Introducing new @tipu feature: tipuvote! :)

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Hi there!

@tipU has learned a new trick - it's called tipuvote! and if you use it, @tipU will upvote any post you want :)


So the idea is simple - if you like a post, you can tell @tipU to upvote it. You can do this in two ways:

  • just send at least 0.005 SBD to @tipU with url to the post in memo (like when using voting bots)
  • by adding a comment with word tipuvote! anywhere in the comment text :)

To use the second method, you need need to have @tipU deposit. By default @tipU will take 0.5 SBD from your deposit but the upvote will be worth of 1 SBD - so it's +100% profit.

Of course you can specify how big the upvote should be, for example:

  • tipuvote! - this will send the default 1 SBD upvote paid with 0.5 SBD
  • tipuvote! 0.1 - this will send 0.2 SBD upvote (0.1 x 2) paid with 0.1 SBD

You can type any other value after tipuvote! but you will always pay less than the actual upvote value :)

If @tipU vote power is to small to make 1 SBD upvote - let's say it's 0.8 SBD, he will still only charge you half of the upvote value (in this example you will pay 0.4 SBD). Also if you use tipuvote! in the comment, but your @tipU deposit is for example 0.1 SBD - @tipU will make 0.2 SBD upvote. So it's all automatic and you don't have to worry how big your deposit is or that you will pay too much :)

So @tipU can now send tips and upvotes, but which one is better?

  • if you send a tip! the author of the post doesn't have to wait 7 days for the payout - he or she receives the SBD instantly
  • on the other hand the tipuvote! increases the post value thus making it more visible for others (the post climbs higher in hot and trending categories)

As you can see both features have their advantages but of course you can use both :)

Let me guys know if you have any questions about the feature or suggestions how to make it better :) Cheers!

PS. If the feature will be widely used, @tipU will run out of voting power - maybe it's gonna be time for some steem power sponsors?

Some additional info:

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Great idea @tipu, thanks for the suggestion!

great service.. I will have to check out the improvements.. thanks!

I want to participate in this idea. If I understand correctly we must first send 0.1 SBD or more to @tipU. Then put @tipU in a comment of a publication so that the publication receives the gain?
thank you- upvote ^^


Almost correct :) send at least 0.1 SBD to @tipU and then write in the comment: tip! or tipuvote! :)


ok thanks

LOL! I did not see this in time to upvote it but it is EXACTLY what my little vote-happy self needed! THANKS!

I like this idea ^^

good idea

@tipu i like

Hi can you send tips to posts that are past the payout date, as a thank you for good information? Ok, you can I tried, but I really want to send 2 SBD, what am I doing wrong?


Currently the max tip is set to 0.1 SBD because of the SBD price pump. When the SBD price will get closer to 1 USD, this max tip size will be turned off :)


I'd rather it keep rising. But thank you for getting back to me and letting me know.


Steem price increase would be better :)

I received at tip from @fishyculture
Thank you

Amazing idea
Love the photo of Gir

Hi @tipu thank you for the service. I need a service where I can send a message to all my followers do you offer something like that?


Kinda scared of such an option because others may use it to send a lot of spam :) will check out if it's hard to do.



That's bettet

That robot name is: Grrrr!