Why YOU Should Learn Coding!

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We live in a world that's dominated by technology.

Humans are always striving to make things easier - faster, better, with less effort.

Programming is an important part of our future. Programming is the key to a automated future, and people that have that skill will be able to shape the future.

Most people even know that this is true, but say to themselves that it's too difficult to learn, or that they don't have the time.

And yes, it might be difficult for some people to learn coding - but it's worth it. Not like some other things you spend time with.

"You don't have to be a genius to learn how to code - you just have to be determined." - Vanessa Hurst

Programming has a future - no, it is the future.

So you're better off spending your time learning programming, instead of studying for a job that will be outworn within the next few decades.

When choosing a job for the future, it's not only important to think about what you like or where your strengths are. You have to think about the future as well.
Of course I'm not saying go and do something or the rest of your life that will make you unhappy, but we often make it too easy for ourselves.

Like @federicopistono has already mentioned in his book, being a programmer is one of the only jobs that will stay relevant in the future.
Most jobs can be overtaken by machines (and will be), but programming needs the human sense of creativity, which no robot could learn.

Everybody talks about wanting safety. But creating safety for yourself can also mean LEARNING something, acquiring a new skill that will be your Airbag in the future.

"The programmers of tomorrow are the wizards of the future." - Gabe Newell

The effort that you put into learning coding is definitely worth it.  And there's even an added bonus - when you mastered one programming language, it's easier to learn other ones as well. 

There are programming languages for everything - you just have to ask yourself what you're interested in. 

No matter what it is - coding a website, software, apps or even blockchain - there are so many different kinds of programming. You can compare it to our different languages of the world - english, french, spanish, italian - and in the same way, there are different languages in programming as well.

The difference is that these languages have a purpose

"Great coders are today's Rockstars." - Will.I.Am

I think Steemit has a great audience for this topic -unlike other social media- because there are already many programmers here.
And Steemit itself is already proof that shows what technology can do and how programming can change our lives - so what more proof would you need?

Programming can be found in almost every aspect of our lives - the machines that produce our goods, the software that controls the cash register at the grocery store, the tools that save our lives at the hospital and of course the smartphones we use daily. 

All of that would not be possible without programming, and there are endless examples.

This Post should get people to think about this topic.

If someone is really interested in learning how to code, you can contact me on rocket chat @sirwinchester and I can give you some tips on how to learn the following programming languages: 

C#, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, WordPress, Android, iOS (Swift)

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This is definitely something I want to learn! I feel like now that I'm self employed it's actually possible for me to take the time to learn. Thank you for this insightful post!

glad you enjoyed it! Like I mentioned above, coding is the future and could be very useful for everyone who's self employed!

I'd take a look at codeacademy then. Courses there were very well made.

This is all great advice. My advice would be to learn programming thought with python (@tee-em just started a series on teaching himself programming with python), and once you understand how basic programmatic thought works, take up C++ and learn the more rigorous, in-depth aspects of how computers and software work.

I've been a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) programmer for almost 30 years. Computers can only think logically so as a programmer we have to think logically too otherwise we can't communicate with the machine. Once you have mastered the art of logical thinking that's half the battle then you just have to learn the language. As a side note computers think in binary - 1's and 0's so
1 = 1
10 = 2
11 = 3
100 = 4
101 = 5
111 = 6
1000 = 7

and so on........

@steem-engine You're off by one. 1000 would be 8, not 7. ;) You skipped 110

reminded me of this - AWESOME short vid... Even Will.I.Am agrees. :-)

Yes this video is awesome, this is where I took some of the GIFs from. It was a great initiative but unfortunately not everyone got to see it!

What advice would you offer to someone setting out to learn coding? Is there a particular path of specific free online courses you'd recommend - or what route might one best take to shorten their learning curve and accelerate their skill development, with so many different languages and courses out there...?

Programming is definitely one of the major branches that will be very important in the future (it already is today!) We need to keep track with those developments and keep learning in order to safeguard our position in the future. Great post that shows us how important programming is! Unfortunately programming and me are not the best match, I tried to study it for a while but my interest lies somewhere else!

Totally agree with you! I'm sure if you try again you would be able to succeed. It seems complicated at first but it's actually pretty fun!

Hmm you might be right, I really would like to learn to make 3d designs so I can print stuff in 3D. Would that be called programming as well? If yes, I will follow your advice :)

Nice post!

After being inactive for about ten years, I've decided to get back into programming.

Through iTunes U, I took a Swift programming class "Developing iOS 9 Apps with Swift, CS193P_SPR16" offered by Standford at no cost. And I recently loaded the "Mimo" app from the Apple store. Mimo is an iOS app that teaches programming, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Swift, and more through gamified and interactive lessons on the go.

I would recommend both as I have found them to be invaluable resources in learning.

that sounds great! Cool that you are continuously improving your skills and learning new things!

There are even games where you can code ;) For example: http://javarush.ru like that for russian speaking, maybe english sources like that exist too

I fully agree with the author. Thanks for the interesting content as always. Maybe not everyone is interested to deepen their knowledge of programming, but the basics is required so as not to be a dinosaur =)

100% agreed - if only the basics would be taught in school, that would already make a big difference! It's so useful!

Yes, but the material presented it is impossible to understand anything. If we are talking about children or young people they are interested in a different type of game, if there is a selection of educational games, it would be interesting to try.

This is a well-written and creative article, but I disagree so much with it's message that everyone should learn programming, that I wrote a parody in reply:

Why YOU Should Learn Plumbing

@sirwinchester I hope you see the funny side of what I'm writing. It's not personal, just my way of expressing my different opinion. :)

I totally agree with you and I want to learn coding and I want my children to learn coding as well!

@sirwinchester Cool post. Having had the good fortune to work with will.i.am, I concur that he's a dope dude and very tech savvy. I recently learned Wordpress, and have some initiation to coding, but languages do seem daunting. If blockchain is the future, what languages do you suggest to pursue that path? Thank you

especially with all those mobile apps nowadays, I think coding has become a new role!

you're right, that's why I learned coding swift - apps are the future.

You have great outlook 'Sir", the mobile is the future for sure.

you are so right about those future jobs. Some things like print journalism will be dead in a few years!

very very interesting post, I guess I'll have to look into programming!

It is a pity fortran is not on your list. It is old, I know, but it stays very powerful (even more powerful than other languages) for various applications, especially in science.

thanks for the input, I'll look into it :)

Great point. However AI may eventually make even programming obsolete once it reaches a certain point.

If there's one thing I took more seriously, I wish it would be coding. That being said, I've given it a several solid efforts and just can't for the life of me seem to find my flow.

I'm tempted to try again, but part of me wants to focus on other areas I think will bring more value -- namely writing, creating content, communication etc.

I don't "buy" the belief that I "can't" be a coder but it's just so damn frustrating for me.

I learned basic HTML in school but nothing more.. maybe I should refresh my knowledge! thanks for the reminder, programming IS the future

definitely, programming has evolved so much so I'm sure you could learn lots of new skills!

This is another reason I love steemit @sirwinchester. Gaining this insight is of such paramount importance. I'm a musician, producer, business owner, and steemer so I'm self employed and this couldn't be more relevant. I'm going to message you thanks for the knowledge good sir!

Rock on and well said. Funny thing though...

programming needs the human sense of creativity, which no robot could learn.

This may not always be the case. Some of the jobs we think are the safest when it comes to the coming age of automation may be outsourced first. Programming may not be an exception (I say this as someone who has been building websites since 1996). I've been reading stuff from Nick Bostrom and Ray Kurzweil and we have some interesting times ahead of us. That said, coding is the language of the future. Anyone who can't write code may be deaf and mute as things continue to progress exponentially in the digital world.

I would really like too, but I failed too many times. I suppose it's just not for me. I'm not so good in maths and, about that, I don't think programming is really about creativity.

Of course you need that to build good things, but to build things themselves you just need logic. Strict logic. And so, so, so, so much math. Programming is just a second word for "math on pc" ahahah

I agree with everything you said, yet I still have very little interest in learning to code! hahahaha
Thats what I love about life is that I can do whatever I want! I can be good at whatever I want, and If I am going to do something might as well be something I enjoy and WANT to be doing.
Keep on being successful and doing what you love!
Best Regards~*~

Yes, programming teaches you logic. Very useful & crucial part of life.

One of my fav's topics !!!!

Hi @sirwinchester ,follow many of your great post.
You are a man who gives much of yourself to others.
Glad you're here on steemit.

Regards @xpilar

I've never thought about it this way - very insightful post!

Agree- wholehearted! Not only is it important for to shape the future but also to learn how to thing and problem solving.

You forgot to warn that it takes years to learn it ;)

I agree! Some first grade classes are learning to code. I think that is great!

@sirwinchester Great post. I would like to learn more, where and how do you advise to start learning how to code. Where should we begin the road to code master, become coding yoda.

While not a complete coding noob, not having this message beaten into me as a child is a life regret. Hopefully, I will do enough to rectify that going forward. It can be very frustrating having ideas but lacking the language to manifest them. It's like wanting to chat up that smoking hot foreign exchange student but only having snippets of words and sign language to convey your passion. It doesn't do it justice XD

Writing software is definitely a good thing, for those with the patience and logical mind to handle it. Give it a try. You might like it. Or not.

But new to me here is Rocket Chat, which has a Node.js server, written largely in CoffeeScript (also new to me), with web, mobile, and desktop clients. It appears that they expect you to run your own server, though they provide a demo server to play with.

My guess is that "contact me on rocket chat" means on steemit.chat, a Steemit branded Rocket Chat server. But this is the first I've seen mention of that, and I only found it by googling "steemit rocket chat". It appears to work, though it would have been nice had it warned me to click on the link in the email verification email before attempting to log in (or maybe it did, and I neglected to look at the notification message in the top-right-corner of the window).

Considered more secure than a #steemit IRC channel on freenode? Or just more modern chat technology?

My husband and I have talked about learning to do this, it's the future and so much can come from it. We love to learn new things and this might just be the thing to spark our brain up again!

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Great post, I recently started Python because everyone said it's easy. Learning at first is a struggle like any spoken language, but it gets easier as more commands become familiar.

As long as you use learning resources and also make fun side projects from YouTube or something, seeing your code do something even if you don't fully understand it yet can be motivating.