Please read:

We are going to test out a change with the SPC. In order to facilitate a more sustainable SPC in terms of prizes, we are now going to allow 2 weeks for entries giving time for the post rewards to pay out to be used as the prizes.

I will give clear dates for deadlines from hereon.

Two weeks!

The deadline for entries for SPC41 is now June 7th 04:00 AM UTC — Just make sure you get the entries in before Tuesday June 6th in your timezone and you’ll be fine. Winners will be announced on Friday June 9th.

Again, this is to make the SPC more self-sustaining in terms of payouts going towards the prizes.

It also means that you have more time to plan your shoots and get new images in, which will be great!

If you have suggestions, leave some comments :)

Welcome to world famous Steemit Photo Challenge!

The theme was

Landscapes II

Suggested and judged by @jasonrussell

“There were lots and lots of really great entries this week that made this contest very difficult! I had to judge them purely on my first impression and WOW factor and i think my choices do just that! WOW!! Congratulations to all the winners and runner-ups!” - @jasonrussell

Honourable Mentions

Submitted by @sulev

Submitted by @siavach

Submitted by @haastrecht

Submitted by @creutzy

Submitted by @adriansky

Third Place

Submitted by @shieha

Second Place

Submitted by @oliverkay

First Place

[Submitted](https://steemit.com/steemitphotochallenge/@jonpiehl/steemit-photo-challenge-landscapes-the-crater-s-peak by @jonpiehl


The new theme will be:

Animal Portrait II

I know everyone will LOVE this one, who doesn't love cute animals?


The winners will be released on Friday June 9th.


Provided by @berniesanders the official sponsor of the Steemit Photo Challenge since Day #1

First Place — 35 SBD
Second Place — 25 SBD
Third Place — 15 SBD
Honourable Mentions — 5 SBD Each

Rules And Conditions

Please read these carefully and adhere to them

  • I strongly encourage you to post work that is original to this challenge, in other words — take a new photograph instead of using an old one.

  • No more than 3 entries will be considered, if you post more than 3 then only the first 3 will be considered.

  • Deadline for entry is 04:00AM UTC (which is midnight UTC-4) on the Wednesday morning

  • All entries must be a post tagged both #photography and #steemitphotochallenge

  • The Title should contain "SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry" along with the title of your work.

  • Let us know the medium used to produce the photograph, it may be more impressive based on what it is.

  • Basic processing is allowed. ‘Digital art’ won’t be considered.

  • Any medium or format is allowed — iphone, ipad, film, digital, point and shoot, drone, whatever. Once it takes a picture. Note that image quality will be considered.

  • Multiple Entries can all go in one post, just put the details under the image.
  • Any attempt to steal others' work is considered a serious infraction by the community, so don't do it. Please don't waste your and our time by posting some image from the net.
  • Every effort will be made to ensure that we do not reward theft. All images will be reverse checked, if the image has been found on more than 2 “major” websites, it will be disqualified unless reasonable proof can be shown to prove ownership of the original. If there is any doubt whatsoever about the ownership of the photograph, I reserve the right to disqualify the image. It is in your interest to provide any proof necessary. I would appreciate any help from the community in finding plagiarism where I might have missed it.
  • The photographs will be judged on how well they met the challenge, the quality of the image, the composition, lighting, exposure, creativity and the general aesthetics which means that yes, it is subjective.

By entering this competition you acknowledge that you own the rights to the photographs and allow for me to re-post the image should it receive a winner or honourable mention position.

Suggest the next theme!

Let me know what you'd like to see from the next Steemit Photo Challenge.

If you'd like to be considered as a guest judge, let me know in the comments so I can check your work :)

Message me on Steemit.chat

Week 1 - Animal Portrait
Week 2 - Shadows
Week 3 - Desolation
Week 4 - Nature Macro/Closeup
Week 5 - Emotive Human Portrait
Week 6 - Landscapes
Week 7 - Architecture
Week 8 - Long Exposure
Week 9 - Action - High Shutter Speed
Week 10 - Minimalism
Week 11 - Glamour / Fashion
Week 12 - Soul of the City
Week 13 - Hands
Week 14 - Autumn Foliage
Week 15 - Spiderwebs
Week 16 - Food
Week 17 - Countryside
Week 18 - Transport
Week 19 - Human Body
Week 20 - Sunrise/Sunset
Week 21 - Reflections
Week 22 - Sacred
Week 23 - Nostalgia
Week 24 - Roads & Paths
Week 25 - Musician Portrait
Week 26 - Shadows II
Week 27 - Censorship
Week 28 - Boudoir
Week 29 - Reptiles
Week 30 - Flowers
Week 31 - Emotive Human Portrait II
Week 32 - Trees
Week 33 - Human Body II
Week 34 - Photographers In Action
Week 35 - Deserts
Week 36 - Masculinity
Week 37 - Femininity
Week 38 - The Human Fight
Week 39 - Minimalism II
Week 40 - Street Photography
Week 41 - Landscapes II
Week 42 - Animal Portrait II


Follow my photography Curation Trail using Streemian.com, and/or become a fan!


You now have two weeks to get entries in before the winners are announced!
Friday June 9th.

I will send out a reminder to everyone next week.

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Of course, full support to this wonderful competition. Upvoted & resteemed. Just one question: are the cityscapes excluded from the “landscape” cathegory, and if they are, will there be “cityscape” as a separate theme?


Cityscape could very well be a theme in the future :)

I'm excited about this contest, I only have my Moto X to take pictures with at this point in time but I love photography. It's kind of hard to shine at all with these beautiful digital camera photos to pick from, but that's okay I learn by viewing every photograph I see. It's great that you have a contest like this on Steemit. Thanks ! Resteemed.


You can take great photos with all kinds of cameras, most of it is in having a good eye!


Thanks for the encouragement and I think I do have a good eye 😁

A fantastic selection of Landscape shots and very well judged ! @jasonrussell
All the honourable mentions are very worthy of inlusion and the top 3 are brilliantly executed both technically & artistically.

Congratulations to all the entrants, winners and mentions.. looking forward to Animal Portraits.. They say never work with 'animals or children'!
Best of Luck Everyone.. I'll be checking out the winner's work
@jonpiehl @oliverkay @shieha

Congratulations guys! Very nice photos... I was hoping to be one of the luckiest but it was very hard as your photos are amazing too!

Wow, they are all awesome. And I love animals, cant wait to see the next winners! :D

Adorable photos! A lot of amazing places in the world :)

Man those photos are awesome. I would had to have to choose. I really liked the bird one. I will assume it is a Eagle... GO AMERICA.....

Can't wait to see all cuties. Animal images are always a blast for me.

Hey there great photos! If you'd like to see the most interesting page in Steemit you can check my page. I have a pet lion. :D See you :)

@jamtaylor обязательно приму участие)

It must have been hard to judge this one...

Many thanks for the mention! I am glad you considered it worthy enough to join the rest of these beautiful images. Great selection, as always... :)


That's an incredible shot!


I'm very pleased that you think that! Thanks!

Oh my gosh, I just love the second place picture! Can't believe I missed that post!

Congrats to all of the winners :-)


It was a tough choice!!


I'm sure! I've seen so many good entries this last week :D

These are incredible! Congratulations to all the winners.

Congrats everyone. Some incredible work in there this week.

Yeah thank you very much for the Honourable Mentions Whoeiiiii :)
Congratulations to the winners @jonpiehl @oliverkay @shieha

As an owner of three cats, I'm pretty excited about this one.

Wow, a very interesting event and make all the steemian's motivated to be more active in steemit, I'll follow it

Amazing photos from the top picks . Great work moderating this. Congrats to the winners. Now I've gotta get a pet to take photos of. [•]-[-]

Congratulations EVERYONE!!! I'm following you all!!!!

Congrats guys! Talented eyes everyone of you. Can't wait to try animal portraits!

Fun stuff and congrats to all

@jamtaylor new theme proposal: the power of nature :)

It's great that the theme is portraits of animals.
Today I found several such portraits in the archive :)

I love all of these shots and LOVE the idea of the photo challenge, can't wait to enter the next one (too bad landscape is my main portfolio). Question for you - why don't I see many people putting watermarks on their photo? I want to submit, but also want to protect my photos with watermarks (without getting disqualified). Please let me know :)


You definitely won't be disqualified, my only suggestion would be to make sure it doesn't detract from the quality / composition of the image because that would limit your chances of being selected by the judge. By all means, people should protect their copyrights.

Week 42 same as the first?
Theme suggestions: Geology, Foreshortening, Vanishing point(s), Hands

This is interesting @jamtaylor ...newbie on steemit and learning how to navigate around and what's actively going on in the community~ Follow you and looking forward to learning how this photochallenge works! :)

beautiful photos .. resteemed .. good luck everyone :)

more thanks to your information about post thnx my dear

Wow awesome so honored and thankfull
Special thanks to the steemteam looking forward for this awesome journey ahead!

What a fantastic work putting this all together -
and what for fantastic entries. Well done! https://twitter.com/The_Puffin_Post/status/868136131572969472


The_Puffin_Post ThePuffinPost tweeted @ 26 May 2017 - 16:05 UTC

📷 Steemit Photo Challenge - SPC 41 WINNERS & NEW THEME ANNOUNCEMENT 📷 plus SPECIAL NOTICE — Steemit

steemit.com/steemitphotoch… / https://t.co/yLGrDIKdPb

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Awesome Photos!
Congratulations to the Winners and runner-up's!

All beautiful shots. Love the next theme

Simply put: Wow!

Just a quick question now that you have released week SPC 42 and I see you have extended week SPC 41 does that mean that we can enter both? I joined late and only found out about this SPC last week Wednesday.


(The reason I ask is that is looks like you have already announced the winners for SPC41)

What about abounded places for next photo challenge?


Will keep it in mind!

Really beautiful pics, just enjoy looking at them. Inspirational.

Thanks for doing this!

Oh, nice a theme I love. :)

This is going to be awesome.

What a fantastic collection of images! Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions. Wow!