Steemjet Curators Weekly Report July 9th-14th

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The weekly report is a comprehensive post published by Steemjet Curation Team to show the steemit and steemjet community how the team preformed during the week.

Posts Curated During The Week
@JosefpiusThe sinner prayerAn original poem by Josefpius expressing his thoughts
@afowalexEsteem contestAfowalex tells us about the esteem contest
@josoftBlocktrades World Cup Josoft Semi-final blocktrade world cup prediction
@dongentle2BlockTrades World CupDongentle2 world cup predictions
@sheriffakinSmartcash PromotionSheriff talks about smartcash promotion
@sirdezaData securitySirdeza speaks about data security using the USB block
@essientialMonday PhobiaMotivational post on monday phobia
@owaniofficialA Ulog PostOwaniofficial tells about his day
@druidsFactors Contributing To InfidelityDruids talks about external factors leading to infidelity
@vheobongMeme StoryA Short Meme story about a date
@joyce-okpoboHarnessing The Power Of WordsJoyce teaches us about the power of our words.
@udezeeSteemjet PoetryA Poem By Udezee
@deeroyMy Other Lifedeeroy talks about his musical life
@JulietisraelFinal Gratitude DayJuliet talks about all that she is grateful for and the conclusion of the 62 gratitude day organized by tojukaka
@Phillip6PhotographyPhillip gives some useful photography tips
@desmoniacBlockTrades World CupBlockTrades world cup predictions
@gutzygwinSteemjet Development FundingGutzygwin speaks about supplementing loop holes in development Funding
@ninoh22BlockTrades World CupBlockTrades world cup prediction
@josefpiusmediblocMedibloc promotion; revolutionizing thr health sector
@fatherfaithDlive:Projects On SteemitFatherfaith talks about his projects on steemit
@yungchiefSteemcamp warriSteemcamp blockchain conference in warri
@desmoniacLetter To PCMsAn Open letter to all prospective corp members in Nigeria
@GutzygwinSteemjet Web Front page development™Steemjet Demo front end dev
@josefpiusAcrimony Review A brief review about the Tyler Perry "Acrimony "
@prayzzFell IllState of health
@Dongentle2Birthday PostHappy Birthday @wakkylyon
@donnestAll But A Dream A Poem To An Imaginary Lover
@JulietisraelNYSC campNysc camp orientation
@OwaniofficialSteemit PromotionSteemit education for those in Abia state using whatsapp group chat
@afolwalexTechnological advancements in mobile phonesVolume 2 of Afolwalex Technological advancements series
@uche-nnaSteemcamp Party The Ceo Of SteemJet represented the community at the steemcamp party
@olumideolowoyeyeA Date with death
@Joyce-okpoboBenefits of smilingOverall Health Benefit Of Smiling
@yungchiefFamily Visit
@peepayWole On DsoundAn original sound by peepay
@kristenantai01What do you tell yourself every morningAn inspirational post to start your day
@kilatunziiAmazing gifAnimated gif entry for the steemjet contest
@sweetimLogo contestEntry for the steemjet paint your logo contest
@essientialLogo EntryEntry for the steemjet paint your logo contest
@fatherfaithBirthday postHappy Birthday @damascene
@Thompson2Jungle JusticeIs Jungle Justice A Welcome Development?
@donnestPower of deathChanging the power of death
@fatherfaithGod will fulfill his promises
@josefpiusThe Future is nowA motivational post
@mistakiliSteemjet To The WorldThe steemjet Concept
@udezeeHappy Birthday Mr DragonHappy Birthday Neoxian, celebrating two years on the blockchain
@prayzzBattle In Space A fictional battle in space in which the steemjet delegates are characters
@druidsDruids Came Into The World Today Druids celebrate his Birthday with the steemit community
@uche-nnaUlog Post
@gutzygwinSteemjet webpage front-end reportfront-end development using Html and css styling
@yungChiefDtube post during his visit to warri
@essientialLiving is like oil,it gets crudeA Poetry about life
@donnestWorld Cup Preview And PredictionPredict the world cup final results and win some steem
@josoftSimple Approaches To Unfold Kindness
@afolwalexByteball Tutorial Tutorial on how to obtain your byteballs
@uche-nnaArrival Of Musical GearsUche-nna tells us that we can achieve anything if we put our minds to it.
@joyce-okpoboMeat Pie Day
@izuchukwu1506Food:Beans,Plantain With Utazi
@josefpiusWe are all teachers
@sirdezaEasy duplicate finder
@JulietisraelConverting your byte to btc/eth
@yungchiefSteemjet community update on the steemcamp event
@olumideolowoyeyeCommon But Strange Questions
@iconnellyThe memory Lane Of Love
@mistakiliPeace Of Serenity
@mydivathingsSilent Night

The Voting weight is allocated based on the type and quality of post.
We aim to seek and reward quality contents from new to established steemjetters.

SteemJet curation team is headed by @mhizsophie with her assistant @cherylsonty
along with the rest of the team @druids, @samexycool,@benlengend-1, @lovelymkylie, @jacobite and @ewuoso.

@dimimp, we are kindly awaiting the approval of our budget.

Nice work... buh it is @philip6

You guys are doing well.. Well done

Nice work man🙏
Really detailed
Steemjet to the skiesss


Thanks for the self-less service...

#more grease to ur elbow
#God bless the team

Interesting selections. The SteemJet community is growing rapidly.
Thanks @druids for a well detailed report.

Good work....keep it up man

Weldone boss. More grease to your elbow. #steemjet to the moon

Mehn! @druids you must have taken a whole lot of time to do this, its perfect.


I really love the last lines, i hope @dimimp comes soon to approved our budget to enable work better!

thanks buddy

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