100 Days of Poetry Challenge [Day 22]: PHASE

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Poetry for me is an art of heart where you are letting the emotions flow on every words you use. It is a door to other dimension, as you can take your readers to a place you want them to be and let them feel the power of your craft.

I have accepted @d-pend's 100 Days Poetry Challenge from @steemitschool to prove to myself that it has nothing to do with the age, as long as your heart is on it... then you can continue until your golden years.

You can join us in Steemit School Discord, Live POETRY Class every night, UAE time, from 09:00 to 11:00 PM.


It passes and neglected at times
Didn't realize the importance until it's gone
No matter how we regret,
We can never turn it back

River of memories
Floating in our childhood days
Details we barely recall
Now that we grow old

Dad used to be around
Eating supper together every night
Suddenly everyone left
And I go on with my life

Looking back, feeling the guilt inside
Was it me that was careless?
Very late when I noticed
I was robbed, by TIME...

Photo by ShiftGraphiX on Pixabay

Photo by Alexandra_Koch on Pixabay

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