Steem Cosmos Station #3: How Facebook Bought Out Google And Dominated The World

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It was now the year 2088 - It has been 10 years since we'd started our mission on earth to reactivate the Blockchain and revive Steemit.

Me, Satoshi Jr. and Ned Jr. had just met up in Paris, on our 10th Birthday.

Satoshi was leading us. He said we had somewhere to go.
We were following him through the busy streets of Paris. Security Cameras were everywhere so we were strategically taking narrow, old streets where there weren't any.

Growing up, I had already noticed that the security cameras were everywhere. I could never say or do anything daring or out of the ordinary, otherwise I would've been detected.

But Dan had already prepared us for this, he told us:

"Think like the wise men that you are, but act like a child. This is the only way we can complete the mission. You are much more inconspicuous and innocent as kids."

So as we were following Satoshi, me and Ned Jr. were playing and fooling around.
Whenever we were sure we could not be seen, we took our usual posture back: Upright position and with a strong gaze to the front.

"Don't make fun of me", Ned Jr. said, because he had been reborn as a girl. " I can imagine it's weird for you guys. It's actually not bad being a girl. This body is fit."
I chuckled. It was amazing how Ned could always see the positive in every situation.
Maybe it's even better for us as a group to have a girl, rather than 3 guys, it made us less suspicious.

Our first objective would be to find out what had happened on earth while we were growing up.
We didn't notice a lot of it, because we were just small kids and always with our parents. I had only noticed the security cameras, and how Mom had to go to weekly memory scans.

Finally, we arrived at the building Satoshi led us to. There was a door, and as Satoshi knocked on it, a little window in the door was opened and the raspy voice of an old man asked: Who is there?

Satoshi replied: 


There was a brief moment of silence, and then we heard the door being unlocked.

"How could you remember all those numbers?!" I asked, astonished.
Satoshi just nodded in my direction, and then went through the door.

The one who greeted us was a very old many, probably more than 80 years old. Then, he started to hug us.
"Finally you are here! We didn't even believe you'd still come anymore! We are the last people that had worked for Steemit, and had been told that one day  you three would come and save our world!" 

"That's why I brought you here. He will report to us" said Satoshi, and his voice sounded so unfamiliar in my ears because he rarely ever spoke.

"Where's Ned Junior?", the old man suddenly asked. "Did he not make it? Oh no, Ned didn't make it right?!", he almost started sobbing.

"Umm, no. It's me. I am Ned Junior" replied Ned, in the body of a blonde, 10-year-old girl.

"Oh", said the old man, and abruptly stopped sobbing. "That's.. That's great that your alive! ...
Now follow me boys!" he said, and turned around. 

We followed his slow walk into a meeting room, where we were greeted by about 6-7 other elderly men and women. So one after another, they started explaining to us what had happened on Earth since and before we were born.

It had all started 9 years ago, when Facebook bought out Google after a financial crash.  Facebook gained full control. And in the End, it came out that super-rich family clans like the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers etc. were the initiators of the whole plan. 

Everything had been planned, and in the end they managed to live up to their name "Facebook": They had portrait pictures of every human being on the planet, registered, so that crimes were even harder to commit. They were able to track every person  and control the memories of each person.

In the US, they had even initiated a fee for breathing air, because supposedly the government was cleaning the air.
Elon Musk's Family had emigrated to the Mars, they'd been wanting to do that for quite some time. 

The right side of the brain was almost never used anymore, and expressing creativity was not allowed.

Humans were becoming more like robots, and robots were becoming more like humans. 

 Technology was controlling the world.

There were only 2 cultural classes anymore: those who were super-rich and had all the information, and those who were extremely poor and could do nothing else but work. 

There was no more middle class, just a huge gap.

"Why didn't we protest properly when those new laws were initiated", one of the old ladies sobbed. "We all saw what happened, saw the wars happening, but we didn't do or say anything!"
She choked, and was handed some water.
"We always thought that everyone would turn out fine in the end.. We thought it couldn't get any worse.. but it did! You three can change it! You can reactivate the Blockchain and revive Steemit! You can give humanity their creativity back!" Now the old man who was greeted us was talking with youthfully sparkling eyes. "No one is drawing anymore, or playing music. Everything is just grey, grey and white! Well, and blue. Due to facebook." He sighed.

"And the worst part" he said, with a shaking voice, "is that the super-rich have now started eating human meat. It's a delicacy, you can only get it in 5 Stars Restaurants.". He bit his lip. "'Italian. Korean, Brazilian, Nigerian, Australian.' That is their menu. Every ethnicity has different features and a different taste. 

This world has become very difficult since you started your mission.
You need to have a very good plan if you want a chance to complete your goal."

"We have a plan", Ned said with a loud, confident tone.

"Yes!", me and Satoshi added.

- To be continued - 

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The fuckin Rothschilds.

Elon come back and take me to Mars please. Also tell him we are living in the worst simulation ever.

I'm sure Elon will welcome you in his house on mars! ;)

I follow your journey for a few years now and you are the most creative person with no doubt! No matter which topic, you get the most of it.
That new chapter is again a masterpiece! It has kind of truth it in with limitless creativity!

Awesome addition to part one and two. Love it man keep it up great polished writing.

thanks for your kind words! appreciate it!

@sirwinchester this is the first post of yours I have read. Creative doesn't begin to describe your epic depiction of this dystopian future. What was your inspiration and is there any comment you were trying to get across between the lines?

You are truly an artist with words and metaphors. I will be following everything you do. @pjheinz

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thanks for the compliment, happy to hear that! Now you'll have to wait for part 4 though ;)

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It just came to my mind - guess my creativity works like that! thanks for your feedback!

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say hello back ;)
thanks for your feedback, appreciate it !

let's hope that this doesn't become the reality!

yes, we don't know! Hopefully not

very interesting. Only thing I don't like is the gory video!

well, the future might look like this and the reality is ugly. people always react when it's too late so I try to give the audience another vision and perspective

I see your point of view.

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thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Hello © SirWinchester.
You have now started on your future movie script
And provides dice 6
regards @xpilar