Steemit Open Mic Week 69 - See Who Played Open Mic PART THREE

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Steemit Open Mic is an online, live music venue to give musicians a chance to share their music with the Steemit community and get their music heard. It is growing larger every week thanks to all of you.

This week's entries have been split into 3 posts because we have so many entries that we broke the post size limit on Steemit!

This post is part 3 and this is

Steemit Open Mic Week 69 - See Who Played - Part 1

Steemit Open Mic Week 69 - See Who Played - Part 2

To see all the entries you'll have to go there too. The post was so big the website would not post it!

The number of entries shot up to a record 688 entries this week of which 484 are valid entries! Awesome guys!

Not all of the entries are in these posts though.

Due to the sheer numbers of entries this week we have only picked 367 of the best ones to put in these posts. If I included all posts it would require over 7 posts. Everyone who had a valid entry was supported even if you don't find your post in these pages and I hope you enjoy the diversity of music from around the world this week.

There have been a flush of new accounts downloading people's valid Open Mic entries, uploading them to a new YouTube account, and posting it as their own performance on their multiple Steemit accounts. Those will not be included and I have muted those accounts.

To the scammers doing this, muting your account means I will no longer see your posts so you are wasting yours and every one elses time continuing down that path.

We put a new rule in place that is designed to stop scammers, not singers as some people seemed to have interpreted this post.

New Rule For Entering Steemit Open Mic And The Open Mic Songwriters Challenge --- by @luzcypher

Please bear with us as we deal with this issue and keep Open Mic about building a musical community on Steemit worthy of the talent you bring to us each week.

@pfunk has been sponsoring Steemit Open Mic since I first started it and I want to give a big thank you to him and all the people who support and take part in Steemit Open Mic.

@pfunk is a Steemit witness and helps keep the platform working and you can vote for him here

Vote For Pfunk For Witness And Keep Steemit Open Mic Growing Strong We Need Your Help Now

Special thanks to @curie for selecting and supporting musicians who have entered Steemit Open Mic.

Special thanks to @xeldal for generously delegating +20,000 Steem Power to the project.

Special thanks to @ausbitbank for creating the new @openmic account and to all who funded it with +24,000 Steem Power


Auditions For Week 3 Of The Horns Up Saloon English And Spanish --- by @lk666

Now Playing Week 3 Recap --- by @nowplaying-music

Steemit Talent Contest And The Winner Is --- by @donnaincancun

Winner Of The Open Mic Songwriters Challenge Is Onetruebrother Congratulations You Won A New Guitar --- by @luzcypher

Openmic Songwriter S Challenge Best Of Season 1 --- by @meno

Official Open Mic Songwriters Challenge Or Passion Ground S Best Of Songwriters Season 1 --- by @passion-ground

Sound Legion Steemit Music Community Open Mic Judge What I Look For In A Openmic Entry My Musicial Journey Outline --- by @soundlegion

Steemit Local Music Society Update 3 New Moderators And Rules --- by @harrisonmir

Looking For Developers To Help Build A Dedicated Open Mic Website Built On The Steem Blockchain --- by @luzcypher

The cutoff date to enter however is 12.00 PM UTC Time (Friday, 26th January 2018). Find your UTC time here. Entries posted late will not be upvoted. We have about 100 people entering late and I do not have the time to explain the rules to you again so please read the post and get your entries in on time.##

Winners will be announced Monday, the 27th of January 2018.

Steemit Open Mic Week 69 Part 3

Contest --- by @timie

for @ --- by @jazzresin


This Steemit freestlye was one of the first posts I ever saw on Steemit and it helped me fall in love with Steemit as a platform and let me know I am in the right place!!! I appreciate your posts and ideas... Keep the creativity coming!!!

Hi, would like to know why my entry didn't work . greetings and thanks.-

I am from Indonesia, I want to go, but there is no yutube channel, is there any other solution.

Wow, so many great entries. Glad you're on top of the scammers. Hope you're reporting them to @steemcleaners for plagiarism!

Good idea. Been too busy running the contest but will moving forward. I've been muting their accounts after catching them multiple times, but they are getting smarter.

Nice post.... Amazing sound openmic, I like this... Good work @luzcypher

Wow i love these videos,there is alot of talent here

I really like this context hopefully this context is more advanced

@luzcypher this is my entry Post Link . I had serious network issues while trying to post and it was why I missed the deadline

hermano tengo chance de subir mi video?

useful sharing

Amazing... I like that....

this time we are a lot, how the judges can cope? great!!

The Open Mic Team are awesome and loves music and the Steemit community.

I'm pretty happy about that, it has to be that way, music lovers are what we need

I want to follow this race. when I can come @luzcypher

Glad to be on the list, last but not least! Thanks for the support.

@luzcypher and @pfunk et al, great job. More power to your elbows

useful sharing

Hiii.. Sorry but I didn't see my entry in any of the 3 posts.. I think maybe it wasn't a valid entry since I didn't even get an upvote from you XD.. This is the link.. Thanks!

@luzcypher thanks a lot for including my openmic video in this post! I'll try to participate each week. Regards