📷 Steemit Photo Challenge #15 - Winners + New Theme - Guest Judge @randyclemens

The theme was “Spider Webs” and @randyclemens was the Guest Judge.

[The new theme is below the winners in this post]

@jamtaylor’s Picks [5SBD Each]

Submitted by @sharker

Submitted by @dmilash

Submitted by @movievertigo

Submitted by @gidlark

Submitted by @elewarne

@randyclemens Guest Judge

Honourable Mentions - 5 SBD Each

Submitted by @movievertigo

Submitted by @mctiller

Submitted by @knight-angel

Submitted by @fooblic

Submitted by @echoesinthemind

Third Place - 15 SBD

Submitted by @runrudy

Second Place - 25 SBD

Submitted by @okkiedot

First Place - 35 SBD

Submitted by @yetaras

The $50usd Amazon Gift card is still up for grabs!

Nobody gave meaningful feedback on the winning photos (1st, 2nd or 3rd) and so this prize will roll foward to the next challenge!

Leave a comment letting the photographer know what you think about the entry, and a bit of critique. “Wow nice photo” won’t work but “I really like how you placed the x beside the y, it works to balance out the z” will be fine!

A commenter on what ends up being a winning photo will win the prize, so give your thoughts on all the good stuff :)

What do you think of the picks this week?

If you don't see your images here, don't be discouraged! There's just so many amazing images to choose from.

Make sure you go and vote for the entries that you liked!

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This week’s theme will be:


Making food look really appetizing is a skill on its own, flat or bland images of food can actually do the opposite.

Here are lots of examples of some good food photography

Generally I’d like to see finished meals, served, but assorted ingredients would work also.

Use steemitphotochallenge as your first tag, as this helps with the filtering for @blueorgy's statistic gathering.

PLEASE suggest a theme!

I’m running out of ideas :)

What would you like to see from the Steemit Photography community??

Week 1 - Animal Portrait
Week 2 - Shadows
Week 3 - Desolation
Week 4 - Nature Macro/Closeup
Week 5 - Emotive Human Portrait
Week 6 - Landscapes
Week 7 - Architecture
Week 8 - Long Exposure
Week 9 - Action - High Shutter Speed
Week 10 - Minimalism
Week 11 - Glamour / Fashion
Week 12 - Soul of the City
Week 13 - Hands
Week 14 - Autumn Foliage


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These were all fantastic!

My Theme Suggestions:

  1. Urban Exploration (Abandoned Houses/Warehouses/Places, etc)
  2. Boudoir (Don't know if this is appropriate).
  3. Creative Portraiture
  4. Composite Imagery
  5. Farm Life (Photos of Farm animals or Farms/Farmers)
  6. Astrophotography
  7. Self Portraiture
  8. Avant Garde Portraiture
  9. (Seasonal/Holiday) Photos. Christmas/Thanksgiving etc.
  10. Water
  11. Sunrise/Sunset
  12. Male Portraiture
  13. Emotions. These could each be a theme. Happy Portraiture, Sad, Pensive, etc.

nicoledphoto, your second suggestion, boudoir, must not necessarily include humans within the photo. Therefore, I believe the theme can certainly be appropriate. I understand and appreciate your concern, though. Maybe jamtaylor can place restrictions upon entries to ensure each is tasteful.

Really great selection @jamtaylor, congratulations to the winners!

Congratulations Winners!!

Fooooooood! This is an awesome challenge theme and should yield some amazing photographers! Look forward to seeing the entires & may get a few in myself!

SPC #15 By The Numbers

Click the link above to check out this weeks SPC #15 BTN ;)

Congrats all. My eye was utterly drawn in @okkiedot photo to the whirlpool-esque hole in the web on the left hand side. I suspect this is where the spider pulls itself out from!


I think so. I never saw the little inhabitant.

Thank you for what you are doing! And thanks for the prize!

Thank you for the honourable mentions, and congratulations all! My favourite picks this week were @elewarne and @sharker

Great Entries, I don't know how you can even pick a winner there are so many good ones!

Wow, I am glad I did not enter this past competition.... I am also glad I was not the judge. The quality was bloody awesome !!!!!

Congratulations to all winners, lots of great entries!!

Hey @jamtaylor, here are some theme suggestions:

  1. Contemporary issues
  2. Current affairs/news
  3. A day in the life
  4. Faith/Religion
  5. Environmental/sustainability

Congratulations guys! :)

Congratulations to the winners.

Food is good. Should be lots of entries and difficult to decide which to submit.:-)

@jamtaylor, thanks for another amazing post. Can you point me to the rules for your challenges? Other than you would prefer to see prepared dishes, what other rules apply? Thanks!


Sure, you can see them in a previous post


perfect, thanks!

Theme suggestion: "Miniature" (tiny things)

I am speechless, well, almost ;-) Thank you very much. I feel honored and motivated for the next round.




Well deserved!

Thank you all! I won the photo contest for the first time.



Really great photos. Especially 3rd placed is amazing.

As for new ideas? What about something sports related? OK, in week #9 there was action photo but ... some specific theme like running perhaps ;)

Or a person in a wilderness? LIke the week #6 with a solitary person in it :)

Congratulations to all the winner and entrants thank you @jamtaylor and guest judge @randyclemens fantastic range of sider webs ranging from the big scary one s to fine delicate silken threads
and I'm most special excited that i finally got a honorary mention for my entry "spider line" @knight-angel
the next challenge "food " wow now thats a large range interesting subject!
may I suggest "Shadows " for a future challenge.

Thanks every one and good luck in this coming challenge food!



We did 'Shadows' for #2! Here were the winners


Nice photos, Sorry I hadn't noticed the 2nd one, we were not on Steemit then!

excellent choice congratulations to all the winners

I got an honorable mention and I feel like I won! (:

@jamtaylor, @randyclemens, thanks a lot for the Challenge and for Honourable Mentions! It is pleasant. Congratulations to winners!

Feeling so motivated and inspired!
All I need now is a sponsored camera and a photography crash-course!!!!
Love the work you guys are putting on the table Insanely!

I got third place this week, awesome! Thank you @randyclemens, @jamtaylor, and everyone for commenting on my image. Cheers!

Woo hoo!! Honorable Mention!! Moving up in the world!

Thank you!

Congratulations to all the winners. I really like the 3rd place shot by @runrudy because of the colours in the background.
I am excited about the next challenge.
Suggested themes

Congrats to all the winners! Many great photos again this week. And I'm looking forward to having a few extra days to get out there and shoot!

@jamtaylor Here are Some Theme Suggestions

  • Signs/lettering (street signs/warning signs, stencilled lettering, not graffiti though, unless its legible)
  • Flowers
  • Wheels/things with wheels
  • Transport
  • Doors/doorframes
  • Windows/window frames (like doors, windows, especially old ones, can have great details/decay/textures/peeling paint etc)
  • Walls - think interesting textures, contrasting colours etc
  • Textures - could be anything with an interesting texture, many of these kinds of photos are used as background images. Strong directional lighting can help bring out fine details.
  • Water - essential for all life on earth, and used in so many different ways across the globe. Be it human or animal, we're all connected by our reliance on water

Hey @jamtaylor, what is the deadline this time? Is it Sunday or Tuesday?


I've changed it to Tuesday night from now on, if it changes again I'll make a notice.


Thanks :)

I would definetly love a photo challenge from a high point. Like on a building of a cool city.

How about any of the following for a challenge

all things freezing - even in the hottest regions there is something frozen somewhere
anything white
steem (it)
dogs or cats or birds

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I really like the First place winners image by @yetaras i found out, it's not easy to shoot these greatly designed houses by these 8 legged masters. @yetaras did such a good job capturing this. Which had to be in the morning. I really like how the dew formed. It really makes me feel, where is the Spider at?, and will they return. Composition is spot on. Good Work!

Congratz to all the winners! Good Work! :)

Thanks @jamtaylor for having these challenges.

Thank you so much for picking my photo @jamtaylor. Really appreciate it.
What about a mystery challenge?

Theme suggestion: a tree.

Sometimes, we appreciate one tree only after it is going away::

Suggestions for more themes:
Historical buildings
Iconic /historical monuments
Spiritual places

I suggest themes:
First snow
Scary photos
Happy New Year

I am no photographer, but I believe nicoledphoto has some great ideas. May I also suggest the following:

  1. clouds
  2. antiques
  3. down to earth
  4. urban life
  5. rural life
  6. suburban life
  7. textiles
  8. rainbows
  9. technology
  10. next generation
  11. old and new
  12. to have and to hold (not including weddings)
  13. determination
  14. hope
  15. charity
  16. the “good ole days”
  17. Aerial photography

Some good suggestions, will keep 'em in mind!


Thank you. I look forward to the photos.

When is the deadline for these?

Is it still from Thursday to Sunday night?

I just keep seeing "entries" rolling in, so I wasn't sure and couldn't find anything on this post (maybe I missed it)


Hey, it has been changed permanently to Tuesday midnight (UTC-4) - so Thursday at announcement to Tuesday midnight UTC-4, judging is on Wednesday, and the winners are announced with the new theme on Thursday.



I didn't want to be upvoting late entries and encouraging others to be giving you more than necessary to deal with.

Good idea!