Mr. Gourmet Goes On Holiday!

I had a wonderful dream - I was gliding through the Ocean of Steem Island, on a Yacht !

But not only that - while on the boat, I was craving seafood and had the honor to experience the amazing flavours of freshly caught fish and shrimps.
The fish had been caught on the same day, only a few hours earlier - it doesn't get any fresher than that!
And the shirmps were so big and of a lovely light pink color - you can't buy this at a store anywhere. 

And as a dessert, there would be exotic fresh fruits - hand-picked, sweet and juicy!

The sun was shining on my body, and the smell was so tempting - I couldn't resist any longer!

Am I ready?

Yes I am!

The freshly grilled fish was like a present from heaven. The taste was so delicate, and didn't taste "fishy" at all!
And the shrimps were simply the best I've ever had. So juicy from the inside, full of flavours!

The salty maritime air matched with the hearty flavours perfectly, and I totally felt like one with the sea while gliding on it and experiencing the flavours of its "fruit" at the same time.

It was simply a magical and breathtaking experience! 

After I had finished the seafood, I continued with freshly cut pineapple, melon and bananas.
These exotic fruits are nothing compared to what you can buy in the western world - fruits that have been picked way too early and shipped half way across the world.
But these grew peacefully without any pesticides under the sun, and matured to the perfect consistency!

After my boat trip, I was feeling exhausted from all the fresh air.

So I went back to where I was staying, a small Villa separated from the other parts of the Hotel complex.
It was created with a perfect combination of asian and modern architecture and interior design - elegant and luxurious, but also simple and classy at the same time.

There was a shower, bath tub, and a Jacuzzi - too many options for me to wash myself!

But let's get back to the Highlight of the day - my seafood meal on a Boat Trip.
I still couldn't get over the fresh taste of the fish and the shrimp - it was not comparable to any seafood I've ever tasted before!

I was so happy and excited when thinking back, that I simply started to dance ...

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© Sirwinchester


Wow...Is this a dream or your real life? Hahaha or maybe one and the same =)>
yes I LOVE fresh food. Fresh food is the key to delicious food.
I have been a master chef for some years and that is one of my secrets to success. Using the freshest ingredients.
I have also lived off the land for months at a time in the wilderness where EVERYTHING I am eating was harvested the minute I ate it. No fancy meals or tasty ingredients but fresh as can be.
I have also done long sailing trips where on a daily basis I would catch a big ocean fish and just slice up sushi on the spot, right on the boat deck. Then I would mix up some wasabi and a douce of soy sauce and BAM! Best freshest most delicious such ever!
I have also done spear fishing, crabbing and hunting all of which I am successful at and get to enjoy regularly!.
So YES to fresh food!

exactly - I'm living my dream so it's one and the same ;)

But yes I agree, freshness is one of the key factors to good tasting and high quality food!
Sounds like you had some crazy experiences, that sounds amazing thanks for sharing!

Oh Man!
I have had some major epic adventures!
If I had more time for Steemit and or got more compensation for my time. I would write about them and publish the story!
I have been to every continent besides Antarctica and seen a lot of extraordinary things.
Steem on Steemit SuperStar~*~

Moments like these really open your eyes to a lot of knowledge as well as deep appreciation for the small things in life as well as the enjoyment of the grander luxuries life can reward you with when your dream and goals come into fruition. Keep inspiring and continuing to progress forward bro. Upvoted

eating on a boat must be amazing, especially such fresh food. awesome

it really was an awesome experience!

Mr. Gourmet describes everything in such a fun and exciting way - you make the smallest things sound exciting!

if only that last video had sound.. steemit, where is your video hosting service at?!

so true! We should propose this as a new feature, it would be awesome

so funny to eat seafood while on a boat trip. but that MUST be the freshest fish you could get!

I know - the irony ..
And it definitely was the freshest fish you can imagine!

:D The gif so cool..... awesome sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

that hotel looks amazing! You sure had a great time (or was it just a dream..)

thank you for the feedback!

I don't know if this was a dream, a fiction, or a real story, but anyways I love it! lol

i like to try there. hehe its cool. up for this

I live in the Maritimes of Canada, and fish is not supposed to taste fishy. That's what happens when it's old :(

wow sarap(delicious)! grilled bangus (milk fish), is the first photo in Palawan?

Nice setting for holiday and fresh seafood. I'm jealous!

that hotel room looks awesome - jaccuzi and bath tub :O

too many options to choose from!

You've been in a paradise @sirwinchester!

LIving your dreams @sirwinchester ! You truly are one of the most unique and creative people I know. No question that you love life and the people in it.

Sun, water, fresh food - it must be a dream. Nice post, SirWinchester!

Tony, your dance moves are everything. Hope to dance together somewhere exotic soon!