Steemit Photo Challenge! Landscapes! "The Crater's Peak"

Took this shot at the top of Mount St Helens. 9 hour hike, 6.5 up 2.5 down, 5,000 foot elevation change.

Canon 70D , 11-16mm Tokina lens.

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Congratulations. A really wonderful pic! :)


Appreciate it!

wow amazing :) almost unreal :D


It was incredible. Thank you!

Awesome shot and what a great looking place! Up and followed. :)



Congrats on winning the photo challenge. Amazing shot


Many thanks.


Agreed :)

Amazing capture dude!!!
I have come across more of your pictures.
They are great
Followed you for more :)


Fantastic! Thank you my friend.

congrats on winning the photo challenge !
is this a HDR?


Thanks! That is correct!

Spectaculal picture!! Following you for more!


Thank you!

All I can say is wow!


Appreciated! :)

This really is stunning, amazing colours


I have always loved captures that have a color transition in the sky. Thanks!!

This looks awesome, maybe a little les contrast but even this suits it well, good job!