📷 Steemit Photo Challenge #8 — WINNERS — Sep 8 - 11

Wow, did all of you see those entries this weekend?!

If you haven't, visit the steemitphotochallenge tag and sort by new! Vote for your favourites.

With great trepidation and trembling I'm here to announce my picks for SPC#8, there were so many images of high quality it was really difficult — as usual!! I've added more than usual to be rewarded.

Honourable Mentions — 10 Steem Each









VERY Honourable Mentions





Third Place — 50 Steem


Second Place — 100 Steem


First Place — 150 Steem


What do you think of the picks this week?

What would yours have been??

If you don't see your images here, don't be discouraged! There's just so many amazing images to choose from.

Make sure you go and vote for the entries that you liked!
Also, follow the people on this list to stay up to date with their postings.

Thanks to our sponsors, @berniesanders, and Steemimg.com the first dedicated Steemit Image hosting website, created by @blueorgy.


The user @sandeepachetan has been accused of plagiarising. Unfortunately, that user made it through the competition without being caught, it was only after the theft was awarded, and for that I sincerely apologise. I take plagiarism very seriously with this contest and I really hate that somebody got through doing it.

That said, that account has been banned from the contest for life.

Give me some suggestions for next week's theme!

What would you like to see from the Steemit Photography community??

Steemit Photo Challenge Week 1 - Animal Portrait
Steemit Photo Challenge Week 2 - Shadows
Steemit Photo Challenge Week 3 - Desolation
Steemit Photo Challenge Week 4 - Nature Macro/Closeup
Steemit Photo Challenge Week 5 - Emotive Human Portrait
Steemit Photo Challenge Week 6 - Landscapes
Steemit Photo Challenge Week 7 - Architecture


P.S. Look out for a new project from me very soon

(Maybe even today, wink wink hint hint nudge nudge)

Edit: Here it is: Viewfinder Steemzine call for submissions

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It's a huge honour to come second place. Every challenge I'm stunned by the quality of photos I see, and to think that one of my photos is up there with them makes me very proud.

There were a lot of really interesting techniques and it's great to learn about them here. @condra's "thumb over the subject" is something I've never heard of! :)


you rock!

Future theme suggestions:

  • Single light source (e.g. match) - note I recall this from another competition so might not be the best if there are photos online
  • Action (high shutter speed)
  • Bokeh (because @pfunk just posted a photo with insane bokeh and it'd be nice to see what creative things people do with it)

I like these suggestions... *strokes beard *

Nice photos this week! Even though it's not quite a "long" exposure, looking to be about 1/4-1/2 second, this honorable mention is lovely:

@lgm-1 The shot in the Oculus is really cool, and timed well so there's people in motion but also standers.

@nighthawkdive The ferris wheel shot is also excellently timed!

@tytyd The 6-ball one is a really cool light painting and looks like it wasn't easy.

I let the plagiarist through with an honorable mention last week, so I'm sorry too. I only found they were plagiarizing in a roundabout way while looking into another plagiarist who stole from the same source.

Theme suggestion for next week: Action, movement. Whether that means a slower exposure showing blurred figures/background or a high speed flash photo of a boxer getting all of the sweat knocked off his face. A photo that shows and conveys action, speed, and movement.


Love that one also @pfunk ... tough to get that kind of clarity on a figure while the surroundings have such smooth blurring. Amazing range of work week. Big thanks for the shout out! (The Oculus is an incredible place to shoot!)


Hey it s my photo, and for me, the real rules in photography are V=2*F V(speed) et F(focal). So under this rules, for me, it s long exposure :-) ...
In fact, It's 1/2 seconde... :)


I definitely acknowledge that long exposure can have a different meaning for different people :) I've followed you btw since you are capable of taking very cool pictures.

Wow, these are really INCREDIBLE! I'm looking forward to scoping the winners to check what gear they're using. These are really stellar photographs!
Thank you for hosting @jamtaylor and @berniesanders, you had a great amount of talent enter this competition which is great fun for our Steemit community.

@condra this actually made my jaw drop
@siavach this is striking, I'm drawn into it. GREAT shot, I felt a story with it.
@pcste and @sharker are inspired and I'm looking forward to playing with your ideas
@shieha this is beautiful
@stansmith and @bitcalm I'm a sucker for the sky shots, very well done!
@lgm-1 like the sky, I never tire of looking at architecture!

Thank you @blueorgy for Steemimg.com!


Your blog is really interresting. Looking forward to discover more and more and moreeeeee! By the way your capture for the challenge was really innovative and artistic!


Thank you very much!


Thanks for the mention!! & thanks for using steemimg :)

GUYS! Wow, this is an amazing gallery of photographs. I love the range of long exposure shots represented, and I'm honored to be tapped for third place! Huge shout out to @jamtaylor @blueorgy and bernie for the time and resources to host such a great challenge. Can't wait for the next one. Jam - looking forward to your mysterious new project...!


Thank you!! It's really all @jamtaylor , I just supply a place to put your photos ;)

Thanks for the contest and for the honourable mention. I'm stoked! All the entries were really strong this week!


I am stunned!

Hey, @jamtaylor! Thank you so much for the honorable mention! My personal favourite of all entries is the black and white picture made by my honorable colleague @siavach.

Just whoaaaaaa! All the pictures where sooo brilliant. You guys are genius! I'm soo happy to be part of the challenges of @jamtaylor and the support of @berniesanders and @blueorgy (i d'like to upload my works with steemimg but didn't support my formats. Or maybe i suck and i don't know how to upload which is probably the reason... XD). Second time winner in 2 participations. You make me feel strange and really happy! No words for that!
@tytyd as I told you your work is a winner!
@dercoco your work inspires me!


Head over to the steemimg channel on Steemit.chat and I'll get you sorted out!

Some real amazing ones here!

This was such a fun theme!! Outstanding photos all around, congrats to everyone!

These are stunning!! I would have picked the first honorable mention as the winner.
Next challenge: Steemit cave


The first honorable mention is beautiful.

Theme suggestion: Surreal photography. Pretty broad theme that could get some interesting artistic images

Absolutely incredible photos!

congratulations to the winners

Congrats to the winners, some fantastic shots. I learned something on this challenge so again thank you @jamtaylor!

This is a whole lot of "Wow!"

I was among the winners! Thank you, I am very happy about it!

Congrats to all the winners and honorable mentions of this challenge!

Looking forward to next week's theme already @jamtaylor! :)

To anyone who would like to see the waterfall images I submitted this week from the beautiful Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves in North Woodstock, NH, check out http://st33m.it/waterfall

Here's a sneak peek at one of them! :)

Congratulations to the winners! Some fantastic entries there! :)

Future challenge idea: pinhole!


oo, that would reaaally limit the entries haha

Congrats to everyone! Steemit Photo Challenge is the best thing about Steemit. We all know that :)

Some ideas for the topics:
Indigenous (native to that area)
Job (work)
Rain / drops
Still life

congratulations to all participants, awesome photos dudes 8]

Love it, that was awesome to look through. I like the Very Honorable Mention one Titled Gateway to the Illuminati one. That is excellent. Cool stuff man.

Such great images. I've enjoyed them all. I can't wait to see the next challenge.
One of my favourites was @azurejasper "off to market". Perhaps not as sharp and shiny as others, but so much life and movement, and unique approach to long exposure .
Choosing a winner must have felt like an impossible task.
The winners are amazing. I love the images from @lgm-1 and @k471

Hi James the entires are great thank you for setting theses challenges
Congratulations to all who entered and especially to the winners!
We made a mad dash late entry due to work commitments and unsure of the actual time zone of the deadline as we are in uk. https://steemit.com/steemitphotochallenge/@knight-angel/steemitphotochanllenge-entry-8-the-super-skyway
At the end of the entry we showed a photo of ourselves @knight-angel to prove we were out there trying to make the deadline ,
but sadly we missed the flight so to speak !

We are looking forward to the next challenge


aw, well look out for #9 on Thursday. If you're in London then the deadline is by 5AM Monday morning, which is 12 midnight my time.


Looking forward to it thank you

This is a very hard theme!
Its easy to make a good looking picture but HARD to make an amazing one!