Ulog: The Druids Came Into The World Today

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I am super elated, it's my first official birthday on the blockchain and my first ulog post.

I was born into this world decades ago into a lovely family with the best parents who have guided my every step through prayers and advice.
As a young man, i wanted to change the world through science; innovative ideas.
Though i don't have everything i want but i am content, i am going to change the world a step at a time.

I am a bibliophile with an insatiable desire for knowledge, i read whatever i see believing no knowledge is useless regardless of how trivia they may seem.

I appreciate my @steemchurch brothers and sisters, thanks sirknight for being an inspiration. You have changed the life of this young man in ways he couldn't even begin to mention
I Love you guys😊😊😘 @i-rise, you guys make steeming fun even when i am not on the blockchain, i pray the Lord gives more strength and steempower to take us to greater heights.

@dimimp, i really appreciate the delegation. With the DSP, i have been able to encourage minnows like myself to keep up the good work through curation using the auto-upvote tool.
Can i get a birthday gift from you in the form of more steempower to curate others? 😊😊😊

My steemjet Spaceforce where una dae😏, these guys have been fun. Despite the conflicts, we are still standing strong to take the jet to the permanent location. I love you guys, you people should doan and comman shower me with upvotes amd steembath😂.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to those who sent me delicious presents in sweet steem and sbd.
I can't love you guys less.

I can't talk much about myself, visit oredebby blog to learn more😊


I Am The Druids


Happy birthday @druids!

I wish all the best and more blessings mate!

Happy birthday brother @druids, God give you a lot of life and health and continue to give you wisdom to convey good content in steemit. God bless you!!!

Awesome looking nice bro

Birthday blessing bro..

I will pretend I didn't see the part where you asked us to go to a lady's blog to know more about you.. Bad man 😂😂😂

Happy birthday brother.

Happy Birthday man

Happy birthday @druids. God bless your be age

Happy birthday druids

oh! @druids ... Thanks for the mention. Happy birthday once again. :)

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