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I think cheesecake loves absolutely everything. This is an incredibly tender pie with a stunning curd filling. Cheesecake can be made in different forms and with mixed fillings. Today I wanted to add apples with cinnamon to the cheesecake. The taste of cheesecake is very pleasant with apple taste and cinnamon flavor, it's just delight!

This cheesecake is ideal for a home evening with a cup of tea or coffee.

For the recipe we need:


Milk - 1 glass

Butter - 85 g

Yeast - 1 tbsp. 

Sugar - 1 tbsp. 

Salt - pinch

Eggs - 1 pc.

Flour - 2 cups


Sour cream 400 g

Sugar - 1/4 cup

Eggs - 3 pcs.

Vanilla - 10 g

Apples - 1 pc.

Cinnamon - 2 tsp.

Cooking method:

1. In warm milk, dissolve yeast, sugar and salt. Add soft butter, egg and flour.

2. Knead the dough and give it a little lift and become lush.

3. Then we prepare the filling. Sour cream mixed with eggs, sugar and vanilla. Cut apples into small pieces and add cinnamon to them. Then add the apples to the resulting filling and mix well.

4. Roll the dough into a small layer. Form the baking paste with butter and gently lay the dough into it.

5. Then put the filling over the dough.

6. Bake a cheesecake at a temperature of 180 degrees 35-40 minutes.

Cheesecake on this recipe is very delicate with a wonderful taste of apples and cinnamon. Also, you can safely experiment with the flavors and add berries and any fruit to the filling.

Feel free to try to cook this incredibly tasty cheesecake. I think you will succeed! :)

Bon Appetit!

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Good 😊

Thank you! :)

I've never thought of an apple cheesecake before. It's usually blueberries or strawberries. That looks amazing... there's an apple pie and cheesecake hybrid going on in there! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

Thanks a lot and cheesecake with apples is really an excellent taste and an idea :-)

Wow @milaoz look delicious,whish i was there to eat all 😊 and thanks for the recipe

Thank you:-))

Mhmm... that looks so yummy! :D I love cheesecakes and apples with cinnamon. So why don't give it a try, right?

Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe @milaoz! :)

Be sure to try to cook this cheesecake, you will like it! :))

Great post! Beautiful photos and clear easy to follow writing to go with it. Thank you! I have so many apples in my garden right now I am glad for a new recipe to spice them up again.

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