Shadow Photo Contest-Round 40- Art Shadows

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Shadow Photo Contest

Round 39- Duo Shadows is now closed

Round 40 begins now!

ART Shadows

This week's contest will pay out 5 Steem in prizes.

The theme this week was chosen by the talented artist @barbara-orenya and she will also be the guest judge.

@barbara-orenya would like to see your ART shadows! Your shadows can be of anything that might be used to create art, or a shadow of an artwork that you have created yourself! Crayons? Scissors?




To get your photo to show up in the comments, you have to post the link to your post AND the link to your photo. It makes it easier to remember what you posted if we don't have to keep clicking the link and it gets more attention for your photo.
If you have an idea for a topic and would like to be a guest judge, let me know!

Here Are The Rules For The Contest.

The Prize will be at least 5 Steem, divided between no more, and possibly less than 10 winners, who will be chosen by me, or a judge selected by me.

  • One submission per person

  • If you enter a photo please up vote this post so that the contest can continue. All resteems are appreciated!

  • You can create a post using the tag shadowphoto but the photo or link MUST be posted in the comments here as well.

  • Feel free to use editing and effects to create a special look if you want. Phone photos are great!

  • The photo must be your original work. Please don't use photos that you find on the internet!

  • Submissions will no longer be accepted after the post has payed out in 7 days.

A Hint. Since this is a week long contest, if you publish a post with your entry, you may want to enter on the last few days of the contest. That way your post is still live and can be upvoted when the winners are announced.

Remember to upvote this post when you enter or your entry will not qualify!

Past Winners

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Round 2 Winners- hand shadows
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Round 6 Winners- Animal Shadows
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Round 19 Winners- Distorted Shadows
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Round 22 Winners- Circle Shadows

Round 23 Winners- Walkway Shadows

Round 24 Winners- Crisp and Distinct

Round 25 Winners- Toy Shadows

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Round 28 Winners-Childrens Shadows

Round 29 Winners- Parallel Line Shadows

Round 30 Winners- Textured Wood Shadows

Round 31 Winners-Creature Feature

Round 32 Winners- Bottles and Jars

Round 33 Winners- Book Shadows

Round 34 Winners- Chair Shadows

Round 35 Winners- Musical Instrument Shadows

Round 36 Winners-Hand Shadows no. 2

Round 37 Winners-Profile Shadows

Round 38 Winners- Laundry Shadows

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Enjoyed in mixing colors of shadows at the Museum of Illusion.

Halloween is coming, so in the spirit of the upcoming holidays I suggest the new theme: scary shadow! :D
If you need a judge, I can help.

Beautiful shadows! The colors are lovely!

Oh I love it! Send me a sample photo at at melinda. [email protected] and if I get it in time we can do it soon. I'm sure the guest judge for tomorrow would understand if I delay her contest.

Hi, my dear Melinda, here is my art shadow for this week's edition!
It's a traditional Timorese house made by a young Timorese artist. It's one of my favorite pieces at my place. Cheers, sweetie!


I can see why it is a favorite of yours! Thanks for sharing it with us, it is lovely!

Thanks so much, my dear Melinda! Big hug!

That is lovely and the shadow is wonderful! Thank you for entering!

Thank you

Delightful shadows! Thanks for entering

Is my pleasure dear Melinda!😊

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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Hello Shadow Art,

Thank you

Great seasonal art shadows! Thanks for entering!

My beaded shadow entry

I love your beadwork! Thanks for entering,

  ·  last year (edited)

I've been able to make this post, thank you for your help (inspiration): Shadow Photo Contest-Round 40- Art Shadows of Dan

That makes a great paint brush holder! Thanks so much for entering!

  ·  last year (edited)

My pleasure, Melinda. I'm glad to post in time.

😃 Thursday to Thursday!

Glad to know, thank you!

Hey there :)

Stumbled across the contest several days ago and decided to take it little bit out of the box. For me, martial arts truly are arts :) I do mostly brazilian jiu jitsu and started with boxing and greco wrestling lately. Here my submission :) As you can read in the post, I had some troubles taking that pic :D

Ceramics trimming tools! Great art Shadows! Thanks for entering.

I love it! That is a fun art shadow! Thanks for joining in!

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi @melinda010100 here is my Happy Sunny faces Entry and thank you my friend for your continuous support to us Steemers :)

Shadow Photo Contest-Round 40- Art Shadows !!


Thank you for such a happy sunny entry! They are delightful shadows!

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you @melinda010100 :)

Paper hearts


I like this! Great hearts and great shadows! Thanks for entering!

The 40-Art Shadows Shadow Photo Contest is very good for all of us friends. I like this contest. I hope that one day @melinda010100 can visit my blog. I hope that happens

This one will be a good one for me in the attic @melinda010100 as long as we continue to have sunny days and I remember to take a photograph! 😂

If I remember, I'll nudge you!🤣


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I like the theme of this edition. I hope to be able to participate with something that will rise to the required level.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Thank you! I'm looking, I'm looking to see what I can post. Respect for you, @melinda010100 and @barbara-orenya!

This is my great pleasure Dan, Thanks a lot ^_^

My pleasure also!

I absolutely ADORE @barbara-orenya's theme for this week Melinda.

I'm going to the Botanical Gardens today to see an indoor and outdoor sculpture exhibition. It may inspire me to create something myself that would make for interesting shadow art. Hoping the Universe will provide a little sunlight this week. 🙏

I'm so glad that you are excited about this theme! Shadow play! All we need is sunshine!

Sun's out now Melinda. SO happy. Promises to be a wonderfully creative week. ☀️

Indeed my dear, I can't wait to see your rendition ^_^

@barbara-orenya and @melinda010100 I was so looking forward to creating a piece for this challenge. Love the topic and wanted to make something specifically for it.

But my article for Jay's #WednesdayWalk kept growing 😊 Seems I still have a lot to learn in keeping everything simple 😊 And now it's too late to submit anything to #shadowphoto.

But I wanted to share this photograph with you, because it has such beautiful shadows. It was one of the works on display at the exhibition in the Botanical Gardens ~ And has inspired me to create my own little mixed media hangings.

I had a few other ideas as well ~ Some of which I still intend to make. So even though I haven't been able to submit anything to the #shadowphoto this time, this particular challenge has really set a few wheels in motion.


Oooh ...and I would have selected it for sure..this is so pretty graceful my dear ! This makes some lovely artistic shadow curves on the wall...

  ·  last year (edited)

I don't know why did two .. comments...

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40 strong and still going. Great contest @melinda010100. Steem On!

Thanks for the support, luv! It is appreciated! ❤️

hello @melinda010100 is it art shadow contest?

very interesting photo of your shadow @melinda010100


My entry: 44208387_10217636688418252_8906697960612429824_n.jpg

Very good choice of topics. I will be thinking on this one for a day or two. Love to you


I will be looking forward to your entry! ❤️

it's a pity that I haven't been able to join the 39th contest maybe in the 40th I will follow ... this art contest is very interesting.

I hope to see an entry from you this week! And I am happy to see that you did a power up! Good for you!

Wonderful idea, Barbara! Great edition, Melinda, I'm in! Hugs x 2!

Oh good! Glad you like this theme!

I do, Melinda! It's challenging! I've entered my photo!

Look forward to what you come up with now too Isabel. ♥︎⚖️♥︎

I hope you don't get disappointed, sweetie! Have a wonderful day!

I know I won't Isabel. Always love what you do. ♥︎⚖️♥︎

Thanks, my dear Alyson!

howdy there melinda010100! this is a fun contest, great job!

It is truly a pleasure to host this contest!