Monthly Recap: My Steemit Content Overview #3

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I've been on Steemit for 3 months now!

Steemit has grown so much in the last 3 months.

Thank you to everyone reading my posts, following my fiction stories and to my almost 1200 Followers.

I have now reached reputation level 72, and written 160 articles on Steemit in total!
And I'm on #6 on the reputation ranking, and #13 on the followers ranking!

So in general, these are the different types of articles I post:

  • Motivation / Health
  • Dance
  • Photography (Captured Moments)
  • Food (Mr. Gourmet)
  • Design
  • Steemit related posts
  • Science
  • Technology / News
  • Fiction Stories

There are also some miscellaneous posts like Announcements, introduceyourself, featured authors or news that don't go into these categories, but they are all single posts without connection.

Now I will list all the different categories and their posts:

1) Motivation / Health

These posts could be about improving mental or physical health, motivation or other topics on self-improvement.

Birth Order: Are You a Typical Firstborn, Middle Child, Youngest or Only Child?

The Psychology Behind Procrastination!

How to Remember Names Easier!

How To Deal With Stress

The True Story Of A Man Who Never Gave Up

The Microsoft HoloLens !

How to Hack Your Memory! (With Mnemonics)

Ego Depletion - The Ultimate Secret of Willpower?

How Emotions Impact Your Body (Mind-Body-Connection)

Yin & Yang - Deeper Meanings Of Sacred Geometry

Impatience - Killer Of Success & Creator Of Stress!

Learn To Say NO - Setting Personal Boundaries

Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself To Others!

Why YOU Should Learn Coding!

How To Overcome Your Laziness // Wie Du Deine Faulheit Überwinden Kannst! (English/German)

Find Your WHY (Self-Discovery And Finding Your Purpose In Life!)

Learn To LOVE Yourself!

How To Get More Energized - 10 Tips !

Forgiveness - How To Do It Right

Why Emotional Intelligence Is A Key Factor To Success !

What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

English/German: How You Can Become More Self-Disciplined! // Wie Man Seine Selbstdisziplin Verbessert!

How To Spread Positivity & Let Go Of Baggage From The Past

Why YOU Should Drink More Water - 10 Benefits And Tips

Mindfulness - What Is It, What Are The Benefits And How To Practice It?

How To Deal With Bad Times In Life - 5 Tips To Make You Feel Better

10 Steps to Motivate Yourself - How You Can Find Your Own Drive to Achieve Your Goal

Your Lifestyle Might Be Getting You Nowhere - The Secret Behind Human's Behaviour With Contradictions (Cognitive Dissonance)

Eating Gold (ORMUS) ? Infos, Benefits for Humans/Plants/Marijuana, Videos & more!

Meditation - Benefits, Techniques, Tips & Info for Beginners!

Learn how to learn faster! #BrainHacks, Speedreading, Tips & more

The hidden power inside yourself: How to achieve your goals by Visualization


I started dancing when I was 17 years old, and it has been my passion ever since.

And I like to bring different forms of Art to Steemit!

50,000 Steemit Users Celebration Dance!

@Sirwinchester: Let me show you my passion - DANCE!

@Sirwinchester: Let me show you my passion - DANCE! #2

@Sirwinchester: Let me show you my passion - DANCE! #3

Steemit Dance Video - by @sirwinchester

@Sirwinchester: Let me show you my passion - DANCE! #4

The Game With The Music - Freestyle by @sirwinchester

@Sirwinchester: Let me show you my passion - DANCE! #5

@Sirwinchester: Let me show you my passion - DANCE! #6

@Sirwinchester: Let me show you my passion - DANCE! #7

@Sirwinchester: Let me show you my passion - DANCE! #8

@Sirwinchester: Let me show you my passion - DANCE! #9

1000 FOLLOWERS SPECIAL! Freestyle by @sirwinchester

@Sirwinchester: Let me show you my passion - DANCE! #10

@Sirwinchester: Let me show you my passion - DANCE! #11

Visualizing a Song with Body & Soul

3) Photography (Captured Moments)

I enjoy taking pictures not because of a pretty result, but because I want to freeze and capture a certain moment. And then I can look back at it later and be reminded of that exact feeling!

Captured Moments - Every Snapshot Has A Story

Sharing Some Of My Travel Memories - And Why Capturing Moments is Medcine For Your Soul

Captured Moments #2 - Every Snapshot Has A Story

Snapshots Of A Car Lover!

Captured Moments #3 - Every Snapshot Has A Story

Captured Moments #4 - Every Snapshot Has A Story

The Berlin Wall - A Piece Of German History

Captured Moments #5 - Drenched In Light!

Looking Back On My Trip To Barcelona, Spain!

The DJI Phantom 4 Drone!

Captured Moments #7 - Everything Can Be Art!

Capturing the Colors of Autumn!

4) Food (Mr. Gourmet)

I love food, and love experiencing different kinds and cuisines of food. For Steemit I have created the Character Mr. Gourmet, that describes and eats food with a real passion!

Come With Me On My Breakfast Hunt - Introducing Mr. Gourmet

Mr. Gourmet - Crazy Moments Of A Food Lover

Mr. Gourmet On A Food Festival!

Mr. Gourmet Exploring A New Location

The ULTIMATE Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich by Mr. Gourmet!

Dinner with Mr. Gourmet: Margeritas + Burger!

Mr. Gourmet Goes On Holiday!

Mr. Gourmet Gets Drunk!

Mr. Gourmet - On Tour from Hamburg to Berlin!

Mr. Gourmet goes for Brunch!

Mr. Gourmet in Dessert Heaven!

Mr. Gourmet On A New Culinary Adventure!

Mr. Gourmet's Waffle Masterpiece!

5) Design

I like to work in cooperation with my graphic designer and think about Design Proposals for futuristic Steemit tools!

STEEMIT iOS APP - Design Proposal

Steemit Apple Watch App - Design Proposal

6) Steemit related posts

These could be posts about Steemit Meetups, or any other Steemit-related content!

[STEEM MEETUP] Steemit's first Meetup in Hamburg, GERMANY!

What's Better Than A Whale Upvote?

Steemit Gathering in Hamburg, Germany!

How I want to give back to the Steemit Community: Minnow Author Project!

Hamburg & BXB / Berlin Meetup Update!

First STEEMIT MEETUP in Hamburg, Germany!

STEEMIT MEETUP in Berlin, Germany!

Bitcoin Exchange Berlin Meetup with @ned on Skype!

THE STEEMIT SONG! (Original Music by @Verbal-D)

7) Science

There's always something new to learn in our world, and I love learning! Science and Space are so interesting to me, and I'd like to share that with you!

Body Language: What You Say Without Speaking

The Science of Sleep - Why we sleep, what happens and why it's important!

3 Human Senses Nobody Talks About!

How to Hack Your Memory! (With Mnemonics)

Lucid Dreaming!

Synesthesia - Hearing Colors, Tasting Sounds and more!

The Second Brain (Beneath your Shoulders!)

How Your Smartphone Affects Your Body

Why Do We Hate Listening To Our Own Voice Recordings?

The Science of Taste - How Do Artificial Flavours Work?

Why Do We Laugh?

How Social Media changes our Brains!

Vodka-Energy Longdrinks Have the Same Effect as Cocaine!

Why Are Some People Left-Handed?

8) Technology / News

Technology is constantly evolving, so there's always something new - Whether it's a new technological gadget, car, or news from the web!

The Microsoft HoloLens !

Tesla's Autopilot Feature: Are Self-Driving Cars The Future?

The Closest Inhabitable Planet? Proxima Centauri B!

Tesla's Solar Roof and Powerwall: The Future of a Solar-Powered Home?

The Renault Trezor - Concept Car of the Future

This Bike Can Go 144km/h (89mph) ONLY With Muscle Strength!

Instagram Launches New Shopping Function: Shoppable Photo Tags!

The New PlayStation VR - Virtual Reality for Everybody?

New Google Smartphone "Pixel": AI Assistant, VR Glasses, Best Smartphone Camera?

7) Fiction Stories

I have so many different Fiction Stories, that I will give you a short summary of each one!

Steem Island (Ongoing)

Steem Island is the first Fiction Series I started.
It's about me, @sirwinchester living on "Steem Island", a place that represents Steemit.
Most people there are fishermen that go fishin and hope to get noticed by whales, which are big users like smooth or Dan.
Different users in the Steemit Community are different characters on Steem Island. And depending on what's happening on Steemit, influences the events of Steem Island!

A Steem Island Adventure: How the King of the Ocean @dantheman destroyed my Fishing Boat

Steem Island #2: How the Steemians helped me & Tour around the Island with Mayor Ned!

Steem Island #3: Big Debate & Birthday Celebration!

Claire Remy (Ended)

Claire Remy tells the story of a young up-and-coming Tennis athlete, and her struggle with finding out what's important in life.

Claire Remy: Ups and Downs of a young Athlete (Steemit Exclusive Story)

Claire Remy #2: You never know what you have until it's gone (Steemit Exclusive Story)

Steem Cosmos Station (Ongoing)

Steem Cosmos Station is a science fiction story.
Me and two characters are re-living life in a different body, but with the memories and experiences of wise, old men.

Our mission is to revive Steemit, rebuild the blockchain and help the people that are being oppressed by facebook!

Steem Cosmos Station: Is There Still Hope For Steemit?

Steem Cosmos Station #2: Growing Up After Reincarnation With The Mind Of An Adult

Steem Cosmos Station #3: How Facebook Bought Out Google And Dominated The World

Winraky (Ongoing)

Winraky is a series of short stories, and all of their content is non-related.

These stories show people in difficult situations in life. And they all have one thing in common: They somehow get in contact with Winraky, who is always there as a different character, and who helps them realize how to improve their situation.

Winraky: New Beginning (Original story by @sirwinchester)

Winraky: All In - In STEEM! (Original short story)

Secret Crimes (Ongoing)

This is a Thriller series.
It begins with a woman being mysteriously shot by a policeman. Who is she? Why was she shot? Who is the shooter? You will soon find out.

Secret Crimes: Episode 1 "DON’T SHOOT. I AM INNOCENT!" (Original Story)

SECRET CRIMES: Episode 2 “DON'T SHOOT. I AM INNOCENT!” (Original Story)

SECRET CRIMES: Episode 3 “DON'T SHOOT. I AM INNOCENT!” (Original Story)

SECRET CRIMES: Episode 4 “DON'T SHOOT. I AM INNOCENT!” (Original Story)

SECRET CRIMES: Episode 5 “DON'T SHOOT. I AM INNOCENT!” (Original Story)

More Money, more problems! (Ended)

This is a 2-post series about a man winning the lottery, and how he acts and deals with the money. The story shows that it's easy to spend money, and that it changes people.

More Money, More Problems! #1 (Original Story)

More Money, More Problems! #2 (Original Story)

ProGamers (Ongoing)

ProGamers is a series about a Teenage boy being a professional gamer.
He is then testing a new game where you shoot humans with a drone, and the game gets a little too real.

ProGamers - Between Game And Reality (Original Story)

ProGamers - The Hunt Has Begun (Original Story)

Pablo Escobar Returns (Ongoing)

This is a fictional series about Pablo Escobar - and what if he would still live in 2016? What would change, and how would he react to today's world?

Pablo Escobar Returns - #1 "I'm Back"

Pablo Escobar Returns - #2 "He who laughs last, laughs the loudest!"

Everybody Needs Some Body (Ongoing)

This is a series about Organ dealing on the Black Market.

Edmund owns an electronics Store but is making secret deals in his basement.
And Terrance is in desperate need for money ...

Everybody Needs Some Body - Episode 1 (Original Story)

Earth Explorer

This story is about Ryan, an Adrenaline Junkie, who gets invited to explore the North Pole by his friend. They want to find out if there is any truth behind the "Hollow Earth Theory" - What will they find ?

Earth Explorer #1: Mysterious History

Thank you again to everyone that reads and supports my posts!

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© Sirwinchester

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so much different content - there's something for everybody! love the variety!


thank you, glad to hear that you enjoy my content!


Yes, that's my original post :)
I use the same headings and descriptions for my Recap-Posts

Wow, so much content! I definitely missed some of those posts

congratulations on your achievements my friend @sirwinchester well deserved. much continued success


thank you for the kind words!

you have created soo many articles in this short tie, that's crazy!

your posts are always great examples, interesting and well written, keep it up!


thank you for the compliment, appreciate it!

your success on steemit is well deserved!


thank you :)

I think pablo escobar is my favorite fiction series of yours!

I'll definitely need to go back and catch up with some of these series!

Good idea man!

Keep putting them out there!


thank you - glad you enjoy my content!

so much dedication and so much of work, unimaginable, congrats..


thank you! :)

You are indeed worthy to be followed! Congratulations!

Great list and good post. You forgot to put part 2 of Everybody Needs Somebody in your list. It's one of my favorite series next to Winraky and Secret Crimes, then it's technology then dance.

Wow such a long list :o

Your blog is really great @sirwinchester!

good for you man.. TONS of great stuff...