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In the summer heat, sometimes all thoughts are only about a cool drink, so I want to show you an excellent recipe for a refreshing smoothie.

This smoothies will restore your strength and help to cope with the heat, although quite easily he will simply brighten up the party, especially in the fresh air.

I'll tell you about the ingredients that I love. But here, of course, there is no limit to the imagination, you can replace the berries with your own ones - it will still be delicious:).

Smoothies are unusual and very refreshing. The basis is the famous and useful orange and honeysuckle berries.

Berries with orange, sounds unusual, but in fact it turns out delicious!



Oranges - 1 pc.

Berries of honeysuckle - 100 g

Yogurt - 500 ml

Sugar powder - 75 g

Vanilla - 10 g


Berries and orange wash under running water. Cut the orange into slices.

Place the berries and orange in the blender bowl.

Add berries and orange to yogurt, vanilla and powdered sugar.

Gently mix the resulting mixture in a blender until smooth! Pour the smoothies over the glasses and enjoy!

In general, this is an amazing smoothie, in which a lot of vitamins besides it turns out very tasty.

Experiment with taste, it's so cool to create interesting food in your kitchen :)

Tell me, what is your favorite smoothie, what do you use as ingredients, which consistency you prefer: liquid or dense smoothies?

Bon Appetit!

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yummy looks really good ;)
Personally I would use an almond milk (since I am a vegan) and no sugar, because the fruits are sweet enough :)

Wow, that looks amazing! I will definitely be putting this on the menu for the summer. Thanks for the post!

Thank you so much!!

Have you experimented with making this into a popsicle or adding alcohol?

good stuff! looks delicious and fresh

My favourite smoothie is mango lassi, so mango and yoghurt and water, could have some oranje juce too. Yum!

Thank you very much @dontstopmenow for your kind words, I'm happy !! :)

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Thank you :-)) !!

I could use one of those right about now too! SoCal is blazing today!

These look so yummy and refreshing! And your pics are beautiful!

Thank you @uglysweater!! )

it looks delicoius
thanks for sharing

Thank you:-))

Awesome drink
I followed you

That looks so refreshing, I absolutely love smoooothies :)

Thank you!!! :)

A perfect drink to kickstart the body for the day. Thanks for sharing

Hmm one for me please ;) Beautiful post and pics!

Thank you very much @amy-goodrich!! :)

wow nice post and its really look like delicious..

We make smoothies all the time during the summer! YUM! A handful of purple grapes always add just the right amount of sweetness for us without adding extra sugar.