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Friends, today I want to show you another amazing recipe for brewed cakes with a delicate cream.

The recipe for cakes is very simple to prepare and can decorate your table. Cakes are obtained with a crispy crust and with a wonderful scent of custard.

When baking cakes, you can easily make a delicious cream. And here you have in your hands a real work of art - cakes with a delicate cream.

So remember the recipe and boldly cook these delicious cakes!



Milk - 85 g

Water 85 g

Butter - 70 g

Flour - 120 g

Eggs - 2 pcs.

Salt, sugar - a pinch


Cream - 85 ml

Sugar powder - 100 g


In a saucepan, combine milk, water and oil. Place the saucepan on medium heat and stir until the oil completely dissolves in the liquid. Then add a pinch of salt and sugar. In the mixture add flour and mix well. Return the mass to the fire and quickly stir everything until the dough rolls into the bowl.

Then remove the dough from the fire and add the eggs. All mix well. It should be a smooth and homogeneous mass of dough. Transfer the dough into a culinary bag and lay out the dough circles on a form covered with parchment paper. Bake eclairs in the oven at a temperature of 170 degrees for about 15-20 minutes until a ruddy crust is formed.

Then cook the cream. Beat chilled cream with powdered sugar. Eclairs fill with cream and connect with each other.

Cakes sprinkle with powdered sugar and can brew fresh tea and enjoy the taste of gorgeous cakes with cream.

Cakes with cream are just amazingly tasty desserts. The dough turns thin and fragile, and inside is an unimaginable amount of delicate cream that melts in your mouth.

But the most surprising thing is that this is a real source of inspiration in cooking baking. You can create amazing things without leaving the kitchen. I hope you like my cakes recipe!

Bon Appetit!

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That looks so good. I remember my mom making cakes when i was young with fancy designs with the icing and the love she would put into it. Just tasted that much better. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much!! :)

yummy yummyyyyy

Thank you:-)

not at all

it looks tasty mama mia

Thank you !! ))

This looks delicious and I love your pictures. I dont bake too often, I'll start practising with your recipes.💛🌼🍃

Thank you so much :-)

In the third to last picture, I like how you included the image of the #gadget. It adds to the content.

The flowers are surely a nice touch, too.

Thank you:-)