Everyone is gifted, but some people never open their package. It is foolish to believe ...

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... that you are insignificant. We are treasure chests with more jewels inside than we can imagine 🔮


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Wow 🤩 I can’t say it better. Awesomely said ✨✨🙏🏿! Thank you 😊

@soldier1 appics is going to be incredible for models when we follow the ideas of @bescouted but form our own public non private totally decentralized talent agency with modeling and using EOS voice for facial recognition by community so models can be the only ones paid for posti g their pics unless they give permissions to use them through EOSIO smart contracts with the touch if a button or swipe a model can manage her own intellectual property rights and allow certain accounts or friends to legally share and get paid for her photos and she can determine the beneficiary reward cut she or he gets. It will be perfect for valentine's day to organize a "Models Revolt" in modeling industry heh disrupt it and become the Uber of Modeling hah I'm sure there already is one but we can assimilate them

Very nice shot


Yea beautiful black and white portrait. Lovely words too my friend. Keep inspiring and showing that love. You awesome. Stay woke... Be well

So true 😌

Stunning B&W shot! You are a treasure my friend, well said!

You looks beautiful as always❤. And words👌🙏

Wow 😮 was für ein wunderschönes Foto von einer bildschönen Frau...Ich bin sowieso ein absoluter Fan von schwarz weiß Fotografie...💋❤️

Pleadd get @mollyeskam to use her account and tell her that her brother @chaceeskam now has a delegation of like 250,000SP + to upvote her and her followers and that if she joins we will get 1 million SP hah her brother can only fo so much convincing to a sister. She could maybe be convinced to bring her million follower Instagram to Appics and g

The best jewel that a woman can have are her eyes and her gaze, congratulations on yours 😁 wonderful

Awesome 😍👍

Hey @soldier -- nice photo. We're all talking about you in the btcmyk server -- come join us :D https://discord.gg/pHp8CS

yes soldier raymond is right. it was a guy in our room talking about you. He was talking trash said he wanna have a dance off with you. he think he can take you.. so i said in our room nobody talks trash unless the people in the room i was about to kick him out. this him i found him on youtube...i don't know if i believe him lol

Looks good ☺☺

Agree with you.Beautiful look !!

wonderfully said so inspiring ! :)

So beautiful my dear 😘

we weting downvote for you and will you merry me

Hi, i have made a beautiful portrait for you. Please let me know if you like it. https://steemit.com/appics/@funnyman/appics-v1-appics-im-79577

I bet there is an ocean to be discovered behind your beautiful eyes. They illuminate the way to what must be a beautiful soul.