📷 Steemit Photo Challenge #9 — WINNERS— Sep 15-18 - Guest Judge @thecryptofiend

“Thank you to everyone who participated in the Photo Challenge. I was impressed with how many great shots we had. Thanks to @jamtaylor for organising this and to @blueorgy and @berniesanders for their support in making this possible and also thank you to everyone who submitted their photographs for consideration.”


Honourable Mentions — 10 Steem Each

Submitted by @adamt
I love the colours, motion and composition here. It reminds me of playing Tony Hawk games when I was younger:

Submitted by @nords
Great composition, colours and moment of capture

Submitted by @djm34
I love the composition most of all on this one as well as the fact that one bird is in flight and one is sat on a post. I also like the look between them.

Submitted by @allmonitors
For a beautiful high contrast black and white photo which was also captured at just the right moment:

Submitted by @boddhisattva
Another gorgeous composition with fantastic colours and perfect moment of capture.

Third Place — 50 Steem

Submitted by @stansmith
“Unlike the others this is a monochrome shot. I feel that this helps to emphasise the shapes here and help us focus in on the boy in the air. He is placed perfectly in the frame and his expression and pose right. The photographer in the background also adds another point of interest and helps suggest the location of the ground further exaggerating the sense of flight. This shot was also captured on film and I love the analogue feel of it. Once again a beautifully done shot.”

Second Place — 100 Steem

Submitted by @sharker
“Again this is a perfect action shot. We have the motorcyclist in mid flight. I love the contrast of the dark background with the vivid colours of the motorcyclist and the the bike. The composition is also beautiful by being off centre. I also appreciate the shafts of light coming in from the top left corner of the frame. Another fantastic piece of photography.”

First Place — 150 Steem

Submitted by @kranartz
“I loved the way @kranartz captured the movement of the dog. The image is beautifully sharp and crisp - I love how you can see the hairs on the dog very clearly indicating the exposure was appropriately fast. This shot really says "action" to me. The composition is perfect and the moment of capture is just right with the dog in mid-air. Overall this is an amazing shot.”

What do you think of the picks this week?

If you don't see your images here, don't be discouraged! There's just so many amazing images to choose from.

Make sure you go and vote for the entries that you liked!

Thanks to our sponsors, @berniesanders, and Steemimg.com the first dedicated Steemit Image hosting website, created by @blueorgy.

Give me some suggestions for next week's theme!

What would you like to see from the Steemit Photography community??

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@blueorgy has provided some statistics for the Steemit Photo Challenge.

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Congratulations Everyone, Amazing Entries!!

As promised...

Steemit Photo Challenge #9 - By The Numbers


Great shots in this week's challenge! Looks like a fair amount of child-flinging fun was had. Way to go @stansmith for placing again this week, and @sharker for moving up in the ranks. I really love the honorable mention photo by @adamt! Love the background shapes that add more action and that the dude is a pop of color against the neutral backdrop.

Nice choices @thecryptofiend! Thanks for hosting the challenges @jamtaylor and @berniesanders! It's super fun to play with photos. And @blueorgy, I send you thanks every day I use Steemimg.com!

Congrats to all the winners!

Suggestion for next week: Transport

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who took part:)

Great picks!! The 1st place choice is spot on, fantastic shot @kranartz! Congrats to all of the winners. :o)

Very honoured for the 3rd place. Thank's @thecryptofiend for the analysis. Beautiful work done there by a lot of photographers. Level is pretty high! I would be happy to join the Viewfinder Steemzine from @jamtaylor. Unfortunately not enough time to subit some macro stuff from mine... I expect sending some for the volume 2... (I change my living place to an isolated place in the mountains... soo happy.)


Your'e welcome - it was an amazing shot. To be honest the top 3 were really close and it was hard to separate them. It's very subjective. I was impressed by the number of fantastic shots overall too.


Difficult job you have. May say master Yoda XD!

I finally got up there :D
Congrats everyone :)




You did great work

Some amazing photos here! Blown away!

Congratulations to all the winners! And to all participants too! Well done!

i liked the photo with the seagulls the best!

Congrats to all! Fantastic images!

@jamtaylor : how can i chat with you in mp? Didn't know steemit so well...


Sign up for an account with steemit.chat and msg me there with the same username

Congratulations to all winners, lots of awesome pics!!

amazing captures !!

I am very happy that my work has been featured by the judge in the final post. Other participants were presented a lot of interesting work. Thank you to all the organizers and participants of the contest!

Congratulations, @boddhisattva. You know i love that flying boy shot.

Thank you - its's getting harder each week to stand out - such talent here!

This was the first time that entered. I will have to keep track of this. It was fun.

It's nice that my work is appreciated! Thank you!


It's an awesome shot:)