Welcome Crypto Heads to the Steemit Community!

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Hey and Welcome everybody to the Crypto Heads Community,

we are a bunch of free minded spirits from all kinds of backgrounds and heritage. We came together in this community to talk about Cryptocurrencies, Travel, Health, Sports, Technology and everything else that makes our life more beautiful. We love to share our knowledge and experience with each other, so everybody can benefit!

This Crypto Heads Account is a private community based Account (where members get invited and share one posting key) and therefore all members are able to post, vote and resteem whatever he/she likes.
Every member of this community will be listed on the Crypto Heads Account under "following". That said, this also means no member is allowed to follow other people with the Crypto Heads Account, without approval of the existing members.


So, please be aware that everybody in this Community is responsible for everything she/he does on behalf of this Account.
This is part of the unknown to this project because all members have full control over post, edit, vote and resteem of all the content that will be published by Crypto Heads.

Let common sense rule and follow our motto "proof of brain" ;-0

Special thanks to the founding members:










Every member of this community Account will profit from the following benefits:

  • Automated 100% Upvote thru Steemvoters on every post that the member writes on his private Steemit Account
  • All Community members are listed under "following" (please don't follow people without approval of existing Crypto Heads members)
  • Resteem Service for your posts to the Crypto Heads Community
  • All rewards that this Account collects will be invested in Steempower and therefore increase the Voting Power for the community.
    ( Donations are very welcome ;-)
  • Socializing, meet, talk and exchange of Knowledge with others
  • And many more ideas to come... we build the future!!!

Please Follow these Rules, so that everybody can enjoy this community:

  • Please don't spam this account with any kind of commercials or referral links
  • Respect the posts from other members! If you want to edit or change a post from another member please ask for approval.
  • Don't ask for votes, resteem or following
  • Don't follow any other users with the Crypto Head Account that are not going to be members of the Crypto Head Community
  • Don't spend the Votingpower of Crypto Heads Account for your private comments. You can upvote your own Post but not your comments!!!
  • Please also upvote/resteem posts from Crypto Heads with your own private Steemit Account e.g. @masterthematrix -> upvote Crypto Heads
    Post (so we can build up faster the Steempower of Crypto Heads
  • Stay cryptic and have fun!!!

I'm thrilled to see what the future will bring to this community and I wish you all a Happy New Year 2018!

Lets have all a good time Crypto Heads,


PS: If this is your first time logged in to Crypto Heads than check this out:

  • Please login to Crypto Heads Account (with the posting key sent to you), leave a comment on this post with your private Account name
    e.g. "Hi guys great to be here. @masterthematrix"

  • And if you have any further Ideas or suggestion on how to design this introduction post. Feel free to edit this post and leave a comment on what you have changed (this feature is only available for the next 7 days)


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Wow, this is going to be an awesome community and Project. I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I do! @masterthematrix




Good work @masterthematrix - I noted

Such a great idea! "Sharing is caring" taken to the next level ;)

Good luck and success to this community project and all its members and participants! 2018 will be an exciting year, let's goooooo :)


Hi everyone! Very good and clever idea! Let's rock the steemit blockchain! Wishing you all the best for 2018 @peter2017




Hi @peter2017 vielen Dank fuer dein Feedback. Kannst Du bei dem Introductionpost die Punkte unter Benefits/Rules und PS: "in Kursiv stellen" @masterthematrix


Ich hab die beiden Absätze als eingerückten Blockabsatz formatiert. Kursiv stellen und Pünktchen davor . . . schwierig. OK so? @peter2017


Die Blockabsaetze schauen super aus! Aber warum hat sich die Schrift so verdunkelt? @masterthematrix

Hi, thanks for the invitation. Looking forward the share with you guys! Cheers, Reza @outkasthh

great idea to rock steemit community...everyone would definetly enjoy this awesome project....rocked it...:)


Thank you @angeljuhi for your support. This project is still in testphase, but if it proofs to be successful we probably will open up this account to more people to join and profit from it. Till than follow us and stay up to date!



yes ofcourse be with postive thinking...it will surely get successful...:)
and following you...do follow me too if you like...:)

Hello friends, in this post I say many thanks for the sake I want Follow me.dan already want my sports in steemians ini.dengan the steemit we so share postingan.SUKSES ALWAYS STEEMIT

Good your post.
See you my post can vote.
Thank you very much.