Winner Announcement for Steemit Photo Challenge #1 — WE'RE ALL WINNERS!

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The first Steemit Photo Challenge has now come to a close.

The point of this contest was to encourage and highlight more original quality content being posted in the photography tag, as well as to encourage more interaction between users. Secondly, I wanted to use whatever platform I had to highlight some of the creatives using this site who may not be able to stand out based on their content alone.

If the community enjoys it, I would love to continue the Steemit Photo Challenge, probably with a few minor tweaks here and there.

As I began going through the entries it struck me how difficult a task I had in determining what would be ‘the best’ or the top 4 images, as if I were some old wise Master Photographer in a position to judge. I am only in this position by chance and not by merit, by taking the initiative to just go ahead and do it. My decision is not flawless, and I know that there will be a few who disagree with my picks. I’ve tried to be unbiased but my personal taste and aesthetics comes into play, I’m not sure if I can avoid that. The beautiful thing is that you can directly award your favourite photographers and entries with your upvotes or a direct tip from your wallet, in fact, I encourage it. Go check out these photographers, follow their work, give some upvotes!

I’m also pleased that there were no attempts to steal other’s works in the contest, that I’m aware of, and I’ve taken every effort to be aware of it.

With all that said, with just a little bit of fear and trepidation....

Here are my picks for the winners of the Steemit Photo Challenge Numero Uno

But first! Some honourable mentions.

Honourable Mention Prize: 10 Steem each

By @orm Submission Post

By @rznag Submission Post

By @zorro Submission Post

By @marinaz Submission Post

By @matt-a Submission Post

By @marinabogumil Submission Post

The prizes were kindly donated by @berniesanders (150Steem) @discombobulated (25 Steem) and @moose (10 Steem), the rest came from the rewards from the announcement post.


Prize: 25 Steem

By @birdie Submission Post


Prize: 50 Steem

By @pixielolz Submission Post


Prize: 100 Steem

By @begstreets Submission Post


Prize: 150 Steem

By @sharker Submission Post

This image is so striking, it stayed with me the most out of all the other images submitted.

Congratulations to everyone featured in this post, and thank you to everyone who took part, whether by submitting or by upvoting and commenting. If your image didn't make it into this post, don't be discouraged. There were plenty of great photos that I wasn't able to include.

The rewards from this post will go towards the funding of the prizes for the next Steemit Photo Challenge, which will be announced THIS Friday [I'd said next friday but I think that's too long in Steem World]

Keep snapping

And keep watching this space, I’ve got more things in store.
Visit my profile and click ‘Follow Me’, if you like.

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So as to make the Next Photo challenge more interesting and more creative

  • Tell us what device you used to take the picture, and any special software you might have used as editing your pictures is fine.
  • Add a little back story — short and sweet; we want to know how the picture came to be. Saves us all running all over the Internet to track & Verify them down.
  • Only one entry per contest per person PLEASE?

Good luck, everyone!

#mytwocents #photography


Thanks for the feedback. Once I was going through the entries I intended to implement an entry limit for the next ones.


cool. maybe you can have a guest panel for every edition? So the taste and aesthetics will be more varied..also take some pressure off of you.
And giving how much this post and the others made I think we're gonna have so manyyy editions. I'm gonna try to submit sometihng for the next one myself :D


Yup I was thinking of getting a varied panel of judges for that reason. I have some ideas for a couple people.


amazing! can't wait for this to go bigger :)

This is the first photo contest where I won first place and I am very happy! Very pleased that my photo is like, thanks to the organizers and sponsors of the contest organized. Thank rivals - there were a lot of interesting work! Participation in the competition - it is a very interesting experience and, of course, the surge of adrenaline. And now I really want to do something new!


Congrats! You definitely earned it :)


congrats sharker!

Woah, cool! I won 10 steem! Thanks to everyone involved, I appreciate it! That 10 Steem went straight to my Steem Power. Can't wait to see what's up next!

Huge congrats too all the winners! The standard of photography here is already incredible! Kudos for organising this @jamtaylor.
I'm gonna have to try harder in the next one!

Wow, thank you so, so much for third place @jamtaylor , it was not expected and I'm incredibly happy! Thank you for giving us this opportunity! Congrats to everyone else as well, especially to @sharker , @begstreets and @birdie :)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers and sponsors of the first photo challenge on Steemit for putting forward such an event. Thank you for the prize and congratulations to all the winners and participants.

Wow! Thank you so much! This was such a fun challenge to be a part of, and I especially enjoyed looking through all of the photo entries! Congrats to all of the winners!

coooool. when's the next edition?!


This Friday!

Thank for putting this together! I'm honestly surprised I got an honorable mention among so many great entries. Looking forward to the next challenge! Congrats to the winners!!

What an amazing group of photographers we have here on Steemit! Thank you for putting this together.

@jamtaylor following you now. I am sorry I missed this one but I will certainly keep an eye out on Friday to catch the next one.

Congrats to the winners, great pictures! @sharker yours really is striking! How close were you to that monkey? Or did you use a great lense?


Thank you!
I was not very close. Used 45mm lens. olympus 45mm f / 1.8 (90 mm in terms of 35 mm of film equivalent).

Great post! I will take part at the next one :)

Thank you @jamtaylor for organizing this! So many great photos entered.

Consider yourself followed Mr T! Great contest

Congratulations to everyone. Amazing photos and I agree that the winners photo has a lasting impression. Great idea to get this going!

Thanks for the great photos

Beautiful pictures! Congratulations to the winners of the contest! :)

Thanks for running this! So many good snaps here, but I'm completely in love with the submission by @begstreets , stunning piece of work!


Thank you idonteven, very kind of you.

All of the winners and mentions have been awarded their prizes. Congrats again to everyone!

Great photos, just ... great :)

Congratulations to the winners, congrats to everybody that participated.

And, of course, a huge thanks to you for carrying through such a wonderful idea.

Thanks for curating this and congrats to the winners. Followed & upvoted.

Woot, thanks for putting this together @jamtaylor . And you beat me to rewarding @birdie for fourth place so here is your reimbursement =)


Thank you sir/madam :)

It was a great contest, I couldn't have asked for a better turnout, and look forward to the next ones!!

Oh thanks a lot @jamtaylor . Just saw that i got a honourable mention. Missed that one completely as there was nearly zero feedback at all on my post itself.
Already looking forward to the next challenge.
Also a big thanks to @berniesanders @discombobulated and @moose for donating that prices.
And congratulations to all other winners.


I refrained from upvoting or commenting on the entries during the contest in case it gave later entries an upper hand or more clues to my tastes, and I couldn't upvote / comment on everything either :)

Congrats, and look out for the next one on Friday!


No problem at all. And also understandable. I`m happy that you found my post and that it didn` t go unnoticed although it wasn` t popular or trending.


Well I went through the steemitphotochallenge tag sorted by 'new' so I saw everything there, and I opened up everything even if the thumbnail wasn't initially impressive! Glad I did that.

Amazing, i just got back from a camping trip to see that i got an honorable mention! I've never even had my photos displayed anywhere, so to get a prize has made my week! Thanks

Thank @jamtaylor for this great contest and honourable mention prize, I am very pleased)), look forward to new contests+

@jamtaylor - If there is anything I can do to help and/or be more involved in this contest process to help take off some pressure, I'll gladly offer some of my time.


Hey @winstonwolfe I may have a spot for you! Are you already on the new chat? msg me on there. I'll be announcing the next theme tomorrow morning.


Sweet! Although for some stupid reason I haven't been able to get any of the different chats that have come out to work for me. No idea why. The first one I couldn't get my verification to work, and the didn't work because I kept running into some internal server error.


Also, I'm about to clock in to work so I may be scarce for the next several hours. But I'm definitely interested. :)


Okay once you can get set up on there we can chat more easily. I'm putting together a group for this one.

Second place image is the internet


That link is gigantic. But yes, and I confirmed that the user is the photographer.


Hello webokv ,
Yes, those are my photos. As with most images on the net, once it is out there one cannot control it anymore. Some get copied and worked over etc. On the other hand we place images on the net to be seen and if they are posted all over that shouldn't be such a bad thing. I hope they include credits :)

waiting the next challenge @jamtaylor !

Where are my fooootoooossss????

Nice pictures.
Thanks for sharing.

To me, this challenge really showcased that there are some really amazing Original Content Creators on Steemit!

The quality of some of the entries was truly impressive!

Very Well done :)


this could go on forever self-funded!!


I will endeavour to keep it rolling as long as it is supported by community members.


It hurt so much i didnt win but it okay hopefully there will be new contest looking forward to it and follow you mate cheers !

This is my entry

Im suprise my tag didnt show up . i follow your step thou .

View my photos from the blog @kosimoos

I congratulate the winners. Their remarkable photo