📷 SteemitPhotoChallenge #41 - Landscapes II - Entry: "The Three Guardians"

Rock formations from Heping Island Park

This is my second entry for SPC 41, it was shot with Canon 450D and HDR post-processed in Adobe Lightroom.

The photo was taken inside Heping Island Park, a place filled with beautiful natural rock formations.

"The Three Guardians"


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Oh wow! What a wonderful landscape photograph. I had no idea this existed in Taiwan. Thank you for exposing more people to such an interesting part of the world.


Thank you very much @viazenar! It's my pleasure to show the beauty of our world through photography :)

🍒 WOW i loooooved this pic, it looks like from another planet or something, specially I liked the title, it's perfect "The Three Guardians" sounds like the title of a movie or something and if you don't win at least you should get an honorable mention.


Thanks for the awesome comment @mariacherries!

Amazing capture. Great composition and timing.

Impressive… again 😉 UR&S


You're too kind @photo-trail, thanks!


Man can never be too kind 😊

Amazing!!! Especially that sun light in circular form in the right. I guess it is because of the lens, right?


Thank you @siddartha, yes that light is caused by pointing the lens towards the sun causing lens flares :)

This picture would look great hanging in my living room, great capture!

What a wonderful dreamy landscape ! up & resteemed

Very nice shot. Love the color and composition!


Thank you for the feedback @fotosdenada!

Very nice shot @shieha


You are welcome :)

Dude I don't even care if I lose.
This shot deserves the win
Spectacular shot and title !!!!!


Thank you so much @lapstjup!

Wooow :) Impressive view. Thank you for sharing


Thank you for viewing @alinabarbu!


You're welcome

Very nice image! I really like it!

Wow.. well done!


Thank you @bluedomain!

Utterly beautiful picture!


Thank you @pipurilla :)

Wow i just love this photo. The rocks look almost fluid and i love the glare from the sun..... amazing! Keep them coming xx


Thanks for the awesome feedback @yummymummy :)

I love landscapes. Thats really nice.

I posted one yesterday. Please check it out and will be posting more if you want to vote and follow.

Congrats on third place in the challenge! Great shot


I saw this picture in the contest steemitphotochallenge
It was absolutely my favorite one!


Thank you so much @julieddd!

That lens flare with the curve of the rocks. geez louise...


Thanks :)