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Cut the taxes. Trump 2020. I was banned from Twitter for liking Star Wars. Impeachment trial, day 1. Trump promoted vaccines which murders people. Why is Trump promoting bad 5G? In a speech at DAVOS 2020, Trump calls the leftist weirdos alarmists who said we would run out of oil in the 1990's and run out of other things other times. Trump is helping but will it be enough? I believe in encouraging Trump to do better than the status quo. I continued working on the rock project today. Ate some pizza. I'm reviewing 2018. I'm watching The Expanse. Was almost banned on Facebook today. I was watching Infowars. Facebook censors a MAGA MLK photo. Facebook said the image was misleading, that Martin Luther King Jr never wore a red Trump hat before he was murdered over half a century ago. Oh my God, thanks for letting me know Facebook, you are my Lord & Savior, Mister God Mark Zuckerberg.

The Expanse 308-311

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2020-01-21 - Tuesday

My Day in Review

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12:11 AM - Steemit

I would encourage them to leave them alone or to build things using a different design in the first place.

Twitter banned me yesterday.

Bad Vaccines

12:46 AM - Facebook

Shane Harro Harrison, I like what Bill Gates did in India. Please don't ask me what happened in India, Shane. Please do not ask me. Forget it. You do not want to know. I hope you do not know ever.

Shane said he likes vaccines.

Bill Gates used vaccines to murder people in India.

Shane probably does not know that.

He probably never will.

Had I told him that, he would call me a liar.

Because he doesn't want to believe that.

Fox News

01:43 AM - Lindsey Graham on calls for witnesses in impeachment trial

Lindsey Graham said that 45th U.S. President Trump was exercising executive privilege.

Executive Privilege

White Privilege

Leftist educational systems and leftist media outlets demonize and redefine privilege to be a bad thing. In reality, diversity means that different people are different. That means white people have privileges. They may have advantages, generally speaking. Black people have privileges. Asians have them too. All kinds of people have different advantages and disadvantages. Those advantages are privileges. But people are taught and brain washed to fear the word privilege.

So, they demonize white privilege.

And then talk about executive privilege.

Both are fine.

But some people think they are not fine.

The Expanse

2020-01-21 - Tuesday - 01:52 AM - 02:49 AM - The Expanse 308

The ring must be a worm hole, a star gate made by blue space zombies.

Rock Hopper

Deep Fake Video

Seeing Hat Man Again

Eric Holden

When the ring appeared

They go towards the ring and time freezes or slows down.

2020-01-21 - Tuesday - 02:50 AM - 03:32 AM - The Expanse 309

They are in the ring.

Is time frozen?

Like the world between worlds as seen in Star Wars Rebels?

The UN queen talked about forcing people to do things to ensure they safety. That is bad because we do not want to be safe. We want to be free.

Old guy talked his old ship and new ship and compared that with the brown girl who joined the Mormon ship. When we look back at life, we may remember the good and not the bad and then think we can be who we were.

Outers and inners

Don't go too fast out there, pun intended.

2020-01-21 - Tuesday - 03:33 AM - 03:32 AM - The Expanse 310



Flying in space inside the ring

Dead guy

Monkey to Mozart

Ancient civilizations from billions of years ago

pressing buttons

Gay Blond Minister


Be there for each other

2020-01-21 - Tuesday - 04:19 AM - 05:03 AM - The Expanse 311

Like a black hole

I gotta find you song

Eric Holden said he saw a vision of everything.

Sleep. Dream where I was back at the trailer I grew up in. I may have been with other people. Dad came home on his bike like normal. I pointed to like a shed which might have been new and might have said that to dad. I'm not sure what happened besides that I was there, that stuff happened, and that dad came home. LMS. A musician might have been there too. Dad took in the information about the new shed or lawnmower or whatever in his normal way. I may have had other dreams but I am having hard time describing them now.

Thug Goosh

11:06 AM - THE MANCAVE "TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT! Hitlary for prison!" Alex Jones is the REMEDY to fake news!

Are there absolutes?

11:17 AM - Steemit

Those are three vital priorities. Oh, noumenon is an interesting word indeed.

Good Links

11:19 AM - Steemit

I kind of enjoy adding links. I can add links all day but I kind of forced myself to stop linking. That's the hard part because I want to link to everything.

Escaping Bias

11:20 AM - Steemit

Generally speaking, it is not possible without special help.

Link Code

11:31 AM - Steemit

Jenny, if you want, you can add links with this code: [TEXT](link)


Discipline Is Self-love

11:33 AM - Steemit

Will Smith is a smart cookie. Thanks for the advice. I agree.

worldview flowchart

What do you believe?

Impeachment Trial

11:53 AM - LIVE: President Donald Trump Senate Impeachment Trial - Day 1

Jay Sekulow gave a good speech during the trial.


12:08 PM - Steemit

I've heard that people who make less than $10K/year may not be attacked by the IRS if they fail to do their taxes. But I've not been able to confirm this.

What is Crypto?

I don't know if you've talked about how some people argue that crypto is not centralized fiat, technically speaking, that they are not tangible assets like gold, and that they are not the same as stock.

Taxing Crypto

But of course, governments do try to tax people for crypto. That is true. Governments also try to ban crypto.

The Fourth Amendment

In America, some people argue for the fourth amendment which deals with privacy, that government should not be required to know personal matters of individuals which may include money.

IRS vs 2nd Amendment

The irony is that the second amendment was with us during 1776, during the founding of our nation, and yet the IRS was not with us until over a century later.


12:10 PM - 05:30 PM - Dishes. No mail. Rock work for three hours. Made a rock path. Showered.

Invalid Cookies


Ten hours long video.


08:30 PM - 10:30 PM - Nap for almost two hours.


10:19 PM - LIVE: President Donald Trump Senate Impeachment Trial - Day 1

Lionel Nation

10:23 PM - Live Stream: The Most Boring Opening Day Impeachment Snoozefest

I skimmed over a ten hour video of the trial. About four minutes later, I'm here already lol.

Flag Dude is Qanon.


10:55 PM - Facebook

But Facebook told me not to look at this photo. Facebook said it is fake news. MLK never had a Red MAGA Hat lol.

In a speech at DAVOS 2020, Trump calls them alarmists who siad we would run out of oil in the 1990's and run out of other things other times.

Trump promoted vaccines which murders people. Why is Trump promoting bad 5G?


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