The Garden of Eden Property Now FOR SALE for CRYPTOCURRENCY

in gardenofeden •  4 months ago

We are excited to announce that our property is available for cryptocurrency exchange!

around the land

some of the gardens

Crypto investors may jump at the opportunity to turn your digital assets into primo real estate!

The Garden of Eden in Arlington, TX 

is now listed on

and is ready to purchase for crypto!

OR of course you may contact us to arrange a P2P exchange. 

We are thrilled for this chance to participate in one of the world's first crypto for REAL estate transactions! This is a VERY exciting time not only for the development of our project, but for the entire cryptosphere.  

Crypto for REAL asset exchanges are still few and far between, much less crypto for something as valuable as real estate. 

And not only is this incredibly valuable and renowned real estate, not only can it be a charming home for you and your loved ones, but it is also a functional and productive homestead! The sustainable infrastructure is already set up. We have supported hundreds if not thousands of people over the last decade, and this property can continue to do so well into the future if you choose to continue those operations.

AND as with everything we do, we have already pledged to pay this transaction forward:

We are leveraging The Garden of Eden to expand the scope of our project.   

The assets we receive from the exchange of the Garden of Eden property for cryptocurrency will be leveraged to develop a full scale, free market city of greater scope and grander scale. 

This is an incredible investment opportunity that will make history around the world. 

Check out our listing on

One of 2 master suites

One of 3 living areas with hand laid, upcycled art floors

Second master suite

The wood burning stove room

or visit our website for more information about our home and property and the next phase of our project. 


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A better world IS possible~*~

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I love my home!

Love the cover photos

I was like wha??? They love that place, why are they selling???

Then this explained all :-)

The assets we receive from the exchange of the Garden of Eden property for cryptocurrency will be leveraged to develop a full scale, free market city of greater scope and grander scale.

Good luck!!



Haha ya exactly~
We love our amazing life yet it could be way better.
To the next level of awesomeness!

Good luck. A bit far away and out of my price range but looks nice. Are you going to stay in Texas?

Are you still planning on going to Puerto Rico? You all deserve to find peace and happiness outside of the constant attacks from our local and federal government. Sustainability and love is clearly what you all are about! Coming from Vegas where social services are virtually nonexistent for homeless folk and mentally unsettled people, I can truly appreciate all your work to help hundreds if not thousands of people over the years live sustainably and feel like they are a human. Your healing people and validating their existence when our country has let them down. Thank you for all your hard work! I love you guys!


We appreciate the appreciation @dynamicgreentk. It's truly a blessing to be a part of something bigger than the self. No specific plans yet as to where or when we will go, but we are excited about the possibilities of holding space for a healthy, happy, sustainable future for many many more. Thanks for showing up on our blog.

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Oooo. What wonderful interiors @gardenofeden. I've not seen those before. Very luxurious.

Good luck with the sale! 😊


There is indeed lots of handmade love in our home!


I can see that @everlove. Your home is indeed very beautiful. 😊

do you love CRYPTOCURRENCY life ?if any one love CRYPTOCURRENCY you can reply this

Beautiful home! Good luck on your sale.

Awesome. Best of luck!

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:O mindbendingly boundary smashing! MY full heart-support at your next project leap x x o o x x o o

Wow its a luxorious flat a dreamy


It's a beautiful space for sure and a tough one to leave behind. But building an even greater future for many is a potent and powerful opportunity.

This is definitely a revolution in Crypto world where people will now buy real estate for themselves. I am hoping that one day I will earn enough on to buy a home for myself.


May it be the case for many @mmasim. We can change the world on many levels! Glad to see you here.