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Good morning friends! Waking up on a day off occasionally I want to make a delicious and quick breakfast, so I suggest you try an original sweet sandwich with nutella and banana.

Toasted crispy toasts perfectly match with nutella and banana. I think such a breakfast will certainly be appreciated by children and will please you with an empty plate :).

Sandwiches are very nutritious and aromatic, plus that they are prepared very quickly.

Below, see the cooking method, which is also very simple.


Bread for toast - 2 pcs.

Nutella - to taste

Bananas - 1 pc.


Toast bread fry in a dry frying pan from two sides to a golden color (you can also use an ordinary toaster). Cut each toast in half horizontally. Banana cut into small circles. Open the nutella and cover it with each toast. For half a toast with a nutella, place the banana slices and close the second half of the toast. Repeat the same with the second toast. Put the finished sandwiches on a plate and serve to a table with fresh coffee or tea.

This is not a complex breakfast can be cooked in a few minutes. I especially like these sandwiches, drinking fresh coffee, I'll say honestly it's incredibly delicious!

If you cook such a breakfast you will not regret it and it is a great idea to please your children.

Try to cook! :-)

Bon Appetit!

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I bet you had a happy day after that breakfast!

Had this, Made it into a pizza to

I like this Crispy Sandwiches with Nutella
Look so great
Thanks for sharing
Have a great weekend

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Have a nice food trip @milaoz

Thank you) !

Love the quality of your pictures!

Thank you:-)

Looks delicious. I eat toasties all the time, ham and butter almost daily on breakfast. Will give the sweet one a go one of these days :D

Pictures look so pretty as usual

Thank you so much!! :-)

Very lovely photos, that place is magical. The food photos also caught my attention...looked so delicious. Once again thank you for sharing :) @milaoz

Thank you so much!! ))

send me some of that... love it

I'm sending you a slice of a sandwich! )


That's dedication.... aren't you on holiday?

Great to keep up the fitness routine. @milaoz

Thank you:-)

@joker likes your recipe..

Nice CRISPY sandwiches. drools


Thank you!!

Banana, bread, and nutella, is there anything more perfect than that? Lovely post!