Mindfulness - What Is It, What Are The Benefits And How To Practice It?

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First of all, let's talk about what Mindfulness actually is.

Mindfulness could also be translated into "Awareness". It means being aware of all your senses, of your actions, thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness means being in the present moment with all that you are, being aware of it and appreciating it.

This sounds very abstract and complicated, but it actually isn't.

It just means that you go through life with a different attitude and different perspective!

What are the benefits of Mindfulness?

Practicing Mindfulness helps you reduce stress, makes you get to know yourself better, and increases your mental health.

And it even has positive impacts on your body - it reduces chronic pain and helps lower the risk of heart diseases!

And here are my tips on how to apply Mindfulness to your daily life:


Learn to be in the moment and observe your surroundings. Most of the time when we go somewhere, we just do our business and leave. Let's say you go to the post office, you send off your parcel and buy some stamps - but you don't actually observe where you are, you probably never looked around at the decorations on the walls, you never took in the smell intentionally.
Due to all the distractions of our modern lives, we have learned to block out so much that we don't realize what we are missing anymore.

So try to be in the moment with all your senses. Notice where you are and then you will feel more present in life automatically. 


Observe HOW you are - what you are feeling, how you are interacting with other people? In what position is your body, in this very moment you are reading this? How are you breathing?
And the more you observe yourself, the more you will notice the points that you don't like about yourself.  These will most likely be points you haven't even noticed before, but now that you have become aware of them you have the ability to change them.


Observe your impulsive thoughts - the first thoughts you have when something happens, but that are often not appropriate to say out loud in modern society. These immediate reactions can tell us a lot about who we really are and how we act.
Be intentional and ask yourself: "How would the best version of my self respond to this?", and notice the difference!

Try to react to situations less impulsively. This is easier said than done, but it can be done!

Now the last point that I have to mention when talking about mindfulness is meditation.
Mindfulness actually originated from Buddhist mediation thousands of years ago.

I have written a whole post about meditation in general already, but mindfulness meditation is still a little different.

Mindfulness meditation just means that you sit down in your meditation pose, and focus on your breathing and yourself. How your body feels. What smells are surrounding you. And, very importantly, how you are breathing, how the air is flowing through your body, and what it's changing.
What's important is that you don't judge - you observe yourself from the distance but don't judge if something that's happening is good or bad.

In Mindfulness Meditation, you focus more on being in the present than on your thoughts.

But the two go hand in hand together!

I hope this post helped you understand the concept of Mindfulness better, it's definitely something that everyone should try at least once and form their own opinion about it!

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This year I finally achieved the ability to observe myself having feelings. This has helped me with my daughter as I do not feel anger as much now. I watch the feelings come into my body and then I slowly decide what I will do with them. I am not a perfect parent and have some issues, but this one thing has helped me not act on anger because anger infects others and does not solve problems at all. I'm not repressing anger, but simply letting me think about what the anger symbolizes.
It's a good post you wrote! Thank you.

There are several people close to me that have been practising mindfulness and have had very good results. UPVOTED!


that's awesome to hear!

This post is so inspiring - I hope a lot of people read this and change their perspective. mindfulness could relly help us stay relaxed and focus in our busy society.


thanks for your feedback! If meditation and mindfulness were taught in schools, I'm sure we could reduce many problems of humanity

Your posts are always really helpful- we can all benefit from! Thank you :)


glad I can help :)

crazy how a thought pattern can actually improve your bodily health! wow


I know right - the mind can affect much more than we think

Amazingly valuable Content as always, Thank You Sir!:)


glad you enjoyed it!

Once again, a very inspiring post! 👌🏼 I have read a lot about Mindfulness already and am very curious about it, seems like something everyone should try!


it is definitely worth a try and can shift your whole perspective!

the variety of your posts is awesome, I love these educational ones especially. keep it up!


thanks for the compliment, I will definitely post more like this!

It's Mind over Matter.


I've heard about mindfulness already, but never really understood the idea behind it. thank you for explaining


you're welcome, it's a very interesting concept that everyone should know of

I am off to a mindful walk in the sunshine. Taking a break from steemit for a while, before my mind gets overcharged. Thanks for the post!


taking a walk and getting some fresh air is always important. Also, don't forget to eat enough, I heard from so many Steemers that they are too busy and forget eating!

I feel like just reading your posts already reduces my stress and calms my soul^^


haha! that's nice to hear

Great post. I've been using mindfulness for the last few months and it has dramatically helped my long term depression. For the first time in a very long time I can not only see a future for myself I'm actively working towards it.


that's awesome to hear! wow, I'm glad it has helped and impacted you in such a big way. definitely stick with it and I hope it will improve your life even more!

Yes thank you for this-- i'm applying these principals more and more!


That's great, be sure to test it for a few weeks and try different things, make this method your own and you can be able to benefit from it a lot :)

tl;dr; "Be, don't do"

Thanks for a concise overview that cuts out the jargon that people sometimes use to obscure what mindfulness is really about.


Thanks for your feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed my post. I just try to help people and explain things in my own words and as easily understandable as possible.

This is such an important post. Thanks for writing it. I have spent a lot of time in the past year studying up on Mindfulness and it had truly changed my life. I hope this helps others too.

Very practical information for our busy lives. We have so many demands and deadlines that taking the time to appreciate what is around us is not something most people do.

I'm going to go out a limb, but I think you probably meditate through your freestyle dance. I wonder if you follow some of the ancient meditation arts as well because you seem to be very in tune with yourself and all that is around you.

what an interesting topic!! I want to try meditation as well but i never knew how to start


you should definitely try it. I have written a post about meditation for beginners, and there are also some great tutorials on youtube. it seems hard at first, but try to hold on longer than 5 minutes in the beginning!

Great post well done!

When I visited a councelor a few years back, she was big on mindfulness. That was one of the things we discussed just about at every visit.

Being mindful of your thoughts can help shape your feelings, which in turn helps shape your actions. Change your mind, change your life ;)

Great introductory article!

I've been seriously meditating/practicing mindfulness for the last year and it TRULY has changed my life.

For those who are looking to get started, I'm a HUGE fan of the app "Calm." I've also enjoyed "headspace" as well.

It's a shame there's such a "woo-woo" perception behind mindfulness/meditation because in reality in can have a drastic impact on quality of life.

Mindfulness is just the act of becoming aware. There's nothing woo-woo about it. Thanks for this awesome post.

This is what should be taught to young people! So important to be mindful. Great post!

Breath is the key. When we breath, that's when we are able to center ourselves in the moment. If society added breathing into their routine (mindfully of course) what would the pharmacutical drug companies do?

I'm a beginner to this. I've always been known as a sad person with a lot of pent up anger. I'm 40 now and tired of not smiling or being happy and bubbly. While acting that way isn't natural....being in the moment helps me to subconsciously be a happy person.

I thoroughly enjoyed this post.