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As you know, I've been dancing for quite some time now, and have been teaching my own dance classses for many years as well.
I created several hundred choreographies in that period of time - and some have been recorded and are truly old but gold!

I enjoy teaching class and seeing my students grow and evolve. It's a great learning process for everyone.
So looking back at old videos brings back lots of memories!

When I re-watch a video like this one from a piece I choreographed several years ago, I remember what my intention with certain steps was or why I choreographed certain moves to certain sounds!

The choreography I want to share with you is to the song "I Care For You" by Usher.

This has been recorded in 2013!

So here it is - enjoy!

Choreography by: Winchester

Song: Usher - I care for You

The Song wasn't a big chart hit or anything but I chose it because the beat is very strong and versatile, there are many different musical elements which gives me a lot of options to choreograph to.
Also, the way Usher is singing and changing his tone / attitude during the song makes it a perfect opportunity for the dancer to play with their attitude as well.

The Song is about a one-sided relationship, where one partner doesn't appreciate the other's efforts.
The singer (Usher) tries to please his partner and show her how serious he is about the relationship, but she doesn't believe him!

Everyday I tryna prove myself to you But what's the point No such thing as satisfying you Maybe you'll appreciate it later By the time I'm gone Better get your act together Don't wait too long Don't wanna change what we have To what we had Girl I need you to know

That I care for you
By now you should know that I care for you
You say my actions never show it
I don't wear my heart on my sleeve
But what you get is what you see
The truth is girl underneath
Gotta believe that I care for you
Baby I care for you

Here are some more impressions from the Class when I taught the Routine:

- Instagram -

- Steemit FB Group - 

© Sirwinchester

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this makes me miss dance class! looks like lots of fun!!


it's always a lot of fun, maybe you should start dancing again!

I used to love usher! you just brought back some memories :D


He definitely had some really huge hits back in the day!

dope song! I forgot how dope usher's music used to be

your moves are amazing, so creative and so different!
How do you come up with them ?!


thank you!
I can't really explain the process. Like when I'm freestyling, I can't explain why I'm doing certain steps, I just do!

dammmnn dude wish i had moves like that. good stuff. i'm following, look forward to more


haha, thank you! I appreciate it!
There's definitely more to come, although I blog about various different topics :)

your moves fit the music perfectly! impressive!


thank you for the compliment, appreciate it!

I'm not an expert at dancing but you guys are doing looks awesome. and the song is cool too!


thank you for the feedback :)

nice one, the video looks really great! y'all can dance :D


thank you! :D

your dancing skills have always been awesome as I can see!


thank you! Well, I've been training for quite a while!

awesome choreography, you really paid attention to all the elements and beats in the song!


thank you! Yes I try to tailor every move exactly to the music!

well done, that video is awesome!!



Thank you, appreciate it!
I will share more!


Great! Followed to see more Great content from You :)

Making me want to dance! It's Ersher baby.


Exactly! 😬💃🏽

Let's not forget "Rubber Limbs"!!!

Oh my gosh this one is so old!!! Where did you get this video from? Its hard to imagine that its me beside you :D Wow time is running....

Dude let's battle lol. Right here on Steemit.

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