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Have a great weekend everyone! Finally came the long-awaited weekend and you can pamper yourself and your family with delicious donuts in chocolate glaze, it's both simple and delicious pastries.

We will prepare a tasty yeast dough, it's simple, light and prepared no longer than any other test, you only need to wait a bit until it rises and becomes lush.

When you put roasted donuts in hot oil you will see how they instantly become lush, lots of bubbles coming out of them. You just have to dry the donuts with a paper towel and pour on the chocolate glaze and you can enjoy their taste.

For the recipe we need:


Dry yeast - 10 g

Milk - 1/2 cup

Sugar - 75 g

Butter - 50 g

Egg - 1 pc.

Flour - 340 g

Vegetable oil

Chocolate glaze:

Dark chocolate - 100 g

Butter - 25 g

Powdered sugar - 50 g

Cooking method:

1. Yeast is dissolved in warm milk and leave for five minutes. During this time, the mass should slightly cover with bubbles.

2. In a deep cup, mix the sugar, egg and butter.

3. Pour the yeast into the resulting mass.

4. Then add the flour and knead the dough. You should get a homogeneous dough.

5. Sprinkle the work surface with flour and put the dough on it and remember it well with your hands.

6. Then remove the dough cup and cover with a towel and allow the dough to fill well.

7. Roll the finished dough to a thickness of 1 cm. Using a mold, cut out the round donuts.

8. Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the donuts on both sides until golden brown.

9. Then place the donuts on paper towels to remove any excess oil.

10. Prepare the chocolate icing, for this, melt the dark chocolate and mix it with butter and sugar powder and allow to cool slightly.

11. Lubricate each donut with chocolate glaze and sprinkle with any nuts.

12. Enjoy the taste of donuts with fresh coffee, tea or milk.

You can play with flavors, except for chocolate glaze you can whip donuts in powdered sugar over cinnamon, and also use any cream. In the cut, the donut looks incredibly lush and soft.

As a glaze I used melted chocolate and sprinkled with nuts. As a result, very nice donuts with chocolate taste turned out.

Try to cook these stunning donuts. I think you will succeed :)!

Bon Appetit!

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