INVITATION: Collaborative Art Journey..."DROPS OF MATTER" No. 38 --- This is your invitation to Collaborate! Whatever your expression, BRING IT ON!

This is our 38th Collaboration!

785 Masterpieces have already been created
by 167 Steemian Artists.

Now here we go again!!!





DEADLINE Wednesday, August 1,  2018 at Midnight CST to be included in the FINALE post.

*~*~*~*~*~ DETAILS ON HOW TO PLAY! ~*~*~*~*~*~

Everyone please give special attention to No. 7!

1.  PERMISSION GRANTED:  Important!   --  If you play you are automatically granting permission to have your art used in some other way (perhaps a show, in print, as a gift, or otherwise at my discretion).
2.  USE MY OFFERING  as the base for the collaborative piece.
3.  TRANSFORM IT as many times as you wish! - Print the image or do whatever it is you do to add to/or alter it, (i.e., including but not limited to painting, drawing, adding other photographs, collaging, altering it digitally or however you wish . . .or perhaps even adding a tune, poetry, a story, a gif, a video, a book, or other imaginative play).  If you use anyone else's art (photographs, poetry, sound, etc.)  in your artwork, you must give credit to the artist or your contribution will be excluded from the finale and exhibition opportunities.
4.  MAKE A POST ABOUT IT and share your process (not required but of course preferred).
5.  MAKE THE FIRST TAG OF YOUR POST  #CollaborativeArtJourney
6.  SHARE YOUR LINK and IMAGE/WORK in a comment below.
7.  SUBMIT YOUR ART for possible inclusion in a Steemit Art Exhibit (probably ArtAtSteemFest3). To avoid last minute submissions, only CAJ art submitted via this form will be considered for this special opportunity.  (Read about the importance filling out this form here.)
8. POST IN THE CHATROOM  "Art-Collaborations-Links-and-Creative-Inspirations" if you want.  Other collaborative works are also welcome there.  Please use this chatroom ONLY for collaborative work.  No individual posts please.
9. INVITE others/COMMENT/UPVOTE/RESTEEM this post and others too - but only if you want to!
10.  PAYING IT FORWARD  - I will be donating rewards from this post to our cutting-edge community @gardenofeden where I am a full-time volunteer. I encourage you to get a taste of the GOE vortex here.


Steemfest3 has been announced!!
This November 7-11 we will meet in Krakow, Poland.
I have high hopes we will have an ArtAtSteemfest Gallery,
and I hope to include your work in it too if it happens.

Make some amazing creations so if we get to show them there,
we will give them something to really talk about!

Please be certain to submit your forms
(see step 7 above) if you want to be included...and...

stop by in support  of Artists In Bloom,
where we are creating an art gallery for our Steemit children.
Spread the love to our budding artists,
or submit a child's art to our Gallery No. 13.



Print  exhibit at ArtAtSteemfest in Lisboa.
Video of our 473 masterpieces shown at ArtAtSteemfest
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Finale of Wisdom of the Ancients- 17 artists creating 36 masterpieces
Finale of Rejuvenation- 20 artists creating 27 masterpieces
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Finale of Midnight Sky - 7 artists  creating 8 masterpieces
Zentangle Art Collaboration - 4 artists creating 3 masterpieces
Building community through Art Collaboration - 2 artists creating 1 masterpiece
Collaboration using Ned's Head - 5 artists creating 4 masterpieces
Collaborating with @opheliafu:  Madam Kali - 2 artists creating 1 masterpiece
Collaborating with @opheliafu: Bird on a Wing - 2 artists creating 1 masterpiece



A truly wonderful Steem project!

I love how we all enjoy it together! <3


Yes indeed!!!! <3

Wow!! I really like the last one!! It's so amazing & colorful! It reminds me of all the photos that my daughter & I have been looking at lately on Pinterest of Unicorn-themed cakes - looks like rainbow & confetti!! :)

Unicorn themed cakes! No way!! I want to come to the party!

WOWEEEEEE! These are really great @kalemandra! Each so different and so awesome in their own right. I love the gooey paint-ness that adds such textural contrast. Thanks for all the amazingness you created. Super glad you're a part of what I'm a part of.

Dear @everlove, I'm so glad you like them!

As always @kalemandra. You have a great way of expressing yourself. I love that about you. Thank you for being you.

What a beautiful expression @mariabarreto!!! Not only are the individual pieces exciting to see, but the presentation of this twirling cube makes them even more exciting to experience. I love what you did here. Sweeeeeet contribution.

The feeling of your art piece is so calming, though active and vibrant at the same time. The birds are the perfect touch bringing life and perspective. This one feels REALLY good. Thank you for bringing your creation to this journey. So grateful to receive it.

This time I made it again ;-)

Full post here.

Indeed you did---and what an incredible entry this is! Such a surprise and yet so easy to see how the vision for this came to you. I love the hourglass type feel with the shine on her chest and the details in the foreground. I love your expression of this @shortcut! Thanks for being here again.

Thanks a lot for your appreciation :-) I can definitley see, what you mean by the "hourglass feel", although it was not my first intention. Somehow the vision naturally bubbled out of your pattern ;-) However, it just feels good, to play the collaboration game again. Thanks for keeping up the spirit!

It is my pleasure indeed. May we have many more opportunities to co-create.

Beautiful expression you share with us @akashas. I love your combination of images and the words you share. It's so fun that we speak the same language--ethnically speaking--and that you've shared this in another tongue.

Thanks to @yoganarchista for bringing you this way, and to you for such a fine expression that really enhances our repertoire. Blessings to you.

Karna Udhaka - Ocean of eternity
In the great, eternal ocean of eternity
our life is only a small drop in all this fluid.

In the endless sea of the desert is your own existence
Comparable to a tiny grain of sand.

It is our experiences and memories that lead and carry us across the water,
our dreams that we fantasize and our yearnings and wishes that keep us moving,
In the flow of life.

In the Oceans of Being.

Our names are irrelevant Understanding the karma and the changing garb.

The infinity of the universe.

Know the truth and make peace,
and you will be a drop in the ocean of eternity ...

YES YES YES!!!! It's another amazing contribution by @verbal-d. You just made my week!

In the midst of tribulation
Some drop everything that matters
Spiritual beings split in to particles, dropping of matter

Hot-tempered like sun drops, unstopped when they're madder
Irrational decisions, chaotic like mad hatters
When all is thus lost, such life essence can bend, shatter
Don't let that negative energy enter thee, and then scatter...

Thank you so much my friend, I just changed the word Bend to Rend which is a much better choice seeing as Rend means to be torn or ripped in to pieces :)

Striking contrast @indimar, bot in color and in texture. I feel this is a portion of a blossoming flower and sacred geometry together. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

Thank you great friend if you think about it well I think I take a form of sacred geometry, it is very beautiful how this image came out

Agreed @indimar. A very serene feel, yet active and enlivening. Great combination.

Sweet! Nice design

Go girl!!! I love the color you added to this, the contrast in colors, the depth behind it, and the simple and zen feel of the mandala too. What a fun creation - as always! Grateful that you're here @pyrowngs.

It is very interesting that you found that face in there @luisveco88. There are many ways to look at this image and many things to imagine appearing. Thanks for bringing it to life. Quite the collaboration--thank you for being a part of the journey.

A very organic feel this piece has for me, comforting and in curious at the same time. The textures, contrast and composition are all integral to this piece.

Beautiful contribution @opiman!

thanks @everlove, your words and appreciation give me great encouragement and encouragement, it is wonderful to participate with this art for you.

Squeezed in a last minute entry with a few more variations in the post:


OH my Gosh!! How could I have missed this? Super fun expression---I hope everyone goes to see the other drawing the the gifs you made. It's always a pleasure to have your creations up in the mix. You bring a lot of life to this journey @juliakponsford.

I love all the texture in this image, the spiral and spinning motion and the depth with all the darkness. Fun way to play the game @rigual. Thank you for sharing.

Hehehehe---I wouldn't have thought of this one. I love how we all have such different interpretations of the same thing. Cut little alien insect @mariam007. Are all those bubbles going into or out of his mouth?

What exciting transformations @celenia. The most circular one reminds me of many photos I have taken of the grain in tree stumps. You've create some great texture here giving this lots of intrigue Thanks for the inspired addition to our repertoire!

I love the ancient feel of these Jade Birds @phillyc, and that you pulled the form from your archives of unfinished projects. A very potent statement. Thank you for sharing your creative expression here on this journey.

Great change in color and adding such swift motion to this image @angel50. I love spirals so this one really is eye catching to me.

hello @ everlove, this is my ticket to this contest, I hope you like it

This must have been really fun to create, delving in with the textures and contrasts you inspired. Love that you're sharing this one with us @yizus. It's great to have your creative energy up in the mix!

Dear Mam good evening from India this is @oodeyaa here is my very first entry for this #collaborativeartjourney



I love how the inspiration translates to other forms of art. Drops of rain in nature are indeed my favs. Thanks for sharing the beauty @oodeyaa!

Ohh dear Mam thank you very much for your kind appreciation and lovely support.
It's matters me a lot. Yes I love this photograph because it's very beautiful.

A beautiful moment to witness and capture. Thank you for sharing @oodeyaa,

Ohh thank you so much dear Mam you liked and appreciated my work.

Are you one and the same with @odeyaa?

Shellie Shellie!! I played, I played!!! I hope you love it - thanks for the inspiration 💛

YAYAYAYAY! Sara has come out to play! And you brought with you an incredible transformation that made me burst into a smile this morning when I opened it. So bright and cheery is your art. Drops of Matter Master Blaster!!! Brilliant on many levels! Thanks dear Sara!! I'm always so grateful to play with you.

Drops in a dark pit!! The movement is really tangible, and the colors give great contrast to the darkness. A very fun piece of work @luisrigual. Thanks for coming out to play...again!

I love the infinity symbol as it has personal meaning to me. I love how you manipulated my image too. The symmetry give it a sense of peace.

Super explosive combination of images @andrick07. Having the variety of colors makes it very interesting with the repeat of pattern. I like what you have going on here. A very fun and interesting compilation. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us.

Here is my addition! -

Thanks again for the opportunity! Was a whole lot of fun!!

Oooooooo...this is just the beginning. I hope everyone goes to your post to see all the magnificence you have created! You've made a brilliant gallery of your own!

Love love love this @havok777. Super charged contribution for sure.

Thanks also for the comments you've made on other people's art. It's really great to support one another.

resteemed! Upvoted with my 0,00000000001!!! dear @yoganarchista

Sweet! This looks like a fun one to collaborate on. :)

May we be blessed with a @merej99 interpretation!

hello @everlove I will be participating soon, has my help

Excited to see what comes @opiman.