3 I really appreciate it! It's a good thing I know my body and have literally been drugged before so, I was in a way prepared when everything started getting fuzzy. I can't believe this stuff is on the market though! Yikes! -_-

First time I hear about nitro in coffee. Luckily you had some great friends around you to help you out. Though it sounds like a lot of fun, the effects after don't seem to be worth it. Thanks for the story. Not sure if I will try it if it ever crosses my path. I'll stick to the one infused with coconut oil hehe xxx

SO scary! That would probably have killed me as I'm quite sensitive to caffeine anyway. Glad the tree grounded and revitalised you 💚

Oh my gosh Sweetie, this is scary!!! I had no idea this kind of drink exists. I am just glad god you are okay!!!

Wow ... if I ever see this drink, I won't touch it schrik.gif