Up to $75 vote from me if you encourage newbies. Newbies can also get same for a good blog. Closes 26 December.

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Final Edit 30th December:
I have voted those who participated as follows (see your name and rank) in the table below:
"The best": 100%
"Super-hero": 70%
"Hero": 50%
"Excellent": 30%
"Good": 20%

In total there were around 100 people who said they would help newbies. I upvoted around 70% of them with a vote of between 20% and 100% as shown above. In addition I may have voted their comments and the newbies on which they commented. Due to the way steem voting strength decliens - especially after more than 10 100% votes, and recovers after 24 hours, I hade to spread my voting over 5 or 6 days to give out the maximum number of votes.

There were around 300+ newbie blogs referenced, It was impossible to read them all. I read 100s and voted on some of the best. Sorry for those it was impossible to get to. In particular I made an effort to give a small upvote to any newbie who said "Thanks" when he got a comment from someone here. It wasn't much, but better than nothing.

According to steemreports, I made 570 votes during this initiative. Here is the pie chart showing the size of each vote. You can look at it on steemreports by typing in my name like this:

What looks like a large vote (the pink section) reads "520 others". These were mostly votes of below 10% or 20% power. Still worth quite a lot top the recipient given my voting strength.

You can see who I voted for on the steemreports link below, by hovering your mouse over the slice of pizza.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 07.56.06.png

Edit 28th December: This is closed. For those who participated, I continue to dish out rewards, but my power is below 70% again https://steemnow.com/@swissclive so it will be another day before everyone has been voted. Most of the top participants have already been voted as have some of the blogs.

Edit and update 27th December: Participation in this finished at midnight on Christmas day.
I haven’t finished upvoting yet. I will be soon publishing how the upvoting worked.

Here is my assessment of the best 55 bloggers or commenters amongst those who participated. Everyone mentioned in the list below will be getting a vote from me (I have already voted some. More are to come as my voting strength increases):

If accidentally I missed your name off the list below, let me know, and I will check it. (Nobody who participated after midnight on Christmas day please)

adityabhat (42) Hero
admiralsp (41) Hero
afiqsejuk (34) Hero
anotsopopularkid (42) Hero
aquamarine (30) good
artopium (47) Hero
ashleighchanel (26) Excellent
blacksheepblog (48) Hero
calatorulmiop (53) Hero
charlesmackenzie (25) Hero
cranium (59) The best
dagger212 (43) Excellent
davedickeyyall (54) Super-hero
deeclown (42) Hero
dlina-v-metrah (57) Hero
dobartim (60) Hero
doctorcro (48) Hero
doodlebear (57) Hero
endatu (41) The best
filotasriza3 (62) Hero
fourfourfun (47) Excellent
frank1in (46) Super-hero
frondaison (34) good
funkylove (41) Hero
geekorner (45) Hero
ginquitti (46) Super-hero
jfolkmann (42) Hero
jjay (25) good
julsmlz (44) Excellent
lifenbeauty (44) Hero
marsella-2017 (60) Hero
mauigold808 (29) Excellent
mawit07 (56) Super-hero
melodyrussell (59) Excellent
mindhawk (47) Excellent
miti (55) Hero
moeknows (52) Hero
mountainjewel (53) Super-hero
nathen007 (43) good
otemzi (56) Hero
paolajane (54) Hero
saavvy (25) good
skycae (49) Hero
strongerbeings (47) Hero
techslut (64) Super-hero
terryxxjones (35) Super-hero
theaustrianguy (64) Hero
wanderlass (39) Super-hero
yairdd (50) Super-hero
zaki79 (25) Hero
zarfot (39) Super-hero!

A 100% upvote from me comes out at just over $20 which means that with Steem Dollars worth around $10 each you could get up to $75. (@miti did the calculation for me). I think the calculation is $20 / 2 X 75% + 20 /2 X 10 X 75%. That’s $85. Round it down to $75 as SBD is $9.36, not $10.

However, as mentioned the actual amount would depend on how many people you have to vote for. It could be less than 100% per person. The reason is your voting strength drops with each vote. Some people have received votes in this blog of up to 100% power, others are to come.

As you probably know the advice on voting is that you shouldn’t make more than 10 100% votes per day, or 20 50% votes or 50 20% votes and so on. If you do that your voting strength drops too much and it takes longer and longer to recover.

As it happened there were close to 100 people who responded to this post and close to 400 blogs referenced by those persons.

I literally already spent 18 hours reading blogs, replies and comments, and did not get close to finishing them all.

Some people seem to have interacted with over 100 blogs even 200+ during the two day period. It was tricky to see which were newbies in that. The sheer number of commments and posts meant that I couldn’t fully read every blog.

I had to decide how divide up 10 X 100% between close to 500 comments or blogs. Even if I split it over 2 or 3 days (as I am doing), I still dividing 20 X 100% between nearly 500 candidates, which would be an average of 2% each. In the end it will spill over to 3 or 4 days voting.

The decision was that I would initially favour people who participated by replying in this blog. I decided that they will get 100%, 70% 50% or 20% depending on the degree of interaction with newbies. Many of them have received a vote from me on at least one of their comments. More votes tomorrow.

As for the newbies, who have already been voted by my followers, I decided that as a first step I would vote any newbie who replied to the voter. Thus I rewarded by voting his comment or comments, at 1% - which is $0.21, worth over $1.40 to the newbie based on the present price of SBD.

The result of this is that some newbies received several votes at 1% whilst a few did not get anything because they did not thank or reply to the commentator. If someone commented on their blog it was worthwhile to reply or say “thanks”, because that’s what I voted. If there was a good two way interraction, I may have voted more than one comment by the newbie thus increasing his total reward.

In general, people here made a lot of effort to make good and meaningful comments, and in general that deserved a reply or a “thank you” from the newbie. That’s what I voted. Understandably, a very small number of spammy comments didn’t get a rely, so I did not vote. Roughly 75% of all comments got a reply - which in turn got voted by me. I hope I didn’t miss any.

Along the way I made some mistakes voting on some non-newbie comments at 1%, or people who weren’t part of the competition, or just didn’t deserve anything, but in the interest of time, I let it be.

So far I estimate that I have given out close to 500 votes and my voting strength is down to below 70%, so I am re-powering for 24 hours before continuing the voting.

Thus, where are now is as follows:

If you interacted in this blog, and commented alot on newbie blogs, you will have already received a vote of between 100% and 50% depending on the level of interraction. If you had less interraction, you will get a vote of between 20% and 50% (I will finish this tomorrow when I have more power.)

If you are a newbie who received a vote and comment from someone referenced in this blog, you should have received a 1% vote on your reply, if you said “thanks”, maybe more than 1 if you had a dialog. Your blog itself has not been voted yet. It might qualify for a full 100% upvote, but only the very best blogs will get this. None have been directly voted so far.

If you are a newbie referenced in this blog, who interacted with another newbie, who replied to you, you will find I have already, or I will, vote for you between 20% and 100% as mentioned above. In addition, you may find lots of votes on the comments in your feed. That’s good for you and good for them.

Some of the 1% votes on comments went to non-newbies or to people who are not entitled, (because they did not interract in this blog). This happened in the interest of speed. I judged the comment to be valuable, but then noticed it was not a newbie reply.

I could not do a detailed analysis of the background behind every comment. So some comments were more deserving than others, but all were treated equally.

However, whether you are a newbie or not, if there is a vote on a comment in your blog, you will benefit. For example, if there are 5 comments in your blog on which I voted 1%, that’s 5 times $0.21. With SBD worth close to $10, you would get around $1.35, (I think the exact maths would be as follows = $0.21 / 2 X 5 X 25% + $0.21 / 2 X 10 x 5 X 25%). Why did I vote those comments and not you? It’s because so far I have only voted comments, not blogs. That may come for you.

If you are newbie who received a vote and comment from someone referenced in this blog but you failed to say “thanks”, or reply in another way, you will not have received my vote. Perhaps you felt the comment you received was spammy and did not reply. Quite understandable. I would not reply to spam comments either.

If you are a newbie who replied rudely “I don’t need your advice, you presumptuos git”, then I tried to avoid voting you. I am not sure I missed all the trolls due to the difficulty of fully reading every post and every comment.

If you interacted in this blog, I may already have up-voted you between 50% and 100% on one of your comments in this blog. If you have received no upvote yet, it is because you will get between 20% and 50% vote after I have re-powered over the next 24 hours.

Sadly a very small number of people did not help newbies in the time allowed, so I will not immediately reward them. I might get to it, but it’s not the priority.

Will I reward the actual posts of newbies? That was the original plan but I have not done it - yet. So far you have been rewarded for your comment in reply. With literally 100s of blogs linked to people here, there is too much to closely read all of the blogs I have read many and will read more, and will be voting at full 100% strength on the very best blogs when my power recovers in the days which follow.

I can’t vote for every blog, due to limitations on my voting strength.

Summary: So far, the bulk of the reward has gone to those who interracted in this blog. Newbies whose blogs received comments have a much smaller share of the reward so far. I only rewarded a newbie if they replied to the comment. If a newbie, also participated by helping other newbies, they will be rewarded if not already done. In that case they did well as they benfitted twice.

There is more to come, but with my voting strength close to 60% I had to stop voting for a while, (you shouldn’t go below 70%).

Could a newbie blog still get a 100% vote (worth up to $75)? Yes, I will be upvoting some of the newbie blogs in the coming days as my voting strength recovers. Only a few of the several hundred blogs referenced will get it. It depends on my time and voting strength. Hopefully SBD will rise not fall so the real value will fluctuate according to SBD price.

Edit 26/12/2017 Boxing day afternoon. I am still going though all the posts and comments. There are hundreds if not a thousand. some people encouraged ten going on a hundred newbies!

Edit 26/12/17 Boxing Day has arrived. This initiative is now closed. I will be starting the upvotes in the morning. Check back as I will list all participants and the amount of upvote they received.

On Boxing Day, 26th December, I will be giving away up to $75 each to anyone who encouraged newbies (relatively new posters to steemit) on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, 24th and 25th December. Newbies can also get a large upvote from me. Just tell me you did it.

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Free dosh for encouraging newbies.

Newbies have a hard time when they come to steemit. Some write brilliant posts, but never get noticed. Now’s the time to change that.

How it works

  1. Find some newbie posts (quality and useful or thought provoking posts only)
  2. Make some meaningful comments to the newbies’ posts that you found
  3. Let me know how many comments you made
  4. Anyone can participate including followers, non-followers, and newbies.


  1. Newbie = someone who joined steemit in the months of November or December
  2. To qualify the newbie’s post must be original, meaningful and thought provoking. In other words, no short posts, no re-jigged news stories, no “here’s a picture of my apple tree”.
  3. Your own comments must also be meaningful and thought provoking. (No “Great post about cow poo bro”)
  4. Upvote the newbie
  5. Minimum 2 comments on 2 newbies’ blogs. If you comment more than 2, tell me. That’s good.
  6. Language: You can comment in the same laguage as the blogger. But remember, I can’t make a judgement if the blog isn’t in English, French, or Spanish. Comments in Chinese, Russian, Thai, or Korean mean nothing to me.


According to steempower my 100% vote is worth well over $20. Half of that is paid in steem dollars (SBD) and half in steem. With each steem dollar (SBD) now worth close to $10, that's a lot of money for you. According to my friend @miti that would be over $75.

The maximum reward I will give is 100% per person.

If I see many candidates, I will have to give less than 100% to some or all.

To allow everyone plenty of time, I will not give any rewards before 30 hours have passed from the time of this post i.e no rewards until 26th December has started (European time). This will give everyone plenty of time to make comments on newbie posts.

I can’t guarantee that I will give 100% of my voting power to each person as it depends how many people join me in encouraging newbies.

How will I judge?

  1. I will read all comments.
  2. If I like the blogs on which you commented, I will also upvote the newbies.
  3. If you comment many newbies, (more than 2), I will be extra pleased (bigger reward).
  4. If you give the newbie advice to checkout a newbie guide that’s good. For example, you advise them to checkout: https://steemit.com/steemit/@miti/a-complete-guide-for-newcomers-and-minnows-to-avoid-a-possible-spam-and-to-write-good-comments
  5. If you find other ways to help the newbie such as answering questions, giving advice on style, or markup, or offering to answer his questions, feel free to do so. That’s good!
  6. You can mention my name @swissclive or refer to any of my blogs if you wish, or refer to this one (no obligation to do so).
  7. Encourage the beginner in any way you like.


  1. No rewards will be allocated until Boxing Day, 26th December. It’s not first come, first served. There’s no hurry. You have time.
  2. I may comment your posts/comments before 26th.
  3. When you are done, tell me in this blog how many comments you made to newbies. I will read them. No need to provide links.
  4. You can start commenting immediately.
  5. Most likely the newbie will be so impressed by your comment, you earned yourself another follower.


Are you a newbie? Nobody commented on your interesting and thought provoking blog yet? Have you done an “Introduce Yourself” blog, or something more recent?

Please feel free to put the link to it in this post. (No short blogs, no photos, no re-jigged news-stories, no rubbish). Someone who reads this blog will hopefully comment and upvote you.

If that happens, your blog will be read by me too, and, maybe, upvoted by me. I have high voting power, so it’s worth it if I like what you write.

Do you agree we should encourage newbies?

If you agree with me that it is good to support newbies, then please resteem this blog so they get as much Christmas cheer as possible!

Update 27th December

Voting on newbie blogs has not started yet. Voting on newbies' comments has finished. Voting on people in this blog is ongoing. More votes to come when I re-power in a day or so!

Here is the division of the 532 votes I gave out so far:
The big vote reads "482 others". The biggest vote was to @cranium who literally helped hundreds of bloggers over Christmas. Second biggest was @endatu. Third is @wanderlass. Smallest is to @brazen.

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 04.45.07.png

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 04.45.07.png


Nice article @swissclive
with expertise you have can add insight for readers who use steemit account wherever they are.And do not forget, If you are a person who likes to read short stories and article, you can browse and read and follow on my account at @endatu. There I write it.Thank you, compact greeting always, regards steemers 😊


@endatu (42). What was the nicest part of my article for you? Did do anything about it?

According to steempower my 100% vote is worth well over $20. Half of that is paid in steem dollars (SBD) and half in steem. With each steem dollar (SBD) now worth close to $10, that's a lot of money for you. According to my friend @miti that would be over $75.

haha this is just some epic answer my friend :D i felt down my chair haha


Hello @swissclive! Great initiative, we need more of these here in steemit! Newcomers need our help and others whales or dolphis must follow your example if they want Steemit growth. RESTEEMED as well!

Thanks @miti. I know I can rely in you! You are a great help to everyone here on steemit.

Yes my friend, You can bet on me! I'm glad I can be of some help.

@swissclive I appreciate this initiative to support us newbies. I have been here for a week and have been active especially on commenting (personalized comments not spam) and I do enjoy the genuine interaction in this community. I have posted a few long content and stopped. I'm just posting photos for now because it seems like a waste for me to work on posts. I noticed that my posts easily gets buried with the hundreds of posts every hour.

For instance, I did my introduction twice. I admit the first one wasn't really interesting and I just explained why I left FB and joined Steemit. So I did a re-introduction and as expected it didn't get noticed. So I experimented in this re-intro and see if posting my photo and posting at a different time would gain more attention. It only did when I asked people at steemitchat to check it out but it just got lost again in the feed. Here is my #introduceyourself. I hope it passes your requirements. Thank you and Happy Holidays! :)


I also posted something really personal. It didn't get noticed but those who did gave heartwarming messages and I'm thankful for that.


@wanderlass. It was really hard for me at the beginning. Just like you. I started in August 2017. I posted long and interesting blogs and got no votes. I kept doing it. Then little by little, the followers came. At first it was one a week then one a day, and now it averages five new followers a day. Now I have 500 followers and often get 20+ comments.

So far I have posted more than 1000 blogs and comments. None of my blogs or comments were lazy short pieces hoping to attract attention. I focussed only on high quality original content on the topics which interest me most. To start with I got hardly any views or votes and even less comments.

How a fried egg sandwich changed my steemit life

One day when I was in a particularly adventurous mood I decided to a long blog in the food section on how to make a fried egg sandwhich. (All my blogs are long). It was a stupid topic which deserved less views than what I had done before.

This time I livened it up with lots of photos, mixing humour with stupidity. Guess what. It attracted 65 views and 25 comments and earned over $5.

That’s much more than a typical blog about food. It earned me some followers - FOR A FRIED EGG SANDWICH!!!!


The point is, you have to keep blogging content and eventually something will work for you.

If you keep at it, they will come, slowly but surely.

By posting only photos, it seems like you have given up. That won’t bring any followers.

You have to persist with quality and depth. Quantity will get you nowhere. It’s quality not quantity which makes the minnows into dolphins.

Don’t worry about the rewards. They may be only a few cents. Just put the rewards into steempower. It won’t take long for steem to rise 10X. Probably just a few months in my opinion. Then the rewards you saved won’t look so meagre, and the larger number of followers will make new rewards much bigger than today. Your time on steemit may seem like work for nothing, but as an early bird you are getting in at a time where you have a chance to be big before the crowds arrive.

@swissclive thank you for sharing about your own experience. That's really encouraging because for other newbies it seems so easy for them and makes me think what I could be doing wrong. While some seem to be natural superstars, they're like celebrities and i'm not like that. To read about how you started gives me that reality part of Steemit. I think if the whales and dolphins share about the hardwork on how they started maybe that will also inspire us newbies. Or maybe there's already existing content about that and I just have to search.

I was feeling a bit discouraged but I haven't really given up by posting just photos (I'm also enjoying Steepshot at the moment). I have read a blog here and the advice for us newbies is to focus on commenting more as posting would most likely just get ignored . But I agree with you, I plan to add quality content in here and I'm just thinking of the right time when to do more blogs.

I have read about your fried egg sandwich. It really looks delicious and the article is so funny. I like that part you mistakenly got a salted duck egg haha. But they look similar to normal eggs so I can't blame you ;) You also gave me an idea to watch the crypto charts while cooking :)

Sorry I'm replying to an old post, but I saw this thread linked in another welcoming newbies thread and happened upon this comment. I see that you're telling someone that steem will rise 10x in not that long of a time, do you expect steem to endure the market volatility that the collapse of Tether will bring? Not trying to be a bother, you are well-respected by many for good reason, just wanting to get your thoughts on the matter, and am hoping you are well-informed of why current valuations are as they are. Thank you for your time, hope you're feeling better soon.

Hello and thank you for offering help for us new people on Steemit.

The platform is great and this is a perfect idea for us!

Here is one of my witness posts and I just joined this past week. It is true and about things done to me personally in the USA and some in Germany.


It speaks to how child harm, my profile avatar is a photo of me as a boy, and these things are made to pander on the vanity of what was done to me.

Either way I think you will find the content worth a look since you'd want to know about it. The witness is true.

Thank you !

creative way of motivating others to promote and improve steemit. Thanks.

@swissclive that was the biggest curation upvote I have received to date. Much appreciated. You have a new follower. Thanks!

This is great! As a newbie who has also invited many IRL newbies in the past month, I'm super thankful for this initiative. I'm definitely in and will add a post of my own (as a newbie) and some newbie friends' posts below for others to comment on. Resteemed so many newbies I know can see this!! Gratitude!

... also I really appreciate this and a lot of other initiatives I see on steemit recently to help give newbies a boost. Some of my friends were discouraged to join steemit because of the whale situation (they thought steemit was rigged). That hasn't been my experience at all, but each time I see someone with a lot of SP sharing like this and encouraging, it gives me a lot of hope for the platform (and humanity)!

Thanks for the resteem! It shows you are a true supporter of newbies.

You and several others have tried to get the word out to support newbies by resteeming. Thank you! This is a positive initiative which will be rewarded.

Let me know how many comments you make on newbie posts. I will vote the biggest numbers first.

I did 10 ~~ great initiative @swissclive

as you encouraged me by welcoming and upvoting for me...you also guided me for good blogging...now am with you...doing the same to let the newbies be warmly welcome and upvote to get motivated to start blogging...you inspired me to welcome the newbies to the steemit platform...as i got pleased to get your guidance and upvote for the intro post of mine...i will try to make the new comers feel the same pleasure...:)
i have commented and upvoted more than 15 new comers of steemit community till yet and still looking forward to welcoming the once who is entering...love you...thanks for inspiring me @swissclive...:)

list of all the newbies whom i have welcomed through commenting and upvoting...and also mentioned to feel free to ask for any query regarding blogging to any of the steemian as well as me..
here they are.:


hope ypu like it..:)

@mountainjewel. Thanks for the links. I checked your own blog, and your comments. You are on the right track.

Awesome, thank you! You know, I interact with a lot of newbies, perhaps because I am a newbie. And also because I know so many cool people who don't have a lot of SP on here. Many of us in the homestead section seem to be growing together. @wwf has graciously delegated some SP to me so I can upvote some of the people I really see as needing more exposure. Also, I think I did around 7 comments. I do comment a lot so I'll try my best to feedback to you before Boxing Day ;)

@swissclive, I commented on 4 newbies posts- and probably will keep doing so in the next day to two. Again, great initiative! I Hope it brings lots of newbies steem power

Hi, I'm new, but I'm already spending a lot of time on the platform, I like everything and I'm happy with the fact that there are people who support people like me .. so I will take part in the contest.
if you are interested, these are links to 2 posts written by me that deserve attention (in the future I will write similar articles)

@frank1in. I hope some of the steemians here visit your blogs and find them worth voting. I will visit in the next 24 hours.

I have commented on more than 10 newbies you can check my comment if it fit to enter as an entry in the contest.

@deeclown. I will be doing the check shortly. 10 comments is a lot. Hopefully all high quality, interesting and thought provoking comments. Well done!

@deeclown. That was a really good job! voted you at 70%. I just started a new initiative. Take a look.

Great initiative!

I myself find that searching for newbies' posts to be one of the most rewarding tools anyway. Both because you can help them out, and because newcomers to platforms are looking to make connections. When you post on someone with 5,000 followers, even if you leave a couple of high quality comments, they're quite unlikely to respond. Not so the case with newcomers.

I hadn't had much time in the last 5 days to check newcomers' posts, but I do plan to do so in a concentrated manner at least once a week. I also resteemed your post because I've been a believer in this sort of behaviour anyway.

A very interesting newbie I've come across is @joalex check this post for instance - https://steemit.com/life/@joalex/off-grid-living-diary-1-one-month-in
I've left 2 comments in this thread, and 6 "thoughtful" ones on other posts of hers, such as also this one:

I too am a newbie, and you should thank @techslut for getting me here, though indirectly, as she introduced @poet who's been a good friend of mine for about a decade. But I definitely thank @techslut for all the support.

I have some interesting topics, and I aim for long-form and well-thought content.
@techslut already linked to https://steemit.com/anime/@geekorner/so-you-want-to-watch-anime-here-are-ten-shows-to-help-you-get-started which unlike most such lists isn't just listing my top shows, but considers others' best interest first, and took over 20 hours to write, research, and edit.
https://steemit.com/politics/@geekorner/thoughts-on-the-israeli-palestinian-conflict-and-peace-process This post is likely going to be too late for you to upvote, as it closes in a couple of hours, but this post is capital-I Important, a more well rounded and encompassing view on the Israeli-Palestinian situation.
And well, most of my thoughts are quality content. I try to not post what I won't be proud of later.

A couple more examples:
Poetry piece, my last poetry piece written, and one of the two I am historically proudest of:

And an editorial that uses a specific anime as its jumping off point, but like all good reviews and editorials is more about life and humans than the show itself:

There's nothing on steemit that pleases me more than seeing quality bloggers and authors like you join. I think you're going to pass my rep and SP in 2 months tops. <3

I don't bank on it, but if I do, your help will have been invaluable getting there :)

I adore kindness to newbs and all positive uses of the word ‘slut’ and the emoji <3. You could soon be my new hero xo

Great you were a real hero. Lots of newbie interraction. Thanks for your help.

I voted you as above - a good 50% power.

Checkout my latest idea to get people involved - especially newbies. A resteem would be great if you support it. Write a story in less than 300 words

Done. Not as payment, but because I think it's a good idea ;-)

Also shared on a writing-focused Discord channel for Steemians.

And thanks for the upvotes :)

BTW, the pie-chart at the bottom of the opening post is posted twice, for some reason.

Not sure if am what you are looking I have conversed as well with very many new people since I have joined if you want to check the comments. These are just a few very hard working individuals that are new and seem to be good folks. Not sure if this exactly what you are looking for, but anyway here you go. Thanks so much for your work this kind of reward to new people creates an exponential return on capital, as well as respect and personally branding us to the platform. Thanks again!

@cryptkeeper17. Really great! Thank you! I hope you will continue to support newbies. There were literally 400 blogs referenced by people here, so unfortunately it proved to be impossible to read every one, but I read hundreds and voted for some of the best ones. Unfortunately I only had so much steempower to go around - you shouldn't do more than 10 votes at 100% or 20 at 50% and so on. It meant I could not vote on every blog I read.

I upvoted you at 20% power for your efforts.

Hopefully you will participate in my brand new initiative below. It's about writing a story in under 300 words.

This is my new initiative:

Hey no problem at all, I was fishing through some of my comments left with a few others and you actually upvoted them, so thank you very much I can't imagine how much work that had to have taken. Between writing a few posts and the ones I commented on I have gone through like 430+ posts/comments submitted. Lol I know how large of a number that is on here and I am greatly appreciative of the effort. I will definitely be submitting something for your short story initiative I really like the concept. Again thank you so much for seeking out the newest talented individuals I have a feeling that is not going to get any easier of what I have seen lately.

Great initiative! I have already tried to make some time every day to go through new posts and encourage people getting started so this just adds a nice bonus. The more I get into Steem, the more I realize how important it is to continually add new people to the mix. For this place to truly take off and be successful it must actively promote from within so that it can exponentially expand into the world. Kudos for a very selfless and philanthropic idea.

Incidentally, I'm basically a "newbie" myself. While I technically opened my account in August, I didn't really start doing anything until this month.

I've already hit up a couple posts and will edit and add as I go. Thank you!

This is awesome. @dagger212 very kind I am very honored you would have mentioned me just reading my first few articles not knowing me from a hole in the ground. Very very cool, I will be getting a fellow noob list of people I think stick out as well!

No worries. That's one of the things that's fun about Steem. If you spend some time digging around there are really great posts and people all over the place. That's what @swissclive is doing with this initiative. If you post authentic, genuine thoughts, people will eventually notice. And it really only takes getting on a couple peoples radars and you can start having success.

BUT, as always, and as it should be, you get out of it what you put into it. Make sure you pay it forward.... I've followed you so I'll keep checking out your stuff here and there. Steem On!!!

hey first of all i wanna say great initiative and it's basically a win win for everyone. hmm i am thinking cause i always comment on new ones every day how this is gonna work out so i will post here the links of the intro posts i made a comment and the total number ( at some new members if they have created a couple of quality posts probably i will comment them too but in order no to post to many links and make this confusing i will just post as i mentioned the intro post i commented and the total comments number)


the total comments are 8 by now let me know cause i am gonna increase them if you wanna post it here or send the overall total with the links to steemitchat

Also i wanna add that there are 2 great initiatives i know of that help a lot of newcomers. the first is @mikepm74 who makes a post about every 2 days with a list of a top 5 newcomers according to their quality that their intro post has. there is the tag https://steemit.com/trending/welcomingcommittee

The other one is the @welcoming channel by @theaustrianguy in which he resteem and upvotes quality intro posts of newcomers here is the link with the latest update

(Just wanna state that ''promoting these 2 is just for the benefit of everyone i don't have anything to earn from them, i found out on my own their initiatives which i believe are of the best ones out there and i try little by little to welcome new members that exist there too)

Thanks @filtasriza3 . I am still checking all the hundreds of blogs which were referenced and am upvotoing some of them. I also upvoted you for your excellent work in supporting newbies. I think I voted the above a little on their comment when they thanked you, but I still have to get to the blogs.

this initiative was really great. If you have anything in mind for the future or you need help with something count me in!

That's very kind of you @filotasriza3 . Certainly on this one I could have done with some help. I reckon there were 300 to 400 blogs referenced by the posters on this thread in the two days I ran the initiative. So far I have given out well over 500 votes and I still haven't voted much on the newbies' blogs, although I did vote all the newbies who thanked someone for their support. I guess I am getting to the end of it.

Have a look at my latest initiative (Write a story in 300 words or less), If you want, you can do things like resteem, read some of the stories, comment, vote, or whatever works for your time and interest. The idea is to ask writers to write something which may encourage others to go to their blog, or simply get their story rated by others. After all, who doesn't know a story to tell children or to tell your mates?

it seems you had a lot of work :P

i will definitely gonna check your new initiative!

I sat on the computer and once again you broke the nest of wasps, everyone to run. jejejeje I am sure that this strategy will do a lot to encourage new users. I have seen some publications that deserve to be valued. I will be aware and as soon as I find them I will let you know. I am convinced that you will get very far, my friend. excellent strategy, many will thank you

I am looking forward to reading your comments to newbies.

@regalaunasonrisa I see in this user, an excellent human lavor, although you are already legally formed as an NGO and they receive support from the people, I think they make a difference in Steemit, I fully identify with them, I see that they are very human

Totally agree. I gave their latest post a 100% vote

So I created a somewhat contest @airhawk-project which give new users the incentive to blog from different tag and truly its been really fun seeing new users each day coming up with different story as related to that tag for the week and also have been teaching them on how to use the markdown edit style which can also be found on @airhawk-project, its not my account but rather a community account and so far its the best way I have seen to reach out to many new members




also I did invite some new members into the platform @ufaz @admirasp my elder bro.

I also occasionally check up on post from different linkzone via discord and truly we have many talented writer out there but low visibility, always ensure to live a comment with them alongside a upvote since my upvote is kind of little but hope my comment suffix for that.

So please pardon me to resteem this post as it will benefit other users, even though am kind of late but I see it as worth resteeming to many others

and as for the newbies these are two



@otemzi Thanks so much for your work in encouraging newbies. I visited their blogs, up voted them and also upvoted you. please take a look at my new initiative.

So I went through your profile and what I found is quite interesting, there where times you didn't earn anything and even now with your steempower, you could have decided to vote yourself daily with 100% but rather you brought up competitions and found a way to reward active users, you just gained my full respect and a loyal follower

Those are very kind words. Thank you for saying them to me @otemzi

Just speaking the truth and nothing else.

Once again thanks for helping out minnows and I pray you get rewarded for all what you are presently doing and the future as well

I haven't left any votes on individual blogs yet (or only a few). I can't vote everybody. As you can see from the piechart below, I already gave out over 500 votes on this promotion. I will check the above blogs and your comments now. I will also reward you for participating - just waiting for my steem power to recover a little. I rewarded one of the people you mentioned at 100% for an excellent blog (Veronica).

As far as you are concerned, I saw that many of your comments are quite short and son't add much to the debate. Be careful with that. Some see lots of short comments as a way of fishing for votes. Your comments to the new steemians were excellent though.

Thanks for your valuable appreciation and reply.

Well, I am helping create a little community of Israeli authors, and while all are wonderful steemians, a few deserve extra attention, I believe.

@geekorner - Long time blogger, lover of cats and hedgehogs. His best post to date (I did not comment as I know nothing on the topic):

@noogler - This lady is going places! She recently won a whole bitcoin at a hackathon!

@doriitamar - A student in Israel who writes about tech, crypto stuff and his studies at the OpenU

Those are my three off the top of my head. Hope nobody takes offence!

As for commenting - pfft. I comment too much. Newbies, oldies... I probably make about 100 comments for every post I publish. Sometimes they are insightful, and sometimes they're silly and are just there to let people know I read their post. I know it helps. :)

Thanks for the links. I already checked and voted @noogler. Will get to the rest when this blog calms down. Thank you for encouraging newcomers to steemit. I know you are a regular commenter on newbie blogs. Hopefully you won’t be the only one from today!

I also tend to upvote insightful comments to encourage discussion. So you might find posts I didn't reply on but instead upvoted the comments that said what I wanted to say. :)

And thank you for this post, and your support of noobs. <3

Those are my three off the top of my head. Hope nobody takes offence!

Well... :(

Nah. I'm joking.

@swissclive you should check @fax4u as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read all these comments @swissclive. I'm a guy who researches ICO's, covers crypto news, and gives people advice on crypto markets. If you could take a look at some of my stuff, I would truly appreciate it. In order for steemit as a platform to grow, I also understand people who are not interested in crypto also need to join.



These are my two most recent articles. Please give me any criticisms you have, and let me know if I qualify. I started Steemit in late November and am still a bit new to the workings of it. Merry Christmas!

Thank you for participating over the Christmas holiday in the initiative to help newbies. I hope you will continue to support newbies. There were literally 400 blogs referenced by people here, so unfortunately it proved to be impossible to read every one, but I read hundreds and voted for some of the best ones. Unfortunately I only had so much steempower to go around - you shouldn't do more than 10 votes at 100% or 20 at 50% and so on. It meant I could not vote on every blog I read.

I upvoted you at 20% power for your efforts.

Hopefully you will participate in my brand new initiative below. It's about writing a story in under 300 words.

This is my new initiative:

Hey @swissclive (and all others) i am pretty new to Steemit and I’m just starting to get the hang of it. Check out some of my posts and feel free to give feedback on what to do better. (I recently got in the middle of a flag war, but i seem to have stopped it. I suffered a little bit from it tho)




Feel free to explore my posts. Feedback is always appreciated! Thanks for taking the time it out :)

@ginquitti You qualify as you joined in December, so you definitely qualify as a newbie. I hope that some of the people who see this blog will visit and vote on your blogs and that you get good feedback. I will also visit.

Thank you. I appreciate the opportunity and the fact that you actually respond to people. Not everybody does that and i appreciate it

So your new posts were being mass flagged in a revenge war by an army of bots. There does not seem to be justification for that behaviour as you did nothing wrong. All your posts were hidden due to low ratings due to multiple downvotes. I took your latest 2 posts and up-voted them by $20 each, and the posts became visible again and the reward is fully there.

Thank you so much. I appreciate it. I convinced the guy to stop doing it but not to take back the flags. Thank you that is awesome of you

I checked your posts. You have been unjustifiably flagged by an army of bots. I don’t know what you can do about that as I don’t have the skills, but you will be getting my upvote on those blogs. I hope someone here knows more than I about dealing with bot armies.

This is really innovative @swissclive! I love how the steemit community is so welcoming - this is going to make the new newbies feel a lot better coming on to the platform - awesome work!

Hi @swissclive

Thanks for putting up the initiative, as a newbie, these type of promotions definitely help me out.

Here's my post for consideration. Thanks in advance for anyone that has a read, and merry xmas.


Renewable Energy Disappointments - Our government is failing us Australia.

Well done. You are a hero. Voted at 50% power

You cannot believe how excited i was when i came across this post.I joined steemit in November 2017 and i must say that i have really learned alot here and i hope to contribute to this community too but its really disappointing and extremely depressing when i publish a post and i don't get an upvote or comment,it puts a lot of things on my mind like i didn't do it or write well or i did some errors,its really discouraging.

Recently i did my introduce me post,here is the link:


Thanks a lot to @sweetclive for considering newbies in this platform.It is really awesome to know that someone cares about our welfare here.

That's a really nice campaign. You are very aware of your position within the network. Thanks for that. If you like, I will vote you as a witness (in case that is of any relevance right now). I will resteem the article.

... and here are my entries for your 75$ boxing-day-upvote-frenzy:


I deleted one of the entries because of a user complaint (see below..).

For the record, to me personally, it feels pretty gross to be used in this way--as someone's contest "entry". I neither asked for, nor needed, nor wanted advice or help, and the comment you made to me was not only rude but being made in an effort to gain something.

It's what I expected, having browsed the site quite a bit before and after joining (other comments I received were copy and pasted to multiple people as well), but still no nicer to experience. I hope things like this don't backfire and discourage people from interacting on this site when they realize how difficult it can be to judge what is genuine and what is being done for internet points, since the internet points here have monetary value and are therefore a more appealing reward.

  1. I didn't write my comment below your article for the contest, but for honest curiosity
  2. When you look into my comment history, you will see that I usually add the bullet points when commenting newbies (here is one from 3 days ago)
  3. @swissclive mentioned in his article that he would upvote your post as well if it's interesting (and it is), so you would profit from it as well

But since I probably won't convince you I will remove it from the links. Too bad, I really found it very interesting.


lol she muted me^^

If the contest wasn't a motivating factor, you wouldn't have posted here to begin with. I dislike having to sort out how much someone was motivated by a contest vs. how much they were legit, because I'm sure you weren't 100% on either side of the fence.

Either way, I still wouldn't have appreciated being asked for tits in the same comment where you implied there was something shameful about my occupation, nor the bullet points regardless of whether you copypasta them at everyone or not. I'm just one of those people who gets irritated with unsolicited advice that I don't need. "If you haven't learned much about the site yet, here is a link" might possibly avoid rubbing someone like me the wrong way, but still better would be first bothering to find out if I actually had learned much yet or not. But I ignored it at the time because it's not THAT irritating.

And OMG I could have gotten in on this upvote profit circlejerk, too? lol pass. That only makes it feel grosser to me. Thanks for removing the link. I don't want upvotes for any reason other than someone appreciated my content, and wouldn't willingly have been part of this. I don't want an upvote from OP of this misguided thing or anyone else because it was promised as part of a contest. I like the concept of Steem mainly because I'm into free speech and such and such, but some of the monetizing aspects squick me out, and I'm trying to sort out how to navigate that. So far, basically... I trust no one. Not everyone, but many here seem to be strategizing with every interaction. Every upvote calculated for maximum reward. Somewhat icky, a lot of what I've read on that subject. In general, I think I'll be staying away from the parts of Steemit where people are making money by posting about how others can make money by posting about how others can make money by posting about how others can make money by... ... ...



@doodlebear . I just read the entire discussion in both places. You did nothing wrong in my opinion, and your were very helpful and thoughtful. Her treatment of you was disrespectful. It's like if you ask an old lady if you can help her across the road and then she starts beating you with her umbrella, instead of saying "thanks, I'm OK". Please carry on helping newbies in the way you are doing and don't be put off by this.

I have read your other posts and I can see that you often help other people. You are a kind and good hearted person who goes out of his way to help others and it is not fair to get such a reaction. I am sure she did not read any of your earlier posts before jumping to a conclusion.

Thanks for the reply. It helps knowing that I'm not the only one who is confused about this episode. I assume, she just had a bad day or something.

Since this is not the first time I completely misread a situation (I even suspected it this time..) and there were some disturbing reactions and consequences before, I decided not to communicate anymore with female users here on the platform. It's probably the best for my reputation and for my nerves.

Don't be put off by females. Males can get the wrong end of the stick just as easily. You can see one having a go at me below. He has taken umbrage.

If somebody seems to not be on your wavelength, then you can consider muting them. As far as I know it does neither side any harm if they don't talk to each other.

It looks like you two are like peas in a pod together.

Hi @doodlebear. I upvoted two of your posts 100% in the blog of artopium. As he would benefit from that - and now says he does not want it, I will remove those two votes and give you two 100% votes in this blog. Done.

Again, thanks a lot, that's very thoughtful of you. I haven't noticed the debate with @artopium was proceding since I had muted most of the participants. Well, if he doesn't like this kind of attention, he and @lintilla surely will find something else.

You can now proceed with showering others with your upvotes - or maybe enjoy a little self-upvote;-)

Hey @swissclive, what a great and encouraging initiative!

I'm a newbie writer on steemit & all photographs I use for narrative purposes are my own.

Immediately below you can find my #introduce yourself post:

and over here you can find one of my visual poems:

@charlesmackenzie. I hope some steemians check your blogs and comment on them. Will check this on the 26th. Meanwhile I look forwardvto reading your comments on other newbies’s blogs.

Hello @swissclive,

I think that you're doing a great thing for the community!

I've joined Steemit 7 days ago and some of the older members have posted very extensive and thoughtful comments on my articles about human life value and human morale. They might not see your article but they definitey deserve your upvote as they have made efforts to write comments on my posts that could have even been published as stand-alone articles on their blogs. Please check out the comments on the following links:




I decided to find newcomers who write about environmental pollution. I think they are doing the right thing and need encouragement. I upgraded and commented on 3 newbies.

@dina-v-metrah . That was really good. Thank you. You can check my new initiative just started today . I voted you which is excellent

This is a great initiative!

Great initiative, this is truly encouraging for newbies like us, I joined barely two weeks and I've gotten three users to sign-up already. I'm currently doing a lecture series on how to design a resume using adobe indesign in which I cover up to three difference resume layout, the traditional, the modern, and a fun and artistic type of resume. You can check out some of the lectures below




As far as comment, I'm always commenting on interesting post and below are some of the links to some newbies





What if i'm a newbie who makes quality content ? :) I don't know any newbies, I mean- everyone I know are the same as me, we all started nearly in the same time.

You can (and do :-) ) help others, even from that position

Did you read the end of this blog?

I stopped reading after "How will I judge"

Just read the whole post, my bad. I will add a link soon

Tsk tsk tsk. Yair! First read then comment! :)

Are you following me? :)

Yes. Yes I am. I am following EVERYONE from Israel, checking all your comments and posts, making sure you're not embarrassing the Jewish community. :P

Okay, not really. But I do follow @swissclive and this post drew my attention as I wanted to mention a few people. You mentioned yourself, so it seems.

I didn't actually. I mentioned someone else 30 minutes ago :) (@bitton)

@yairdd Thank you so much! This is absolutely the tool I have been looking for.

I was able to check the downvotes I received. Nothing unexpected.

I found my downvoters! @sahaabrehan12345 flagged me 10 times after I warned him for plagiarism. @champion004 also downvoted the same 10 posts, although I have never interracted with him. I am preparing a report to steamcleaners as I see he is also a plagiarist who tries to cover his tracks by translating news stories into a foreign language and then back into English.

@cryptonewz flew into a violent rage a few months ago after he blogged about an ICO called Domraider, and I wrote a detailed analysis in reply in which I concluded that it was a terrible investment. I am pleased to see that the price has since dropped to zero.

All I had was bernie's downvotes and I know for a fact I've been downvoted by others more recently. So not a very reliable service. But yeah. @bitton is yet another Israeli from our little community who deserves attention. I only listed 3, but @yairdd is here to help, as always. <3

I dont really know if the posts I like are entirely thought provoking, but I like to go to the introduction tag and find cool people to support. Sometimes they bail, sometime s they end up making quality posts! I resteemed a dude.

@skycae. Thanks for your support of newbies. I see you have already encouraged one newbie since this started. You chose well. You used good words. Remember, I am looking for a minimum of two comments to newbies since this post to qualify for the reward. I am looking forward to reading your other comments.

Hmm I completed the second person. I am not stopping there though :P

Its sound good and interesting. Hope it will run again after Christmas also.
I am also new and not much idea but trying to learn much in short time.

I'm a new steemit member and as a doctor I try to promote and improve health of steemit community. But its hard to get the word out so its amazing that you are doing this. Merry Christmas to you and to your family 🎄🎁

I hope some steemians will click on your link and check your blog. I will too in the next 24 hours.

Thank you, and Merry Christmas

Given by the definition, I still qualify as a newbie. I want to participate as well, but I'm hoping to get response as well with a list of questions in mind as a newbie (although there was one who eagerly commented and provided wonderful insights, I guess that person deserves an entry.).

Anyway, I can't wait to take part, so I'm actually browsing through the new ones I followed via @welcoming's resteems. It always feels good to interact and relate with others.

Thanks for this initiative!

Okay, I'm doing more progress now with additional comments to more newbies. I hope that some of my tips will work on them. :)

I respoded to your questions in your blog. Good luck!

Thanks @swissclive, I now was able to meet the minimum requirements to participate in this initiative. I was able to encourage 2 new steemians through 2 comments. I'll still add more, and I'll put updates via a reply here to make the comment section more organized.

Thanks again for this!

I know this has been wrapped up already, but I just want to express my gratitude over this initiative. I'm actually making this a habit. There are great contents out there, but sadly they are often left unread. One example is @myndnow, who is giving out great tips in Meditation.

I just hope that more of us will carry on with this initiative. Thanks once again!

Hello @swissclive

I really appreciate your efforts towards keeping this community growing and by finding opportunity to encourage the newbies and helping them to grow along. Am a newbie that just joined this month and am still finding my way around this community and trying to understand this community more in order to input my own impact.

Though I've not been consistent in posting my own blog but comparing the number of my posted blog with the number of posts recorded on my profile, it will be pretty clear that am still committed in commentting on other authors' post and finding means of appreciating them.

I love the idea of interaction, because that is one of the major ways to build relationship. #steemit was first a social media like others before the thougyt of rewarding authors set in. Therefore, if our efforts is focused on building relationship and make friends, we won't be tensed. There's life outside #steemit and that should be our major concern.

It is good to know that newbies struggled hard to survive in this community and it takes someone that has the love of this community in mind that would put in efforts to support and encourage them.

Thanks once again for always ready to move this community forward.
Big thanks also to other great steemians out there that have taken up the responsibilities of helping minnows. Kudos to you.

Best regards @funkylove

Congratulations, this is a great post to stimulate new users. I have initiated actions to donate to the poor children - because now it's a holiday time. This is the right point for Steemit development, I wish you a lot of success and nice holidays.

Happy holidays. Please make the poor children happy!

Take a part in donation for poor kids- you can see on my post. Thank yuo for great support.

Hello swissclive, may I be humbled that you visit my blog because I am very serious on writing original content on my life and I will work hard to write at least a post everyday.

That's awesome of you! I'm new. Joined in december. Having fun on steem so far. Still lots to learn. https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@jfolkmann/an-introduction

I hope peolpe check out your blog and vote for you. I will be doing so myself during the next two days. Happy Xmas!

Thanks much. Merry Christmas to you too!


it's great to see initiative like this from older members, I've been writing articles for minnows and keep looking in the introduceyourself tag to welcome people on steemit I do it without seeking any rewards I just like your idea and it should be an attitude promoted towards people with strong SP. nice one

I’ve been talking to quite a few that have come in via @welcoming, how can I participate in this festive frivolity? I mean that channel is the star of welcoming newbies, but I try my best!

Thanks for taking part in this. I appreciate your effort in helping newbies. If you want to continue supporting newbies, you can often find them in the "new" section. I tend to look there instead of the hot and trending sections. I have upvoted you above for your efforts. Well done!

It's a really good idea! as a newbie myself, I'm familiar with the struggle to get noticed and create network.
I will comment and help others, I think even new-comers have enough to share and help.

Also, I would really appreciate advices and comment on how to get my writing and posts better.

link to two of my recent posts:

@noogler, you qualify as you joined in December. I hope some people here read your blogs, comment and upvote them. I will have a look when this blog calms down a bit.

Whoops. We got a duplicate here. I just linked to your hackathon post in my own comment. <3 <3 <3

You are the best <3
@swissclive I didn't see steemian how helps so much as @techslut!

Thank you frondaison. That was lovely of you. Rewarded.

This way of giving is the true meaning of "Aloha." Giving and receiving without expectation of rewards.

@mauigold808 . Thank you for all your interactions over the Christmas weekend. I hope you like this upovote.

I have just started a new initiative today in case of interest.


Hi @swissclive, I just joined Steemit and posted my first post with the introduceyourself tag two days ago. I had some great welcoming comments from the steemit community. You can read them here: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@ashleighchanel/my-first-post

I absolutely love this kind and generous idea! I think it’s very important to help newbies and although I’m no expert, I like to give helpful tips and hints to newer users whenever I can. My husband @jasonrussell and I are constantly raving about Steemit and encouraging our friends to join.

Our friend @slimstanley has been trying for weeks, maybe even months, to create his account. Come to find out, it was a problem with his browser, but he was extremely persistent and enthusiastic about joining!

He just made his introduction post that you can check out here:


I just checked and voted @slimstanley. I hope he becomes a regular steemian. I hope others here check him out too.

Thank you so much for participating! I rewarded you for your efforts. I am still going through the hundreds of blogs referenced and reward some of them when my power is back up above 70%

Oh, hey! I’m a newb and would love for anyone with a taste for supernatural erotica with a carnal edge to check out my first story posted to steem...


If you prefer more family oriented content please visit Lionfish.


It’s past it’s reward period but I’d love to have your views and commentary anyway :)

Thank you! Xoxo

I just gave you a mammoth 100% vote for your Lucifer story. (worth $17 X the price of the Steem Dollar - SBD). You can write a story! Do you think you could fitn it - or another, into less than 300 words? Then see my current initiative