Winner Of The Open Mic Songwriters Challenge Is @onetruebrother! - Congratulations You Won A New Guitar!

in openmic •  10 months ago

The Open Mic Songwriters Challenge finished it's eighth week and we have a winner. Before I announce the winner I want to say that it has been and amazing 8-weeks and listening to all the talented musician's song as they entered them every week was a joy to listen to.

A big thanks to you all for sharing your music with us on Steemit. I also want to thank @meno for supplying the guitar and @meno, @passion-ground and @krystle for judging the contest. We all loved listening to so much great music from all of you.

We have picked a winner and the winner is...



Congratulations @onetruebrother. Thanks for your sharing your talent with the Steemit community and enjoy your new guitar!

@onetruebrother, @meno will be contacting you for details on shipping your new guitar to you! How awesome is that?

Here are all 8 songs @onertruebrother wrote for the Open Mic Songwriters Challenge.

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Though the Songwriter's Challenge is most certainly NOT within the typical realm of a "contest" per se, - and I mean that in both spirit and reality, - from one older "herimtized" white guy to another - CONGRATULATIONS, BROTHER! - you've earned it!


You know, with a bit of production, these 8 songs could be a really good album!


So amazing!! my friend!! you are the inspiration to all of us!! you truly deserve it!! i am so proud of you!♥


Congratulations @onetruebrother! Awesome work my friend. Great songs and performances.


Congratulations @onetruebrother! Looking forward to more stuff from you. May the new instrument serve you well, hope you show it off to all of your steemit brethren :)


Well done. It was a fun contest. I hope you enjoy your new guitar


Congradulation one true brother!! :)


Congratulations sir! Can i have the old guitar? Haha joke.


Belated CONGRATULATIONS bro! Im so glad it was you, I had my fingers crossed because your songwriting is amazing, your voice, personality and guitar playing... it was such a joy to hear your songs each week and you were one of the artists who really helped reel me in to joining in with the songwriters challenge. Great getting to know you. I can't wait to hear you play new guitar from @meno ! Peace.

Can't wait to do this all over again!!!! @onetruebrother come find me on discord so we can talk about getting this beauty into your hands..


Id totally put in entries next challenge


awesome, stick around very soon we will do this all over again!

Congrats @onetruebrother! Crushed it!!!!

That's so awesome! Great work everyone, and CONGRATS to @onetruebrother! :) :) Enjoy <3 xoxo

@onetruebrother la partiste, hermano! te abrazo! Felicidades y felicitaciones!

Woow! Thats awesome result. Congrats @onetruebrother 👏👏

Congratulations to @onetruebrother!!! you deserve it!!! week after week you did a great job with each theme!! I'm looking forward to the next one!!! :)

well done and congrats @onetruebrother. I haven't been on Steemit for 8 weeks yet so I went and watched all your contributions and efforts. I know that this period of time had some challenges 4 you, but despite that you really shined. Godspeed 2 ya!

Congratulations @onetruebrother! You deserve it! You truly are a talented songwriter and musician! enjoy the guitar and keep sharing your music with all of us! Cheers!

CONGRATULATIONS sir @onetruebrother, you did great music.

Congratulations. Nice hair btw

Congratulations! Great to see a community competition like this!

Perfect, very entertaining

Awesome! I'd say that OTB was definitely a deserving participant of the win and a top pick for me each week! He was one of the artists that I followed throughout the process.

Curious...How many songwriters did all 8 weeks?

Congratz @onetruebrother, I'm happy you won! You are definitely one of my favorites

Congratulations @onetruebrother.
I hope to participate at the next one

congratulations keep it up

Congratulations @onetruebrother! Fantastic achievement!

very good. I congratulate you. I hope to always follow you and support you. I'm participating in the open mic I'm waiting for your support. with my song "memories". thanks and success

Brilliance ! @onetruebrother this couldnt be more deserved. congrates

Congrats to @onetruebrother what a worthy winner! Amazing songwriting qualities, enjoy your new guitar.

Trubro. You were incredible. It has been such a pleasure to hear your songs week in week out throughout this challenge. To enter this sort of manic fray was 'not in your nature' supposedly (in your own words) but man, look now! And look hard. You are loved by your audience, your talent and authentic being have cultivated such a mass of support and appreciation, and now you are rewarded with a fine new instrument with which to weave your magic spells. So much love to you, your music has given me something special and I will not forget it! x Basil

Congratulations @onetruebrother! Keep posting your songs :)

So glad @onetruebrother, congratulations and much deserved.

Congratulations @onetruebrother
It's absolutely true what they say about your music.. They are all classy.. I wish to get in the contest too😔😔😔😔
Don't know how much of a possibility that is... But look what i got below...